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Bundle Monster 4pc Pro Beauty Flawless Makeup Blender Foundation Puff Multi Shape Sponges Applicator

Using your fingers to blend in your makeup? You don’t have to any more, this set comes with tools that you won’t regret picking up! This set will help you put makeup on like a pro and comes with 4 sponges that will assist you with full, medium or light coverage leaving your makeup flawless, dazzling and undetectable! Each set comes with (2) Hour Glass Sponges in Pink and Blue and (2) Tear Drop Sponges in Lavender and Beige. The sponges are high quality and will evenly distribute your foundation or powder instead of “sucking up” all over your expensive cosmetics into the sponge. The shapes and their surfaces will help with your different cosmetic products. The flatter surfaces will work best with fuller coverage type products like foundations, powders and creams while the tip or pointy edges will help with concealer or direct coverage around hard to reach areas like around the nostrils, eyes and lips. The sponge is latex and odor free and is non-allergenic. Sponges are reusable if cared for properly – if used daily, we recommend washing your sponge frequently with a mild cleanser like baby shampoo. Rinse well and air dry. **NOTE**: Due to differences between monitor displays, actual color may vary slightly from image. Bundle Monster is a registered trademark of Remi Collections LLC and is exclusively distributed by Bundle Monster. Bundle Monster trademark is protected by US Trademark Law.

Key features

  • 4 FOUNDATION PUFFS PER SET. Expect: (2) Hour Glasses Blue/Pink and (2) Tear Drops in Beige/Lavender.
  • GET THE REAL THING.To ensure you receive AUTHENTIC Bundle Monster product,DOUBLE CHECK sellers info.
  • Gives FLAWLESS foundation application every time. Put makeup on like a pro, EVENLY and PERFECTLY.
  • Shapes ideal for ALL TYPES OF MAKEUP application. Sizes approx: 2.25″ x 1.5″ x 1.5″ (L x W x H).
  • REUSABLE IF PROPERLY CARED FOR. Daily use, wash frequently with a mild cleanser and air dry.

Honest reviews


thumbs down

My husband bought me these. They are NOTHING like a beauty blender.They do not absorb water at all and are very dense. When you use them your foundation looks splotchy and uneven. definitely not sponges. What are they then???? And when you try to clean them they stay dirty and dont come clean. Save your money and buy an actual beauty blender.Arrived a month later. DEFINITELY not worth the wait. O ya and they came in a ziplock bag together.lesson learned on trying to save a few dollars.

Ina Caputa, SD

They were alright.

I found that these makeup sponges weren’t very soft. They were also difficult to clean. The colors were pretty though. I’m going to continue to use brushes.

Antoinette Spring Hill, KS

Great Deal

Some stores charge quite a bit for these blenders and this was a great for me. Blends my make up really well. Thanks 🙂

Eve Lackey, VA


I just received these and have only used them twice. They seem to absorb a lot of my bb cream… I got my sponge wet first because that’s what I keep reading but… I don’t know. I like my super cheap, triangle sponges better.

Kathy Lemasters, PA

Too hard

HORRIBLE, these are too hard, and they absorb too much product. I submerged the sponge in water prior to my first use and when I got to using it I had to use too much foundation and all for nothing. At the rate this thig was working I would have been out of product before I achieved a nice full coverage look. Got fed up after the first try and gave the rest to my cats as toys.

Minerva Salida, CA



Olive Atkinson, NC


These sponges apply make up and body paint seamlessly. I love the shape and how they sit in my hand.

Twila Stoystown, PA

Seems to work

I’ve never tried the really expensive version of this, so keep that in mind. I will say I think this product works as advertised. It didn’t bleed color, fall apart, smell weird, or anything. I get it a little wet, put the BB cream on it, and use that to spread the makeup on my face. It does help in keeping the makeup "light" and not cakey. If anything, it at least means I don’t overuse my makeup and run out faster.Also, I got a dark pink, light pink, blue, and purple sponge.

Naomi Bristol, PA

4pcs blender sponges

I haven’t used it yet although I thought they were a bit smaller than I thought but I don’t regret my purchases

Francine Layton, UT

Stinky little things!

