Burt’s Bees Hand Salve, 3 oz Tin

Moisturize your rough, dry hands with 100% natural Burt’s Bees Hand Salve. Brimming with botanical oils, herbs and beeswax, this classic hand salve offers skin the hydration it craves with serious nourishment. The light herbal scent makes this moisturizer perfect for both men and women. The travel size tin fits in a pocket or purse for on the go hydration anytime, anywhere. For best results, use the salve daily before and after gardening or any other activity that can be harsh on your hands.

Key features

  • 3 ounce tin of 100% natural hand salve
  • Moisturizes rough, dry hands with botanical oils and beeswax
  • Herbal scent appeals to both men and women
  • Apply hand salve before and after outdoor activities
  • Classic hand salve from Burt’s Bees

Honest reviews


love it

i have been using this stuff for years. burt’s bees rock… they offer a lot of good for you items..

Terri Whitman, MA

You’ll love this balm if you like essential oils

I love lavendar, rosemary but not a big fan of eucalyptus. Still, the fragrance is soothing and calming. My hubby likes the smell when I wear it just before going to bed. I guess it puts us to sleep :-).It feels a bit oily when applying. But absorbs super quick and it isn’t greasy at all.

Amelia Lazbuddie, TX

Burt’s Bees Hand Salve

This is an excellent moisturizer for hands and or dry elbows. It softens without feeling greasy.I would definitely recommend it, especially for use during the winter months.

Hillary Hester, LA

Somewhat helpful. A few cautions though

I’m currently researching what I could use on my hands. The best things the I’ve discovered are: coconut oil; shea butter; and then, a distant third, this thing. It does protect the skin with some sort of covering layer (probably wax); it does not contain anything chemical, like the ubiquitous parabens; it has, supposedly, some amount (undisclosed) of vitamin E; and finally, the empirical evidence is that it’s fairly good on the skin, for whatever reasons. These are the pros. Now the cons:1. Stinks like hell (doesn’t last, but the fist blast is overpowering, like a cold medicine you’re supposed to smear under your nose — this prevents me from using it outside of home since I’ll annoy coworkers).2. Way too greasy for my taste.3. Obscenely expensive. Wth? What is in it that makes it so pricey? A retro-styled bearded buy on cover? My as.4. Doesn’t have much persistent power: meaning, it’s fairly easily washed off (my other options proved more lasting: they tend to survive a handwash or two; this one doesn’t). This wouldn’t be a problem (just re-apply) were it not for (1) and (3).Bottom line: functionally it’s OK, so if you’re rich, you can use it at home.PS. Btw, the reports that it’s hard to open are untrue: it’s amazingly easy to open. The tin it comes in is remarkable: it’s tight and doesn’t leak anything, yet it opens smoothly and w/o effort, like if it were greased up (which it isn’t). Neither is the stuff too hard: it’s hard but it easily melts at the body temperature, just rub a finger over the surface. If stored in a warm room, it becomes even softer. It’s exactly what you’d expect from “a salve”, so no problem on that end.Added on 10/28/2011: Just FYI: I finished my researches into moisturisers, and the results are somewhat anticlimatic: the best moisturiser for face is L’Oreal’s aftershave; the best all-around moisturiser is Cetaphil (both lotion and cream; I like the cream better but both are fine). Everything else I’ve tried isn’t quite as good (even though it was all two-to-four times more expensive). Go figure. L’Oreal has all the usual crap including parabens in it; Cetaphil is pretty harmless (no parabens, no fragrances, no grease: a pretty neutral product), but not too natural either. Yet these two are the best: not greasy at all, and with good humectant properties; neither one clogs pores.

Manuela Newton, TX

Good Treatment for Dry Hands

Winter is so hard on my hands. I’ve always been a lotion addict but in the winter I find I need a bit more. I use this mostly at bedtime because it does leave your hands a bit slick. It’s part of the bedtime routine for me. I flick each nail through the pot and rub that in before applying to the rest of my hands. I follow up with the lemon butter cuticle cream and then Curel hand lotion. No need for gloves because the lotion kind of brings it all together and more or less keeps everything in place. In the morning, there’s enough left on my hands to rub in before the first hand washing of the day. My hands have been more hydrated since I’ve been using this.

Claudia Cotuit, MA

Great hand creme!

I work in a profession where hand washing is necessary, often many, MANY times per day. The bees wax based hand products seem to work best bc they can stand up to a soap/hot water washing or two. Of hand cremes that I’ve tried, this one has to be my favorite. I like the price point, light lemon scent and quality of ingredients. I haven’t purchased from Amazon, so this review is only for the product.It does take a moment for the product to sink in and it’s a little greasy feeling at first. After that you’re good-to-go. It lasts, is great for cuticles, and one tin will last a normal person a year. I would definitely purchase this again and recommend it to people who wash their hands and live in colder climate!

