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Burt’s Bees Healthy Skin Treatment Repair Serum, 1 Fluid Ounce

Repair and revive your skin naturally with Burt’s Bees Repair Serum with Attar of Rose. Enriched with eleven essential natural botanicals that help promote skin renewal. This natural face serum treatment is infused with extract of antioxidant-rich green tea to naturally fight against environmental aggressors. Borage and evening primrose oils help promote a healthy vibrant complexion. Lastly, attar of rose, known for its moisturizing properties, is believed to promote relaxation and tranquility.

Key features

  • 1 fluid ounce tube of 99.4% natural face serum
  • Facial treatment infused with 11 essential natural botanicals
  • Contains naturally moisturizing attar of rose
  • Borage and evening primrose oils add essential fatty acids
  • Facial care that helps promote skin renewal

Honest reviews


Smell doesn’t go away

This could be a good product, but the smell doesn’t go away, it sticks around, yuck! Try REN Omega 3 serum, it has all the good oils, but doesn’t stink.

Millicent Loleta, CA

Not for me

I bought this because of the positive reviews & the natural ingredient; however, it’s too sticky even i used only tiny for my entire face. I tried it only twice in two consecutive nights, and I still can’t stand the sticky feeling on my face. So I returned it next day. I have been using many different kinds of serum (fr dept stores / drug stores), i think the royal jolly makes it sticky or too rich for me. it may be a great product if the weight is not that heavy. BB becomes my favor since I want to use natural product to my skins.

Kara Greencastle, IN

good one

I’ve never use this serum before .but i’d said it does a good job .I used it for my eyes ,see .i’m20 years younger now

Pansy Newtown, WV

Not impressed

I read a lot of reviews and thought this might be pretty wonderful – but it’s really not.The lavender scent is the only real thing that I like about it, since the oil gets everywhere and doesn’t appear to provide any exceptional benefits to my skin. Another reviewer suggested using the remainder as an eye makeup remover, but for me it seems too heavy for even that application.So I’m just using it up on my body when I get out of the shower – no point in wasting it.

Brooke Noxon, MT

Non-irritating, good moisturizer, but not a miracle serum

I started using Burt’s Bees Repair Serum around my eyes to soothe and moisturize after I had an allergic reaction to an expensive eye cream (rash, redness, & wrinkly skin). It was the only thing that didn’t irritate the skin around my eyes. My eyes took a good two weeks to return to normal, so I wouldn’t say that the serum accelerated healing, but at least it moisturized without irritating. Since then, I’ve been using it at night as an all-over moisturizer (it’s too oily to use as a daytime moisturizer). It doesn’t clog pores & does a good job of moisturizing. But I wouldn’t say that it repairs or improves wrinkles – I haven’t noticed any improvement in my skin after over a month of using it. I’m 40, with a fair amount of sun damage, fine surface wrinkles around my eyes, deep laugh lines, and the “elevenses” between my eyebrows – no improvement in any of these conditions. But I’ll continue to use it at night, and keep it around as a fallback moisturizer when my skin feels sensitive. I’ve gotten used to the smell, but not everyone will like it – it smells like a hempy, earthy lavender.

Darlene Gwynn Oak, MD

Excellent for Tattoos!

I recently got a new tattoo. I had been using a lotion product recommended by my tattoo artist, but really wanted to go with something more natural. This stuff is great! It immediately soothed my new tattoo, and kept all the “itchies” away. My skin healed so much faster with this product. I will continue to use it on my future work. Do not be afraid of the word “oil”. These oils seep into your skin and repair, and did not cause me to break out at all. I have used this stuff on my face too! It’s great!

Carly Sopchoppy, FL

Wow. Just wow.

When I opened this product, I was a little worried. It’s basically an oil, and I have acne-prone skin. I bought it to use around my eyes, though, so I just did my best to keep it away from my problem areas. Within a week, I noticed a difference in the lines under my eyes. Now this is no replacement for plastic surgery, but I can’t think of another product that has actually changed the appearance of my fine lines.I was so impressed that I tried a little on my forehead. I expected to wake up with some new acne, but nothing happened! So I tried it on the rest of my face. After a few days, I realized this serum wouldn’t make me break out. So I kept using it, and I’ve seen a difference all over my face. Even the smile lines next to my mouth, which are deeper than my eye lines, seem to be improving. Most of all, my skin feels moist and healthy, but not oily! (I don’t think this has helped my acne in any way, FYI. It just hasn’t exacerbated it.)Some people have complained about the scent, but I don’t mind it. In fact, I find it a little soothing. If you can’t stand the smell of tea tree oil, this might not be the right product for you–it reminds me of that scent. Others have complained about burning eyes, but I haven’t experienced that. Do NOT put ANY cream right up next to your eyeballs! Keep creams at the edge of your eye socket–they will spread to the rest of the eye area. Leave a healthy bit of room around your eyes, or just about any cream will irritate you.

