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Bundle Monster 70 Pairs Fake / False Eyelashes – 7 Different Styles – 10 Pairs Each Variety Pack Set

Revamp your lashes to dramatize your look with Bundle Monster’s 70 piece false eyelash combination set. This box set of false eyelashes comes with 7 brand new, attractive and reusable full lash designs with 10 pairs each. You are given a range of fashionable looks from: 10 – full natural lashes, 10 – long full lashes with extended tips, 10 – extremely spiky lashes, 10 – extreme length criss cross flair lashes, 10 – dramatic thickness lashes, 10 – dense lashes with extended tips and 10 – long, full and voluminous lashes. Each pair of lashes is long enough to cut and shape according to the contour of your eye. Note: the eyelash glue does not come with this combo. You can find this adhesive at your local beauty supply store. How to Use: 1. Remove one strip of lashes from the case at a time. 2. With your eyelash glue, line a bead of glue across the entire length of the lash strip. 3. Allow the adhesive to set for about 30-50 seconds until the glue is tacky and not completely wet. 4. Apply the lash strip to the base of your natural lash line, starting from the middle – making sure the false lashes is lined up in the center. 5. Working from the center outward to the outer corners, lightly press the false lashes to match your natural line. Optional: You can apply mascara if desired. To Remove: Use makeup remover. Bundle Monster is a registered trademark of Remi Collections LLC and is exclusively distributed by Bundle Monster. Bundle Monster trademark is protected by Trademark Law.

Key features

  • 70 piece set comes with 7 different false eyelash designs with 10 pairs each
  • Eyelash designs vary from long and natural to thick and dramatic. Suitable for creating day or nightime looks.
  • Item is reuseable if used and removed properly.
  • Created from quality synthetic fibers. Note: Eyelash adhesive is not included in this combination.
  • Bundle Monster is a registered trademark of Remi Collections LLC and is exclusively distributed by Bundle Monster. Bundle Monster trademark is protected by Trademark Law.

Honest reviews


Ok so this is amazing

If you want a dramatic, sexy look than buy these! You wont find a deal as good as this one anywhere! I am a pin up model so I wear lashes a lot and they’re usually about 4 bucks a pop. I will admit that these are slightly less quality than the 4 dollar ones but the price is so good that it more than makes up for it. Plus, who is touching your eyelashes to see if they’re realistic feeling? The people that said these were difficult to put on were simply just bad at putting on false eyelashes. If you are new to false lashes, here is a really great tip for application; snip the weft of lashes into 3-4 big sections and apply one section at a time, that way it wont keep popping up in the corners while you try to adhere them to your lid 🙂

Mona Norris, SD

Great lashes!

I love these lashes and I’ve received nothing but compliments from my friends and coworkers! I like to wear a variety of lashes and this was a perfect package! I wish these lashes came with the option to subscribe and save. The thicker lashes were easy to put on and I like to wear them when I go out. The thinner lashes I wear for work and they look very natural. I was able to clean and reuse the thicker lashes, but I couldn’t do it with the thinner ones. The pair I wore today, literally came apart after I took them off. You get what you pay for, but for the price, I’ll just buy another box. 🙂

Sheryl Onward, IN

not happy!!!

I was so happy to find these, I have a Galla ball i need to put about 50 eyelashes on clients for… The worest thing ever…My happeness went away very quickly.. in the box look AMAZING trying to put on not so much. I am fashion stylist/beauty school owner. I put fake lashes on each day. I couldnt get these thing to bend at all. Lashes must shape the eye.. please save your money.. to the makers keep working on it.

Tia El Dorado, AR

Great lashes, awesome price!

I was a bit worried about buying these since some of the reviews said they were cheap. I’ve had all kinds of fake lashes before and these are not bad quality. They are just like the ones I used to buy at Sally’s or Walgreens. I like these better than Sally’s because they are lighter then regular ones and you forget you’re even wearing them. Sure, you can’t reuse them, but you get 70 pairs of lashes for $15! Normally $15 would only get you 3 or 5 pairs, 70 pairs is a damn fine bargain. I love how they have 4 styles too, ranging from naturally to flirty to fun to dramatic. I will be buying these again!

Felicia Alamo, ND

Will not buy these again!

I give this product one star because they look plastic, aren’t flexible, and the glue is a waste of time. Save your money if you are looking for affordable but natural looking lashes check out my other reviews you will find some lashes that i purchased that I absolutely adore.

