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Bundle Monster

Bundle Monster 20 Piece Grizzly and Solid Colored Feather Hair Extensions Kit with Silicone Beads and Hook BM Gift Package

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I got these for my Halloween costume and I love them! They’re so easy to “install” and take out! I had to kinda figure out how to use the tool but it was easy. Just slide the bead onto the tool, unlatch the little claw on the tip, scoop up however much hair the hook will grab and slide the bead up while pulling the tool down so your hair pulls through the bead. Bring the bead up to your scalp, not touching, but a few cm away. Insert the end of the extension into the bead and clamp tight with needle nose pliers. And voila! So pretty! Don’t put it too deep in your hair or else you won’t see it. The nice part is that they’re reusable!

Gabrielle New Salem, ND

Not feathers. But still good for little girls.

These are not actually feathers. They are colored synthetic hair, although from afar they look like colored feathers. Easy to put in. We paid $10 at a local salon for 1 synthetic feather, so this is a good deal. Good for a 4-year old at least!

Lee Hagarstown, IL


comes as shown, in perfect condition. Comes with 2 of each 10 different colors, no repeats. Seems easy, yet I’d appreciate an instructions booklet.

Lee Hampton, AR


These are adorable, and they come pretty long, so you can cut them to size if needed. The colors are great, and are surprisingly easy to place in. I wore a few to the P!nk concert and they stayed in all weekend! I placed them in by myself, so no friends or hairdresser needed! Mix n match colors and have fun with them, They’ll come out just as easy when it’s time to get back to business.

Vonda Duluth, MN


Shipping was on time I didn’t like this type it don’t look like feathers at all and they don’t last in your hair they last for about two days then you got to take them out will not buy this kind again.

Kayla Willard, MO

Insanely awesome product for the price.

I had originally bought these for my little girls, but ended up stealing them for myself. I gave a few to my 7 and 5 year old to wear, and they get complimented all the time…and people actually think they’re feathers until I tell them otherwise. They’re super easy to put in (youtube), and once in, they last a really long time. My girls have been wearing theirs for almost 2 months. The only reason I’m taking them out is because they have slipped down a little bit from brushing and hair growth. Even after 2 months, they still look just as good as when I first put them in. This is an excellent, excellent deal for the money!

Selina Sneads, FL