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Burberry Brit By Burberry For Women. Eau De Toilette Spray 3.3-Ounces

Introduced in 2003. Fragrance notes: A marvelous blend of almonds, limes and pears, with soft florals and vanilla. Recommended use: daytime.When applying any fragrance please consider that there are several factors which can affect the natural smell of your skin and, in turn, the way a scent smells on you.  For instance, your mood, stress level, age, body chemistry, diet, and current medications may all alter the scents you wear.  Similarly, factor such as dry or oily skin can even affect the amount of time a fragrance will last after being applied

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Honest reviews


I think the EdT is best!

Brit is not your typical fruity floral gourmand. It’s sweet without being sugary, citrus without being sour, vanilla without being dark, comforting without being creamy, and feminine without being girly.Brit is easy to wear. The limited use of notes reaffirms the adage less is more. To me, the pear note makes it special, and it gives Brit a very comfortable, in-your-own-skin quality. I think anyone from age 25 to 65 could easily pull it off. FBW.I have Brit as an EDT (white plaid bottle) & EDP (3-color plaid bottle). The EDP has 6-8 hour lasting power, but for some reason I seem to like the EDT better and wear it more. In my opinion, the EDT is wearable in Spring & Summer and the EDP is better suited to Spring & Fall. In Winter, I turn to Burberry Brit Red.I really do love this, and I can’t imagine being without it. It helps when the notes are perfect for you. 🙂

Sylvia Hermann, MO

Love this and I don’t like too many perfumes

This is light and yet lasts throughout the day. I get multiple compliments on this perfume. I do not like sickening sweet candy like perfumes and I also do not like overly cottony or musky fragrances. For example: I do not like the origional Burberry or even Burberry Brit, but I love this Burberry Brit Sheer!Notes: It opens with fresh notes of green lemon, frosted pear and white almond. The heart blooms with white peony. The drydown is gourmand with vanilla, amber, mahogany and balsamic Tonka bean accords.I was worried about the Amber and Vanilla but they do not over power. I really get a sense of the freshness of the lemon and icy Pear as well as the almond and white peony.The only other perfume I wear is Beautiful Love to give you an idea of the type of perfume I like.

Adriana Salem, MI

Purchased directly from Amazon–Review + Comparison

**I am not insinuating that the one I received direct-from-Amazon is fake, but I did notice minute differences compared to the I purchased at Sephora; view my image with notes to compare/contrast**SCENT: I absolutely love this perfume–not overly sweet, not overly floral, but just enough of both. I would describe this as a woodsy, spicy, oriental fragrance with undertones reminiscent of vanilla. It is strong but not headache-inducing.To give you an idea of the fragrance, here are some of its ingredients:Linalool (spicy/floral)Limonene (citrusy)Cinnamal (cinnamon)Coumarin (sweet/grassy)Citronellol (floral/green)Geraniol (rosey)LONGEVITY: Lasts a good few hours, but mellow down to a more warm, vanilla-like subtle fragrance.AGE: I wouldn’t restrict this to any particular age group. It’s not powdery, but it’s not overwhelmingly sweet. I’m in my early 20’s, but I think it could be equally appropriate on my 50yo mother. My tween sister, I would probably recommend a Juicy fragrance.- – – – – – – – – – – – – COMPARISON BETWEEN SEPHORA AND DIRECT-FROM-AMAZON BOTTLES – – – – – – – – – – -I noticed slight differences, which may be due to variations/fluctuations in printing.-First of all, my direct-from-Amazon order did NOT include the Burberry sleeve–it just had the cellophane-wrapped bottle.-The glue on my Sephora bottle’s cellphane seemed more secure, whereas I could easily open the Amazon one.-The printing on the box differs; Sephora’s is darker and more crisp, Amazon’s is slightly lighter and the color bleeds slightly. You’d have to use a macro lens to really view the difference.-The stripes printed on the Amazon bottle aren’t as flush as the Sephora bottle’s.-The codes printed on the bottom of the bottles differ in size and thickness-The second barcode on the Amazon box is glued on, not directly printed on the bottle.I have a pretty bad nose, so if there are any variations between the two scents, I can’t tell them apart. I feel like they smell ever-so-slightly different, but not enough that I could outright say one is different from the other. Therefore, I’m almost 100% sure the Amazon perfume is authentic, and that packaging differences are due to fluctuations in manufacturing.

Isabel Wamsutter, WY

My Favorite

This scent is so versatile. It amazes me how Burberry created it. It is citrus, musk, floral, fruity and sporty all at once with a spicy oriental edge. I think it’s perfect for an every day scent as I have never come across anyone who was bothered by it. When I wear it out at night I always get asked what scent I am wearing. It’s fresh and energetic in a feminine way.

Sandra Cora, WV

Smells great!

I love this scent! It is great for women between their 20s-30s. I wear this as an everyday scent and receive many compliments on it. The scent does not wear off as fast as many other perfumes I wear so I definitely recommend it! Great price for an everyday perfume!

Esmeralda Kula, HI

Great smell!

I absolutely love this perfume. It smells great but the only negative thing that I can say is that it doesn’t last as long as I would expect from an EDP. It lasts maybe 1-2hrs at most.

Jerry Hartland, VT

Hard to describe

I’m not sure what this fragrance is (the notes and such) but I like it! I tried the Eau de Toilette (a sample) and it did not last long on me at all. This is the parfum and it seems to last on me pretty well. This fragrance is just a clean and fresh kinda non-descriptive scent. It’s neutral so it differs from something too floral or too musky or too fruity. There is definitely a scent–a lovely scent–I just don’t know what to call it. It’s perfect for all-the-time wear. I recommend it.

Young Quinton, NJ