Loretta Irrigon, OR

Enjoy this product daily!

I love applying around my eyes. Great fragrance. Quality product. Perfect for natural skin care routine when you want some added moisture.

Toni Goodman, MS

Not Fabulous

This product is just not what I’m used to in terms of under eye treatment. It’s basically a mix of essential oils and is just that- oil. It feels oily and weird under the eyes and on the eye lids. It’s also WAY to fragrant. I have not noticed any benefit after using it for over 6 months. Still searching for that fabulous eye cream…

Marisol Gettysburg, OH

special serum

It really does seem to help repair minor scarring and fine lines, especially around the eyes and mouth, as intended by the product. What I dislike is the strong smell of the oil – I think it’s the Ylangylang. I might just go back to some nicer-smelling essential oils after I use this up.

Carissa Walthall, MS

really like it

I use this around eyes mostly – does not irritate eyes – also use around lips, back of hands – just a few drops goes a long ways – seems to improve ski n – this is my second bottle – will continue to reorder

Michele Detroit, AL

nice smell and texture

i put this around my eyes every day, day and night. it’s really soft, but you need to be careful not to get too close to your eyes. i apply it on the little wrinkles around my eyes. it doesn’t make them disappear, but it feels good for my skin and it makes it softer and brighter (or so i feel)

Cristina Rice, MN

Effective and versatile!

This product really works. It imparts a light, floral scent which makes application a pleasant experience. Just a little dab of serum goes a long way and it is effective in getting rid of dry and red patches on my face. Despite the various oils in the list of ingredients, this product does not clog my pores at all. Now that I’m pregnant, I also use this serum on my tummy to minimize and prevent further stretch marks and so far it is working well (plus it provides soothing relief for itchy, stretched out pregnant belly). And for the price, this is such a tremendous value! Highly recommended.

Liza Enfield, NC

Three Stars

I have allergies up the wazoo, could not keep using it. 🙁

Maryellen Bella Vista, AR

Strong smell, burns eyes

I have been using this for a while. The smell is very strong and it sometimes burns my eyes. As for my skin, I have not noticed any change at all with this product and I don’t think I’ll finish using the container.

Sally Broadview, MT

Smells delish

After one week, I can’t say conclusively that I’ve seen any difference. However, it smells divine, and it hasn’t made me break out or anything. I’m young (26), but just beginning to notice wrinkles on my forehead and smile lines between my mouth and nose, so I want to try to avoid those from getting deeper as soon as I can. This serum has really good reviews in that respect, so maybe I just need to use it for more than a week! I use it twice a day, so I will update my review in some time if I notice a difference.EDIT: 5/5/14Well, I’ve used this for some time now, and I reduced my review to 3 stars. The smell is great, and it’s not super greasy. It soaks into my skin very quickly. However, it’s done zip for my few fine lines. I haven’t seen a single difference.

Mabel Rosepine, LA

SO easy!

Works great! Ever get that irritated patch around your eyes?This was the only thing that got rid of my dry flaky irritated patches. Overnight!

Neva Bellvale, NY

for the money this product is pampering

I love the smell, this product just makes you feel good. You can mixed with a natural moisturizer and used in face or body. Great product

Rochelle Wyandanch, NY

amazing stuff with an excellent shipping

amazing stuff with an excellent shipping,you can used it for any dry area in your face or body.the smell is awesome & made me feel that im in the spa,ADVICEsince it is oily avoid to apply it near the eyelashes,will make the vision soo blurry .

Dena Apache Junction, AZ

New Favorite Product!

Ok, so I’ve only been using thisBurt’s Bees Healthy Treatment Repair Serum, 1 Fluid Ouncefor less than a week but I fell in love with it at first use! I love the smell, just like the Aromatherapy Spas I’ve been too. If you don’t like the smell of lavender, then I highly discourage getting this. But its very calming and although it’s an oil, it was light on my skin and I felt that my face quickly absorbed this serum. I couldn’t find this product in stores so will order another one as a back-up. I’ve only had the bottle for a few days but have already made a good dent in it. Thinking of buying a few bottles as gifts. LOVE IT!

