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Bundle Monster Nail Stamp Stamping Plate Zippered Synthetic Leather Case Plates Holder Organizer

We have the ultimate storing solution for your Bundle Monster nail stamping plates – we have designed our exclusive stamping plate zippered organizer! This portfolio styled case has a modern shiny vinyl, faux-croc skin textured outter cover with a soft velvet-like lining. This holder includes 14 soft, matte, see-through vinyl pages that have 6 slots per page. Each slot is designed and is strong enough to hold 2 plates per slot, which gives you 168 plate storage! Each slot fits a standard 5.6 cm nail plate and has a U-grooved design to make putting in and pulling out nail plates that much easier. Its portfolio design is slender and thin which makes storing the case easy for tight storage or easy to pick up and go for your nail parties. This case is also great for professional settings like a nail salon. The front of the case has the official “BM” logo etched in metal. Bundle Monster is a registered trademark of Remi Collections LLC and is exclusively distributed by Bundle Monster. Bundle Monster trademark is protected by US Trademark Law.

Key features

  • Great way to organize your Bundle Monster nail stamping plates. Has 84 nail plates slots, but is designed to hold 168 plates (2 plates per slot). Fits 5.6 cm standard size nail plates.
  • Size: length 2-3/8” * width 7/32”
  • Soft vinyl see-throught design makes organization covenience you to pick your favorite design for your nails. Also great for professional settings, like a nail salon.
  • Durable vinyl construction has a U-grooved design that makes putting in and pulling out nail plates easier.
  • Features a shiny, vinyl, faux croc-skin textured outter black shell with velvet-like lining.

Honest reviews


A must have for nail plates!

I love this case! It is small & compact, also holds Konad plates. Now I can find all my plates easily & no digging through to find a design. Now I just flip the pages. It holds over 100 plates.

Martina Woden, IA

very nice

Not only is the price nice but so is the design and quality of this lil book. Fits disc perfectly, now I can’t wait to fill it.

Anne Aliquippa, PA

So needed this!

This plate holder case is a godsend. I have a decent amount of nail plates, and I’ve been known to drop a couple while trying to choose the one I want to use next. (Those things are quite noisy when they hit the ground….) I’m glad I have something proper to put them in now! The fact that I can zip it closed is what sold me on it. The only way this could be better is if they came in other colors.

Mari Atwood, IN


This has been a great buy. I have become a bit addicted to this nail stamping and this actually keeps all my plates save from scratching and in place. will only fit round plates.

Felicia Logansport, LA

awesome plate book

Awesome book. It does only fit circle plates, so some of my plates dont fit but I knew that going in. Great way to store nail plates, I tend to lose small things all the time so this is a great way to organize and always know where my plates are. Pockets are clear enough that you dont have to remove the plate to see the designs. I will be buying a second and maybe thirdnone as my nail plate collection grows.

Ilene Chesterfield, MA

excellent storage

i have seen youtube vids on other ways to organize the stampling plates but i did not like any ot them. spend the $16 bucks and get this instead. you can fit more than 50 plates in there (that is all i have right now) and still have plenty of room for more. it is easy to use and store your plates, i would defintely recommend this to everyone. i may have to buy another one soon!

Christi Duncan, MS

Indespensable for anyone interested in nail stamping!!!

This binder is AWESOME! I have about 150 nail plates that were awkwardly stored in a drawer in my bathroom with all of my other nail supplies. It worked, but it just wasn’t what I wanted. I originally bought baseball card sleeves thinking that I could store them more effectively, but the plates fell out constantly, and there wasn’t really much organization involved. I was telling myself I needed to find something binder-ish to organize them, but never got around to it… until one day I saw this in my recommendations, and I pounced. It arrived quickly, and is a good size. My friend and I immediately put all of my plates in order and then put them in the binder (and then did our nails of course after getting excited about some of the designs again). The only thing I would change is I wish it was a tad bit bigger dimensionally, so I could fit some of my big plates in, but for the discs, it’s absolutely perfect! My nail drawer is much more organized now.

Jeanine Luzerne, IA

You could use something else, but why would you?

I’m a big fan of convenience, and the ability to have all of my stamping plates in one cute little zipped up binder was too good to pass up. Instead of forcing them into baseball card sized holders, or manipulating photo albums, they slide right into perfectly sectioned pages. I have Konad and Bundle Monster plates, both of which fit flawlessly. I will say – there’s not an ability to expand, as the pages are bolted into the notebook, but unless you’re a serious stamp addict, it holds more than enough for the average user.

Rosemarie Dexter, MN

Great nail decorating disc holder.

Fabulous case holds lots of nail decorating discs. Something a professional or newbie nail decorator should definitely invest in.. I was very glad to get this as it makes it a lot easier to carry the discs around.

Ora Brunswick, MD

Great Stamping Image Plate Case

This is a great case to store all your image plates. So far I’ve been able to fit all different brands in it. And it holds a lot of image plates especially if you double them up. I highly recommend this case for your stamping image plates I will be ordering another soon!

