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Burt’s Bees Citrus Facial Scrub, 2 Ounces

Burt’s Bees® Citrus Facial Scrub cleans, exfoliates and moisturizes your skin all in one product. Infused with refreshing sweet orange and grapefruit oils, this 99.9% natural facial cleanser removes dirt, oil and make-up. Formulated with ground almonds, oats and pecans, this face wash also gently exfoliates dead skin cells. Finally, sweet almond oil and glycerin help moisturize your skin. Put the power of nature to work for your skin with Burt’s Bees.

Key features

  • 2 ounce jar of 99.9% natural facial scrub
  • Removes dirt, oil and makeup
  • Infused with sweet orange and grapefruit oils
  • Gentle face wash exfoliates with ground almonds, oats and pecans
  • Facial cleanser moisturizes with sweet almond oil and glycerin

Honest reviews


I am torn about this one

I am a bit on the verge with this one. I love the smell and the fact that it is natural but it is kind of a pain to use. It is very thick and you need to mix it with water to make a smoother paste in your hand and then use it. And even then it will be hard to apply and most of it will end up on the bathtub floor! I think it does a good job though, but leaves a distinctive oiliness, so I have to follow with a toner to remove the oil. I have had mine for years and use it only occasionally because it is so messy.

Deidre Clarksburg, OH

Best natural face scrub

It’s not too grainy, but just enough to buff the skin and gentle enough to use daily. It will awhile. A little bit on wet fingers is all you need to get a good slough. It is over 99% natural, no funky chemicals. If you love St.Ive’s scrub, Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion scrub, Cosmedicine Meta-morphosis but want to go natural, this is it. My skin feels as soft as a baby and it glows.

Bernadine Newport, NJ


I mostly like Burt’s Bee’s but this one is NOT my favorite. Maybe my expectation was off but I was wanting a scrub…this is labeled as such but it feels more like a combo of orange peels and wax. Didn’t leave my face feeling refreshed at all. I won’t buy it again.

Nelly Elk Garden, WV

great product

Lovely citrus aroma, this scrub leaves your face feeling soft and moisturized. Doesn’t take much water to come up to a nice consistency.

Beth Humeston, IA

like this

The Citrus facial scrub is very nice. Smells like pumpkin pie to me. Made my face very smooth and soft after I used BB face lotion. I like it !!

Flossie Grafton, ND

Want amazing skin? Use THIS!

Burts Bees Citrus Facial scrub is amazing!!! I’ve never really had bad acne at all, but I do have breakouts. Ever since I started using this product the breakouts have stopped, and my skin looks and feels amazing! Its a little different than I expected seeing as how most face washes are some type of cream. This is a kind of dry product that works with the water on your fingers. DON’T ADD WATER TO THE JAR!!! To me it smells great, kind of like pumpkin, and its a scrub so its gritty, but in no way harsh on your skin. Its a two ounce jar, but you only need a little so it last forever! I’ve had mine now going on 6 months and I’m barely getting to the bottom! Hope you enjoy!! Plus this is a steal this deal is a pack of two 2 ounce jars!

Mavis Watson, IL

Oh the wonderful smell!

Just makes ya want to wash your face! I use a buff puff and a small amount of scrub. Ever so gently wash my face and the result is just radient! You’ll love it.

Summer Welton, IA


Wonderful – wish I would have tried this years ago. You can use it as a daily cleanser – which I am doing now…and the exfoliation (as far as how ‘strong’ you want the exfoliation process to be) is up to you. If I feel my skin needs a bit more, then I use my clarisonic brush w/ this – if not, I just use my fingers and wash with a washcloth, etc. as to not over do it. It just makes your skin look and feel glowy and lovely. I bought this based off makeup artist Kandee Johnson’s recommendations – and I guess she does know her stuff. 🙂 Awesome product.

Elisha Sangerfield, NY

Love this stuff

I can’t get enough of this product. It works well without being too harsh on the skin and leaves my face feeling smooth. Great for dry patches and troublesome skin.

Hope Fredonia, TX

Great stuff

Wonderful in everyway, use it every couple days.makes face feel soft. Feel as though it gets rid of all dirt deep down. ♥ it.

Jan Mineral Point, PA

Best scrub for my 23-yr daughter’s sensitive skin

My daughter does not suffer from acne or serious blemishes but her small pore sensitive skin cannot tolerate numerous facial products. She says it makes her skin soft & helps keep the teeny bumps she can get on her face from developing. She loves this facial scrub and waited for this out-of-stock item to arrive rather than use something else. Highly recommend!

Hester South Hackensack, NJ


I’ve used this product for a while now. It’s really good. It’s an exfoliator, but it’s gentle enough on your skin to be used every day. It also smells like pumpkin pie. Yum. Great product.

Rocio Pinon, NM