Avis Golden, TX

Magic in a bottle – all good stuff!

I had one of these vials in my drawer for 3 years and didn’t use it much. then I recently got into essential oils and learned what the ideal combo of EO and carrier oils was for my skin. Lucky me – I already had them – in this vial! It looks small online but it’s actually pretty big. I’ve been using 1 vial for 4 months for both cleansing and hydrating and I still have some left. Bought another one. I’m replacing all my expensive creams and serums with this magic bottle.

Winifred Denmark, SC

Very good oil

I’m 39 and I’ve tried a LOT of different brands of skin care products.My skin type is combined ( dry and oily) and very sensitive to anything.I’ve been using this with facial cream ( mixing together) before bed for a month, and the result is incredible.All the pimples, white heads and flaky dead skins are gone and my skin is smoothest and healthiest in my life.I only wish if I’d known it earlier!

Kerri Chestertown, MD

Must Use A Lot of Product

The smell is not that bad, but you have to use a lot of product to see any results. Helps with really fine lines; no significant results on deeper lines.

Deloris Spring Grove, PA

oil blend

I like this product, because I am actively Burt’s bee customer, I love natural products,So this oil blend good as a night ointment on my skin and during winter,I applied all day,I dislike too much perfumery smell from lavender, I wish to have light smell on my natural skin care products.Hope this product keep me looking much younger with good looking without any fine lines.

Rosario Madras, OR

Nice around the eyes

I have been using this around my eyes and I have noticed much softer skin. I was concerned about breakouts since it’s an oily product, but I have not had any issues with breakouts. I read some of the reviews that said it was too runny to use around the eyes, but I just place a very small dot on my finger and it’s enough to cover the eye area underneath, the crows feets and the eye lid.

Jane Cambridge Springs, PA

I really like this treatment oil!

I have to admit I am not a huge fan of Burt’s Bees products. I LOVE that they are not tested on animals and comprised of naturally-sourced ingredients, but I just turned 29, so I am currently using a more targeted professional skincare regimen that my skin is really responding to. That said, I am sold on this oil!! I have found that since I moved to Colorado regular moisturizers just don’t cut it on my face. I think this is best used at night under a moisturizer, but I also add a few drops to my sunscreen moisturizer in the AM sometimes, especially after using Retin-A at night. I have very sensitive skin and it’s been really hard to get through the peeling and dryness caused by Retin-A, but since I started using this I am finding my skin is looking really fantastic, and the peeling the next day is a thing of the past!! I also love applying this to my face while my skin is still damp after a shower to seal in the moisture and replenish my skin’s barrier. I don’t think this product in and of itself will be the answer to keeping my skin looking young. I think honestly those expectations are best bestowed upon my Vitamin C serum, Retin-A, and obsessive sunscreen use. But this really keeps my skin hydrated and allows my sensitive skin to better tolerate the other treatment products I am using. All in all, I plan to buy this again and again, though I won’t need to for a long time unless I knock the bottle over, because a little really goes a long way!!

Leta Sag Harbor, NY

Miracle worker!

This stuff is a miracle worker. I had some really bad sunspots on my face. Big ol’ gross looking blotches. I have tried many expensive products and nothing worked. Exfoliating my skin and putting this stuff on afterwards, I have noticed a DRAMATIC difference in the darkness of my spots. Burt’s Bees is awesome

Tonia Avoca, NY

I love this serum!

This absorbs quickly and makes my skin smooth and soft. I’m not sure if it is doing anything for lines and wrinkles, but I love the ingredients!

Sandy Fairfield, NE

good serum

i started using this about 1 yr ago and like it. i am 52 yrs old, am italian so do not have dry skin. it absorbs well. it does have a slight smell to me but it goes away within minutes. i use it on all my wrinkles before my face and eye creams.

Ronda Belmont, NY

Light and Moisturizing

I was looking for a less expensive serum than I had been using. I have combination/sensitive/acne-prone skin and I had heard borage oil could be helpful and after extensive search I found this. It has borage oil, though not a main ingredient. This has not caused any breakouts. This does not feel oily, unless you use too much. I find I just need the bare amount to give my skin the moisture it needs without it being too oily, so this should last a while. The instructions say to put it around mouth and eyes, but I use it everywhere with my daily moisturizer/SPF on top of it and I think it has made my skin look brighter and clearer.

Christine Lyons, NJ