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Bundle of Nail Art Rhinestones Wheels: 1000 Premium Silver Nail Art Gems in Different Shapes + 2400 Premium Nailart Rhinestones in 12 Different Colors.


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I had already bought rhinestones from my local hair/beauty supply store, but I was running out quickly so I decided to get some more on amazon. I was pleasantly surprised at the size of them, which are slightly smaller than the ones I have now. It also comes with silver ones it different shapes. However, I don’t use them because they look a little “kiddie”. Also, most of the rhinestones aren’t seperated from each other, which is very annoying when you try to get one out but a whole string of them come out. Good variety of colors, this should last me a while.

Theresa Gouldsboro, ME


the rhinestones has very pretty colors….. What came in it! The color wheel was virtually empty! If i use One color it would not be enough to make certain designs in not even two nails! Very upset about that cause I was looking forward to using them. The Silver one was full, different shapes, not opaque but so tiny, not small, but TINY… I’m just not happy with this particular products, my personal opinion.

Etta Crescent City, IL

gems galore

I received these faster than I anticipated and I love the little thing they are in. very easy to open and with out a mess spilling every where. how ever there is one set back in the picture it shows them to be equal in size and they are not. the silver gems container is much small with less gems inside.

Tamara Portage, IN

very nice!

I love this product. This was a great price and I love all the variety that is included with this purchase. The shipping was great and arrived very quickly. I use these all the time for a nice little design on my nail. This is a great buy if you are into being a little creative with your nails.

Rosalinda Creswell, NC


Use them to glam up manicures and pedicures. They add the perfect touch to plain nails. Add a little or add a lot. It’s up to you.

Edna Ranger, GA


These little discs are so tiny! I didn’t realize how small they were. But it makes for very easy storage. The spinning lids only allow one set of stones to be accessed at a time, preventing sticking the wrong color on your nail. Fabulous! These are a quick and easy way to spruce up any acrylics, gels, or just plain nail polish. Very lightweight and awesome.

Margie South Solon, OH