Bertha Fred, TX

Really Really Great

I am really happy with this purchase. It looks just like in the image a nice faux croc looking case and I like the size its about the size of a seven inch tablet. Most plates now come in little packets or boxes that can be used for storage but it is such a pain to have to take all out to decided which one you want to use and then pack them all back again. Depending on how many sets you have that could be anywhere from twenty to over a hundred plates all over the place and when you want to check images to see how they work with each other uggggh. With this all the plates are in a nice clear pouch you can flip through like a photo album pick the one you want an leave all the rest in their place.The plates can be stored back to back, two in a pouch so I won’t run out of space any time soon. I have three different sets and some individual plates and I haven’t used half the book yet.I only have two issues, the first is that to take the plate out you have to pull on the plastic pocket because if you try to slide the plate up it bumps into the bottom of the pocket above it. Eventually this might cause the pocket in the second and third rows to start to tear.My second issue is that I wish that they made it expandable like a ring binder so that you can add pages as needed. I didn’t want to get the basball card holders because they were just too big but I would have liked to be able to expand this rather than buy a second one. Just a note having polish remover splashed onto it didn’t damage it in any way.

Carly Los Banos, CA

Love this case

This was a great buy and space saver.The case is stride and durable.Wish I could say the same for the bundle monster nail stamping plates. Those were horrible and too shallow to transfer a stamp.

Earnestine Mayville, ND


This is a great size, great design and great fit for 2 plates per slot. I really like this product. It looks nice, keeps all my plates organized and the case seems well made. It is soft sided so it can take some abuse. It is also easy to carry and handle.

Ora Sunman, IN

This is great

I really like this case. It’s well made and holds a lot of plates. It says it holds 84, but i put two (back to back) it each slot. Great product. Makes it easy to see what you have and to choose which plate you’d like to use. I’m very happy with it.

Ashlee Princeton, KS

love love love

I had my stamps in a plastic bag for a while until I ended up cutting my hand on one of the edges while looking through them. I love this case and should probably get another, lol

Lelia Little Plymouth, VA

Handy to keep plates organized!

This is great to keep all of your stamping plates organized. I’ve only got enough plates to fill a few pages, but plan on growing my collection. Makes it easy to look at all of your designs and to keep from losing any of them.

Elisabeth Trenton, TX

Monster plate zippered case

I love this!!!! Are you kidding a place to put all my plates and keep them together nice and neat easy to see without having to handle them scratch them all up!! Great thing this is I will be getting one more at least….

Bethany Illinois City, IL


Love this binder! I currently have it filled with a little under 100 plates. BM, Angel, Winstonia and Konad all fit nicely.It seems to be well made. I am not rough on my things so I expect it will last a very long time.

Tisha Blackville, SC

So useful

These are so helpful filled the whole book up this is very well made and sturdy . Will buy another when needed .

Pauline Monaca, PA

Works like it should

Delivered on time and very nice case. It holds alot of plates and you can double them up in each slot. Would recommend to buy this to store image plates

Aurelia Underwood, ND

Great way to stay organized

I love this product! I had been looking for ways to keep all of my Bundle Monster plates organized and now I have it! This is easy and convenient. I’m so glad I bought this!

Ines Zortman, MT

Fits Konad plates

I wanted one convenient place to store all my Konad plates. Thanks to the reviewers who mentioned that they fit in this case: )

Johnnie Yolyn, WV

perfect storage

Perfect storage can hold 50+ plates with room to spare! they are only one sided holders however but its great to protect your plates

Kris Cresson, PA

Love it

this is definitely a useful organizer for those who buy multiple round plates with no cases. It holds them in place and easy to find

Abigail Orrville, AL

BMW Stamping plate leather case

If you love to stamp as much as I do this leather case is a must!!! It keeps them tucked in and in any order you please;). Very very happy with this case.

Adela Hayward, CA

Great case!

This case is so perfect. It holds all of my nail stamping plates and helps to keep them well organized.

Nora Furlong, PA

Perfect for the stamps

now I have to buy more stamp plates!! it is so nice to have a place to store and organize them, perfect size and fits the round stamp plates perfectly, just remember to remove the plate you are gonna use before you polish your nails, I messed up a nail trying to dig one out when I changed my mind on the stamp I wanted to use.

Graciela Meservey, IA

Have stamping plates? You need one.

This is a spectacular organizer that fits all ‘standard’ sized plates. Those are round plates sized 56mm/2.25″ across. Mine holds all of my Bundle Monster, Red Angel, Shany, Mash, Cheeky and Konad circular plates. With room for more!It is very sturdily built, which was a pleasant surprise. When I run out of space, I’ll certainly buy another one, because this is WAY better than my previous organization system.No, it doesn’t hold all plates, but it does hold the most common size. I prefer it this way: if it held larger sizes too, the ‘normal’ sized plates would slide around and fall out, and this way everything is kept nice and compact and doesn’t take up any more space than it needs to.

Ginger Lihue, HI


Keeps all my stamping plates in one place so I don’t have to sort through them every single time I want to use one. I’ve had no problems with it.

Letitia Pink Hill, NC

best ever

perfect holder for all my stamping plates and i can also fit some of my nail decor in the slots also!! very happy and will purchase again as soon as i build up my stamping plate collection!!

Maria Plainville, MA