Rosa Lostine, OR

A yearly cold weather purchase

Every November my hands begin to crack. I found Burt’s Bees hand salve about four years ago and have faithfully purchased a tin each fall because it is the only product that I have found that can assuage the discomfort and help my hands heal.The consistency is somewhat greasy but the product spreads easily over hands. The product is absorbed within five minutes of application. I typically apply at night and in the morning. This routine keeps my hands moisturized and soft.I am very sensitive to perfumes. This hand salve has a distinctive scent but one that is very herbal in nature. The smell can fill a room or work office but I don’t think the scent rises to the level of being obnoxious. I regularly apply it at work and have had no complaints. Typically, the scent dissipates in twenty minutes. If you are worried about the stares of colleagues, try to apply it after a nighttime shower.A little bit of this product goes a long way and a three ounce tin typically takes me through winter and spring. I like that Amazon offers the two pack so I can keep one at work and one at home.Overall, a fantastic product that is highly recommended.

Priscilla Wauneta, NE

The Best Product for Ragged Cuticles and Cracked Fingertips

I wash my hands a lot (kids, chores, cleaning, etc) and I have naturally dry skin anyway, so during the winter, my cuticles and fingertips will often crack from being so dry. This product works wonders, lasts through handwashing, smells good (no chemical smell) and uses natural ingredients. I’m very sensitive to heavy perfumes, and this salve has a pleasant smell like natural honey-beeswax.If you have cracked hands, give this one a try. I find that it works even better than vaseline.

Celina Forrest City, AR

Great for dry hands!

I love this product! It is perfect for the hands in the winter months, and I use it daily. It smells wonderful too!

Francine Apple Valley, CA


This is my favorite hand, feet, cuticle ointment of all times. It is thick and it smells of lavender and herbs. It keeps my hads well moisturized and my cuticles soft.

Kitty Dalton, MN

Works great

This really works for dry hands and cuticles. My hands don’t crack but they do get pretty dry in the winter and this really helps them heal quickly. My cuticles get so dry they peel and rip which is very painful – this helps keep them moist so they don’t continue to peel. The smell is really nice – mostly eucalyptus with a hint of lavender. It’s a bit greasy upon first applying but soaks in quickly. I also like to use it on my feet. It’s a great multipurpose product.

Mable Auberry, CA

Four Stars

Using it mostly morning and night for my lips. No other moisture needed during the day.

Rocio Sherrill, NY

Use small amounts please

Control yourselves. I know most of us have scaly and dry hands from the weather and certain occupational hazards but only a little will do you right. Palms are no longer itchy and looking like a crusty tomato.I can no longer use my hands as sandpaper but hey now I can touch my face without peeling it off. Great product! I no longer have sand paper for hands!

Penelope Linwood, MA

Hand salve, chapped hand treatment

My husband’s fingers crack in the winter time, non-stop. It is very painful. Every night he puts this on before he goes to bed and then he applies it once or twice throughout the day. It has helped his fingers a lot. It is very greasy and it has some menthol in it so it has a weird sensation on your hands before it sinks in. It was recommended by a nurse that he apply this and then wear rubber glover for an hour or so after applying it for better results, he refuses to do this, but I thought it sounded like good advice.

Wilda Denver, IN

good when you are very dry

I like this when my knuckles get very dry. It is kind of vasoline like. I like the smell which is I think is slightly menthol, like vics vapo rub but not as strong. It is a little greasy so I have to get it off of my palms. But when I put it on it also works well to rub into my cuticles.

Rae Pismo Beach, CA

a great salve

I really like this stuff. It goes on a bit oily and melts into my skin. I’ve used it on hands, lips, and face. I like it most on my hands. It is 100% natural from the ingredients listed on the back, and smells lovely. I already use most of the herbs from the ingredients, and this is a nice store-bought alternative when I don’t have time to make my own salves. It comes in a large 3oz tin. This stuff will last a long time. I would repurchase!

Eliza Louvale, GA

Love this stuff

This is my "go to" hand "cream" when traveling, gardening, winter weather or cleaning have pulled all the moisture out of my hands and the cuticles are fraying. It has a pleasant herbal fragrance and the beeswax just melts into your skin. Particularly restoring when used overnight, I haven’t had any rashes or sensitive skin issues with this product and have been using it for over 6 years.

Ina Westwood, CA