Kelsey Albion, OK

These are terrible

These have to be the worst eyelashes ever. They use sticky adhesive to affix them to the packaging and you can not get them off of the packaging without ruining them. If you do manage to get them off of the packaging they come in, you wont be able to use them because they will be so misshapen that they dont allign with the curve of your eyelid. This is a Bundle Monster FAIL. I have other products from them that are fantastic. These are so bad it makes me never want to purchase from them again. I dont know how they got so many great reviews!

Kaye Berwick, ME

False eyelashes by Bundle Monster

I was very satisfied with how quickly the package arrived. I haven’t yet tried to apply them. I have never worn false eyelashes so I bought these to practice with. I did notice that they seem wider, from side to side than the eyelashes one can buy at the store (such as Ardell). I guess I will have to cut a bit from the end. Some of them are EXTREMELY thick, almost like costume eyelashes but all in all you really can’t go wrong for the price. I gave the product three stars because I will have to cut them, otherwise it would have been four.

Tommie Hollister, NC

$350 worth of lashes for under $20. Good for practice and variety, too!

I recently started wearing false eyelashes on occasion and was shocked at how expensive they are at local retail shops. Considering they last maybe two or three applications, spending an average of $5 per pair seems like a lot of money. On top of that it took me a while to get the hang of it so I went through a few pairs experimenting. Finally, you don’t know what style will look best on your eyes until you try it. That’s why I am very happy with this purchase. I now have seven different styles to try and get ten of each style. I compared the quality side by side with my more expensive drug store lashes and I see no difference at all, nor in the feel of the lashes. The only difference would be if you compared them to human hair false lashes instead of synthetic. I only will probably wear four out of the seven styles but still have spent far less than if I bought them individually at $5 a pair!

Loraine Ehrenberg, AZ


I wasnt sure of what to expect when this item arrived. I got to my location overseas within 5 days of purchasing it which is great. There was 7 sheets containing 10 sets of eye lashes. Some where very long and thick and other where natural and a bit spaced out. They were all very lovely and I can not wait to wear them. They also had cross crossed lashes in the pack as well. I would recommend this product to a friend!!!!!!!

Rosella Lac Du Flambeau, WI

Not my cup of tea

Very plastic and rigid! I tried over and over to find at least a couple of styles that would work and they basically were a waste of money and time. I wound up scrapping the entire box! For the theatre, or a dance recital they are probably great…. But for real life? No thanks

Jane Monponsett, MA

Drag Queen Alert!

I was really excited to get these lashes because I’m now getting into falsies and it was really a great deal for the money. I could tell from the moment I opened the box that the two fuller types of lashes would look ridiculous, and on trying them they were just too long and full! I tried one and I really looked like a drag queen (minus the manly features lol). The rest of the lashes are great, I’ll definitely use them all. I’ll probably trim the thicker ones and just use them as end pieces to fill out my lashes for a more dramatic look. I don’t regret the purchase, who knows maybe I’ll use the fuller ones for Halloween or something. A reasonable deal, with mostly usable lashes. I would recommend, just know what you’re getting may not fully be usable.

Sonia Camden, IN

So many lashes!

I was so excited to hear about this bundle from Andrea’s Choice on YouTube that I just had to buy it. I will probably never have to buy lashes again since I do not wear them daily or anything, but these are good quality lashes! I love that they come in so many different styles as well. Great purchase!

Lesa Merrimac, WI


I know there has been some mixed reviews on this item, some people didnt like the length some people didnt like the quality. Let be honest here.. It’s 15 dollars for 70 pairs of lashes! It doesnt get better then that. You pay 5 dollars a box for almost the same quality in a drug store. This was such an amazing find for someone like myself who wears them almost everyday thanks SO MUCH bundle monster!!!! Will be reordering SOON!

Joan Bovill, ID

It’s ok

I’m not sure if I had the issue with the glue or if it was the eyelashes. When I used these eyelashes with a glue I bought on here my eyes started to burn like crazy, so I took off the eyelashes and glue. I’m waiting on a new glue to see if I have the same problem again.

Justine Unadilla, GA

eyes lashes!

I bought this for my sister who loves to use false eye lashes. It comes in a different variety of styles but no glue, you’ll have to buy that on your own. She will have lashes to last her for a while.

Gretchen Kellogg, IA

Great Lashes.

Feel real and looks like it too. I had complements on them and it made my skimpy looking lashes look great. the only problem is I use the wrong glue. Fast shipping and delivery.

