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Burt’s Bees Garden Tomato Toner, 8 Fluid Ounces

A tear-free formula to naturally clean your baby’s sensitive skin and hair. Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Shampoo & Wash is clinically shown to be gentle enough for everyday use. This naturally foaming, non-irritating baby shampoo and wash is made with 98.9% natural, plant-based formula containing soy proteins to leave your baby clean and smooth. Plus it’s pediatrician-tested and contains no phthalates, parabens, petrolatum or SLS.

Key features

  • 8 fluid ounce bottle of 99.4% natural toner
  • Face toner removes traces of dirt, oil and make-up
  • Tightens pores with tomato, cucumber and parsley extracts
  • Exfoliating fruit acid complex of sugar cane, sugar maple and bilberry
  • Skin toner for oily and troubled skin

Honest reviews


so excited !

I just got my bottle of toner today and I am so excited to try it! I read some pretty good reviews about it and hopefully it will work for me. I’ve tried everything and the price was just right to 🙂 I’ll update more info once I have actually started using it!

Rena Sunset, TX

Great Toner

This is a great toner which me and my husband both love. I love the smell and it works perfectly. It’s never been too harsh. My husband has oily skin and mine is very dry, but this toner works nicely for us both.

Shari Mineville, NY


I figure it wouldn’t hurt to try all products needed for the face and I was right. Feels great on the face and i can’t wait for the hot summer days to bring the feeling of freshness to my face.. .

Alana Oneida, TN

Why I Love it Even Though My Skin is Not Oily…

I’ve passed on this toner over and over at the store because I figured it was targeted specifically for oily or acneic skin only. Hence the line about “for oily or troubled skin” on the bottle. I usually go for the hydrating toners and the refreshing facial mists. NOT what this is. You will not even find a “misting” top to the bottle anywhere. It is more of a treatment product to apply via a cotton ball after cleansing.SInce I had heard great reviews about it – Well ok, so I was also drawn to the cool looking bottle/minimalist packaging and I always secretly wondered if it actually smelled anything like a “Garden Tomato”.Well I finally bought it and this is why I ended loving it and why I would buy it again:Most toners for oily skin are more often named Astringents, they can be anything from a Which Hazel product to one with more complicated ingredients with a variety of things combined to tighten skin, close pores and break down oil and/or fight bacteria. Although I primarily use the hydrating toners, there are times where I am giving facials to family or friends and doing extractions or doing extractions on myself, where I would cleanse again after and then I would use a quality astringent toner to follow up and close the pores and assist in destroying any final traces of bacteria not vanquished by the cleanser. This toner is perfect for that! I can see why it would be a great product for those with “troubled skin”. So while I do not use it as an everyday toner it has filled a void in my skin care product needs for that specific treatment product as a more astringent toner that is required on occasion. Yet is still not overly drying like some and with an 8 ounce bottle it lasts quite a while and is well worth the money.I love how it is able to acomplish it’s astringent properties but can still be called a toner by the addition of balancing and soothing ingredients like cucumber and green tea. It also comes in handy to cleanse and freshen the skin after working outside in the yard or coming in from a humid climate. I also appreciate that the alcohol listed on the ingredients of my bottle says it is “SD Alcohol (from yellow corn)”. I prefer alcohol free toners but for an astringent products I am ok with some grain alcohol used.And just for the record it does not smell like a tomato but does have a sort of fresh “gardeny” aroma that is unique and appealing.

Toni Harpswell, ME

Very good toner

This toner will really pull the hidden dirt out of your pores. Be careful because it can sting on sensitive skin. I did experience some redness while applying sometimes but it went away immediately. My face really felt clean after use.

Lawanda Holder, FL

Feels great!

I have oily but very (VERY) sensitive skin. I am allergic and/or highly reactive to most skin and hair care products. My skin often turns red and burns. I bought this toner at the store, but was hesitant to try it without research, because of my sensitivities. I was dismayed to see a few terrible reviews recently. However, i decided to try on the back of my hand. This toner felt and smelled amazing! It was cool, slightly tingly, smooth, soft, and best of all, no reaction. Today, i tried on my face, and am so pleased. It did a great job getting oil off my face, making my skin and large pores look smoother. It did not make my face dry, and left my skin feeling smooth, soft and tingly. It was more expensive than other toners i’ve tried but its the best I’ve tried. My skin still feel great after four hours, even under make up. Will purchase again.

Lelia Conway, MO

Burts Bees Tomato Toner

Natural is best for my sensitive skin.. full of garden veggies. Smells great. Burts Bees is my new facial skin care.

Heather Bolton Landing, NY

great toner

Great toner! Use it with Yes to Tomatoes face wash and lotion. Only gave 4 stars b/c it does have a alcohol in it and sometimes it does burn

Katharine Holly, MI

Another fine product

Love all burt’s bees products great toner does not leave your skin dry and very refreshing. I have been using this product for as long as I can remember and have no interest in using anything else

Lula Fort Riley, KS

Perfect Toner for Troubled Skin

I’ve tried a lot of toners throughout my life, from the very expensive to some of the more modestly priced, and can say with confidence that this is among the best. First of all people should recognize that it can be a bit strong for sensitive skin, so if you have naturally dry skin then this may not be the product for you. Otherwise, if you are like me with an oily complexion, then this is definitely for you! The price is not steep at all, and does the job of a 40$ bottle equivalent toner keeping your skin feeling refreshed and clean for hours. The smell is a bit strong, but if use a cotton ball as recommended, it won’t be too intrusive – less is more. I am also very pleased to note that this bottle, while it does not seem particularly large, is 8.0 oz – a good 1.3 oz more than a typical bottle of toner, and comes in a very simple and delicate design (it will look great in your bathroom). I have had no problems whatsoever while using it over the past three weeks, and will definitely purchase more! Thank you Burt’s Bees for another wonderful product!

Ollie Wingett Run, OH

Great product

This is a great toner. The scent is very earthy, and my skin feels smooth after using. My skin type is a little sensitive to this product, so I always follow with a moisturizer.

Valarie Atlanta, LA

Terrific natural toner for oily skin

Since my skin gets really oily in the summer, I need a stronger toner to keep things under control. Burt’s Bees Tomato toner works very well without being too drying. It smells like tomatoes on the vine (if you’ve ever grown tomatoes, you know the smell I mean) which is a smell I love. Very clean and fresh. If you have super-sensitive skin, this isn’t the toner for you, but I’m sure most oily skins can handle this with no problem. The price on Amazon is lower than the price at Whole Foods, which seems to be the only retail location still stocking this, so I will absolutely be ordering again.

Elinor Killingworth, CT

Very Good

This toner is worth a try if you can’t handle BP and SA or those don’t work for you. I also didn’t get even the slightest sting from using this which other reviewers had mentioned but i am used to all kinds of spa treatments so have built up some tolerance. It also doesn’t have harsh ingredients like parabens which is a great attribute. Good on oily and sensitive skin as well.

Esther Mc Camey, TX

Bought it again and again

I swear I have never used a brand of face toner a bottle after another. I have used Burts Bee for years and I love the smell. It feels clean after I apply it. I don’t mind a little bit of alcohol if the product works on my skin. Tried many brands like Estee Lauder, Shishedo, Neutrogena, Clean and Clear, Ponds, etc but didn’t feel clean or refresh. I have large pores and my T zone is oily. I cannot say Burts Bee Garden Tomato stops the shine but it slows it down. My T zone will be super shine if I forget to apply this toner or switch to another brand.

Deann Bigler, PA