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Burt’s Bees Bath Crystals, 1 Pound

Refresh and relax your body with Burt’s Bees Bath Crystals. These therapeutic bath crystals are created with natural sea salts, lemon and eucalyptus fragrances to help soothe tired muscles after a long day. Sea Salt naturally refreshes your body with its many nutrients and minerals, so transform your bathroom into an aromatherapy spa and relax and enjoy the beauty of the sea. Put the power of nature to work for you and melt away everyday stress with this jar of 100% natural ingredients from Burt’s Bees.

Key features

  • 1 pound jar of scented bath salts
  • Sea salts refresh with naturally occurring nutrients and minerals
  • 100% natural
  • Soothe tired muscles and melt away everyday stresses
  • Follow up with your favorite Burt’s Bees bath and body lotion

Honest reviews


Smells terrible!!!

I wish I had been able to try this out or at least smell it before I bought it. I knew it was going to smell herbal based on the ingredients, but I barely got the lid off the container before it brought tears to my eyes. I returned this to the store. Normally I like Burt’s Bees but this is just too pungent!

Darla Mantorville, MN

Lemony Bath Crystals

There is comfort in the scent of lemon. Perhaps it reminds us of summer days and lemon meringue pie or the simple pleasures of zesting a lemon. This formula also contains rosemary oil and eucalyptus.Ingredients: Sea salt, baking soda, lemon oil, rosemary oil, eucalyptus oil, vitamin E.This bath salt will help your body to release lactic acid that builds up when you exercise, so it is perfect for relaxation and for easing muscle aches. The essential oils penetrate to relieve soreness.Add the crystals when you start filling the tub so they have time to dissolve.~The Rebecca Review

Mina Seymour, IL

A surprising find!

I received Burt’s Bees Therapeutic Bath Crystals – 1 lb as part of a Burt’s Bee’s grab bag assortment directly from Burt’s Bees and loved it! This was a surprising find as it really did seem to have therapeutic properties and left me feeling refreshed after a hot soak. I have fibromyalgia so I’m always on the look out for products that ease some of the symptoms I deal with on a daily basis. This product is one I will add to my arsenal and encourage others to do the same. (*NOTE: I did get a bit of a burning sensation on my legs after using this product, but it went away in approximately two hours. Not painful, but slightly unpleasant and unexpected. My guess would be it may have been part of the ‘therapeutic’ action working in my muscles.)

Virginia Lonaconing, MD

Great for muscle soreness & congestion!

This product has a very strong, slightly medicinal, non-cloying, therapeutic scent. With notes of eucalyptus, Rosemary, & lemon it is perfect for cold & flu aches, exercise aches, & everday muscle aches.The scent additionally helps open up your nasal & chest passages if you’re congested. If you’re not a fruit & flower kind of person, you’ll love the scent. Be sure to keep the can outside of the bathroom. Even the slightest exposure to moisture causes it to rust. The lids can be inconvenient to open, unless you keep something nearby to pry the it open. My solution is never closing the lid all the way… Sometimes the larger crystals don’t break down all the way & can be kind of uncomfortable to sit on in the bath tub, as they tend to be rather sharp.Bottom line: Buy it! I love it for my annual cold that I undoubtedly get this time every year. It makes being sick slightly less miserable. I soak in the tub with this 1-2 times a day.

Francis Nalcrest, FL

Bath crystals

I’ve used this product several times already in my bath. It works wonders. I plan on buying more when this jar runs out.

Latoya Liberty, IL

Best for sore muscles!

I LOVE this stuff, eucalyptis and all. Its great for tough workouts and sore muscles. Really helps alleviate tired miscles but good for an anytime bath!

Jerri Cuney, TX