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Bundle Monster 9in1 Fashion Hair Design Styling Tools Accessories Kit- Bun Maker, Roller, Braid Twist, Elastics, Pins for BRUNETTE Hair Color

Learn to work hair design magic with the ease of a flick of the wrist. This ultimate hair designing kit includes nine different types of hair tools. This kit includes: (2) Sponge Hair Plate Bun Ring Makers, (1) Magic Hair Twist Braid Tool Care Clip, (2) Plastic Hairstyle Makers, (2) Sponge Volume Hair Base, (3) Donut Hair Bun Makers, (2) Spiral Hair Pins, (1) set of elastic hairbands, (1) set of hair pins, and (1) set of U hair pins. Each tool can be used to add a different flare to your hair style. The Plastic Hairstyle makers can be used to turn a plain ponytail into something stylish. Or, create elegant buns with any of the many bun makers included. Different sizes are available for each bun maker, depending on the bun size you want. The varieties of pins included make sure your styles will stay secured. **How To Use Donut Bun Maker: 1) Pull hair back into a high ponytail and secure with elastic at the crown. 2) Place the hair bun donut at the very end of the ponytail and pull strands through the hole in the center. Starting in the front, smooth your hair over the donut, tucking the ends underneath. Try to disperse hair evenly around the donut. 3) Slowly roll the bun maker (along with your hair) down the ponytail until you reach the base. Flip the bottom side of the maker upward from the inside out with both hands. As you roll, tuck loose strands underneath the donut. When you reach the base, fill in gaps in the bun by spreading hair out. 4) Tidy up loose ends and strands by pinning them around the base. To make the bun fuller, gently tug and tease strands from the center portion of the bun outward.**Further Instructions can be found on the inside of the cylindrical package this item is shipped in. NOTE: Due to differences between monitor displays, actual color may vary slightly from image. Bundle Monster is a registered trademark of Remi Collections LLC and is exclusively distributed by Bundle Monster. Bundle Monster trademark is protected by US Trademark Law.

Key features

  • AN UPDO IS SO YOU! Features 9 different hair tools to help whip up a variety of fashionable looks.
  • TOOLS OF THE TRADE: Everything you need will come in this set. SEE DESCRIPTION for list of items.
  • IF YOU�RE A BUN NEWBIE, ITS OK. The basic Instructions are included inside product packaging.
  • PICK FROM BLACK, BROWN, or BLONDE colors. Choose the best set according to closest hair color match.
  • AN OUTSTANDING VALUE AND AN INCREDIBLE PRICE. This set is pre-selected and sold as pictured.

Honest reviews


could be better

Some items are black/dark, the bundle would have been better if all items suited blonde hair. Most things don’t work for me, having very long but thin blonde hair, but the smaller foam sponge makes a nice bun after some practice

Ivy Menahga, MN

Love the items in, but omg the instructions!

Has some great items, but good lord don’t rely on the pamphlet for a guide on what to do. Best bet is youtube.

Leeann Wapanucka, OK

Great for an 11yr old

My niece wanted those bun socks for Christmas, but I found her a lot more excited with this whole kit! Great for an 11yr old who is experimenting with her hair!

Jewel Trenton, ND

Five Stars

it has everything you needed for hair updos.

Tommie Gray, PA

Wish the instructions were better – many items i have no idea how to use.

Well, the ONLY reason i bought this is for the mesh donut bun things and this kit was just a tiny bit more than just buying them individually. This kit includes a ton of stuff that i have no idea what to do with, but i was excited for the included instruction to give me some new things to try. Well, that instruction sheet is absolutely worthless. It looks like they just pulled a couple super tiny pictures off the internet. The images are mostly way too small and horribly pixelated to see what’s even going on.I do use the bun donut things, but i don’t get anywhere near the results you see in all those pinterest photos. As for all the other products included, i haven’t found a use for any of them except the bobby pins, but they rust horribly when wet. I do remember the topsy-tail looking thing from the 80’s or 90’s, and i will pass on that look.I’m sure i can find tutorials online as to how to use the other things here, but honestly, i feel like they will probably just sit in a drawer until i end up throwing them away someday. I should have just bought the donuts by them selves.

Marisol Emory, VA

Lots of tools to try

This is a great combination of all the weird hair things you ever wanted to try in one package. The twisty ponytail thing and the plastic bunmaker and the Styrofoam and doughnut bunmakers (in different sizes) along with the bumpy poof maker and some twirly pins (some ponytail holders and hairpins). The price works for everything you get and it’s a great gift for the kid (or woman) who wants to try new hairstyles.

Alejandra Grand Gorge, NY

Great Hair Styling Kit with a Few Small Modifications

This is a great kit to use to make a lot of easy styles. The pictures on the instructions are clear but very small. I found a way around this by looking on the picture here of the instructions and, putting the cursor over it to enlarge the images. Then I had no trouble seeing the pictures. The items in this kit are high quality, with the only downside being the spirals pins. They are about 3/4 the size of the Goody ones and are somewhat sharp. I fixed this by putting a thick dab of clear nail polish on the tips, and when they dried, they looked the ends on the better ones. There are no problem with the bobby pins and the u-shaped hair pins. I also order this book at the same time as the kit: Braids, Buns, and Twists!: Step-by-Step Tutorials for 82 Fabulous Hairstyles by Christina Butcher. It also has some great ideas for different updos!

Minerva Monroe, OR

Sore Arms

Hours and hours of fun….I gotta say I wish the instruction insert were a little bit….what’s the word I’m looking for here….legible. But whatevs, that’s why god invented youtube. 🙂

Louise Little Cedar, IA