Lilia Milford, CT

One of the BEST purchases I’ve ever made

I’m a makeup artist and have been buying lashes separately for years. I found this great deal and was willing to give them a shot. Well, surprisingly enough, they are the best lashes I’ve used yet! Easy to cut and apply, long lasting, they hold their shape well, and the variety in the package makes for fabulous versatility!

Sydney Howell, NJ


i really ilke them and great price to … but you have to take the lash off carefull if you them fast they will brake but really good last i will buy them again 🙂

Arlene Deford, MI

Love, love, love

I think I will purchase this again, they really are reusable. I use all the styles they look very nice..and I get a lot of complements

Angelica Ramah, CO

Not human hair

I can work with these lashes to practice and for short term but I prefer human lashes. Good for the price though.

Dora Goodway, AL

TOO much fun

Nice variety from conservative to wild and unbelievably crazy long. You could even share with friends or trim down if too long and see how it turns out. The bands are easy to work with, no problems with stiffness or "popping up" while trying to affix with glue. Good deal.

Rosalyn Guntown, MS


Diva! Diva! Diva! Now if you are serious about being a Diva this is IT! IF you are a LASH DIVA and you must wear your lashes- the motto is “Can’t Leave Home Without Them!”You just have to buy the Bundle Monster- you get 7 different styles,for 7 different days. Now for a true Diva that is 7 different looks.Hey!That’s what I’m talking about!OH YEAH! And don’t even get me started on the price-which is Great!

Christina Fredonia, PA

Great buy!

These lashes are awesome. It’s a very nice verity of lashes to switch up for night or day. I liked them so well I got another one for my sister and I shared mine with my daughter. I will buy them again.

Earlene Cassatt, SC

HELLO!!! 70 Lashes for the Price of 2… This is a NO Brainer!

These lashes a great! If not for the mere fact that you can buy two pairs at Walgreens for the same price as 70 pairs! This is a no brainer. They are very nice quality. I trim them down a bit before I apply. There are a few funky looking lashes that I would probably never use but maybe for Halloween. I use lashes for special occasions and these have never let me down.Basically I’m set for the next 5-10 years for lashes.

Anastasia Elmont, NY

Amazing Price

Since I am fairly new to the whole false eyelash thing, I decided to get this kit so I could not only try different styles, but also have plenty of pairs to practice with. Well, that’s exactly what I got. Although I’m pretty sure these aren’t the highest quality lashes you can find on the market, I couldn’t have been happier with the product in relation to how little I paid for them. Since I’ve been practicing with these opposed to wearing them out, I’ve been ripping them on and off repeatedly without any change to the shape, so they seem really durable. Indeed, some of the styles are extremely over the top and have relatively thick bands, which can be hard to bend or apply (especially if you are new to lashes). However, the more natural looking lashes have bands that are reasonably easy to apply, and with a little practice I was able to get them on and have them looking amazing! They do come with a little bit of adhesive on them, but it isn’t enough to actually wear them, so all you need is a little extra lash glue and they stick perfectly fine. Although I haven’t had the chance to wear every style out and about yet, the ones I’ve tried look really cute on. I would definitely consider buying these again (not that I’ll run out any time soon!)

Melisa West Orange, NJ


They’re of good quality, cheap (price), 70 PAIRS!!!, and always arrive within 4days max! I bought thses around the holidays 26December and recieved them before New years eve! I recommend them everythime I get compliments on my lashes!

Brigitte Bainville, MT

Billions of Eyelashes !!

This is girly heaven in a box that is not expensive. Tons of eyelashes that will last you forever!! I would deff recommend and repurchase my self.

Lorie Lebanon, ME

Love it!!!

There is a set of lashes for almost every occasion from day at the office to clubbin. Love all of them. Will def buy again

Kitty Allensville, PA

Love them

Not sure if the lashes are human hair or not or if I can re-use them but I love them. I love the selection

Mallory Davidson, NC

A Great Bargain For Adding Bulk Lashes To Your Performance Makeup Kit

This bundle is truly amazing for performers. There are 70 lashes, 10 pairs each of 7 different styles, and at less than $20 for the set it is an absolute steal! These lashes are a little plastic-y, and they might not be great for people who want lashes to accentuate their everyday or more natural look, but for performers this set is a pretty good deal. The larger sizes are ready to wear right out of the box, and the smaller lashes are perfect for layering together or for wearing as bottom lashes. The smallest style isn’t that impressive, but again it would work for bottom lashes or for layering with other, fuller lashes.These aren’t ultra luxury, and they are not that natural looking, but they are a great addition to your kit if you are a performer, especially if you are as hard on lashes as I am!

Ester Mineral, IL