I’m no beauty expert, make up pro or anything like that. I’m just a chick trying out new products, techniques and applications so I hope my list of pros and cons can help at least a little.Pros:
• Great price. If you’re looking for a cheaper version of a beauty blender this is a good start (in my opinion). If you’re new to these kinds of sponges like I am, you’re not wasting a ton of money if you don’t end up liking the coverage or feel of application. If you use one of them and don’t like it, you could gift the other three!
• There’s 4 of them! If your cat steals one as a toy or something you’ll have a back up (haha)
• These arrived way before the date that was estimated
• Love that there are 2 different shaped sponges
• Very light, even coverageCons:
• These things are smelly! Seriously! I’ve used them multiple times, washed them with different soaps in hopes the rubbery foam smell would go away but to no avail. I can smell the sponge’s scent on my face hours after application
• I can’t get the stains out of them, not that it matters really, they just look dirty even after washing
• Maneuvering around my under eye was a little difficult. I actually think it did more damage than good in that department because my yellow concealer (to counteract dark circles) seemed to disappear no matter what I did with the spongeTips:
• Hold under warm water to expand the sponge before use. It will absorb the water and NOT your liquid foundation like those little white wedge sponges everyone used back in the day
• Youtube videos for using these little guys if you haven’t already, you’ll learn all sorts of tricks (like rolling the sponge at the hairline to blend without completely covering your hair in foundation)Even though I, personally, am not totally sold on the sponge application method I would still recommend these over the white wedges. If only someone could tell me how to get rid of the smell, I would rate these a lot higher!

Allison Decker, IN

Good – but not the magical type of application I was expecting

These beauty flawless makeup blender sponges (boy is that a mouthful) are okay at best. I wanted to use a new type of applicator and they seemed to be revolutionary – well it turns out these are the fake ones and the originals are sold at Sephora or through another company so that was disappointing. My makeup artist friend told me they should still be okay but I have not seen a huge difference in applying my makeup using the blenders versus using my fingers. It was a small tiny investment and I was curious. I still use them although I get lazy about washing them often. They haven’t had the effect I was hoping … a 3 star.

Irma Fords Branch, KY

They’re good for the price

These are great value for the price. Much cheaper than the real beauty blender. They do tend to fall apart after a while but who cares when they’re only like $4

Carmen Westfield, WI

not good for make-up application much too absorbent

My daughter ordered these for make-up application, she said that they are not the same product as ones I had purchased for her. They absorb too much of the foundation to be cost effective. She uses MAC & anyone that uses MAC knows it is an excellent foundation…& you are paying for that quality. You really do not want a sponge that soaks up what you just paid for! Another important consideration is that if it is absorbed in to the sponge it is impossible to get the sponge clean and bacteria will grow causing breakouts. She gave them to me to use for painting, I haven’t tried them out yet. I’ll try to get back with info on that when I get the chance.

Jackie Northport, MI

Love It 🙂

These work wonders and love how they just blend out my makeup so well. I was thinking about getting the beauty blender but, when I saw these and how great of a price it was I went straight ahead and purchase these. I couldn’t be anymore happier with my purchase and also love how fast they get back to you if you have questions about anything. I would highly recommend these to anyone that is thinking about getting that beauty blender.

Lottie Earlville, IL

Want flawless make up????

THE BEST FOR BLENDING!!!!!! i use this with everything i put on my face and it just amazes me how great this product is. i mean its great!!! BEAUTY SECRECT… dab dont rub

Guadalupe North Miami Beach, FL

Love love this

Thes blenders are the truth and il recommend them to all my friends and family, in fact I just ordered another one for my sister, the only problem is they do not get bigger after its been wet

Amelia Grand Marais, MN

Love them

So cute and only took maybe two weeks to come from China. Which is great! They work amazing and are so cute love the colors!!!

Cecilia Arthur, TN

Took forever to get to me, but GREAT product!

These took forever (6 weeks?), but now that I have them, they’ve been invaluable in my make-up routine. They help apply liquid or cream make-up flawlessly with no smudges or uneven areas; they’re soft; they clean easily.

Genevieve Montrose, SD

Good for the price!

I began using these as soon as they arrived and they worked great! They seem o absorb a little more of the make-up than they should, but overall if you use them correctly (while slightly moist), they will give you a flawless finish! By getting four cute sponged for less than six bucks you really can’t beat the price! Medium quality, good results, cute look! If you want to invest on the real beauy blender do so! YOU WILL LOVE IT, just by going on the great results of these cheaper versions..I will probably invest on the "Real thing" soon as well;) but for now, these will do the job 😀 They work awesome! 🙂

Leticia Arvada, CO

Why don’t people use these?

I used to do make up for a living and we used these things up like crazy. They are soft and rubbery but not very absorbant, and come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes to get into any area of your face. Great for "de-shining" your face without removing your makeup, evening out makeup that looks uneven, and setting powder into your make-up. People ask me all the time what these things are (which shows you what a boring life I have) but I invite them to take a few home and try them. So far so good; I know people have ordered them and no one’s hit me yet!

Phyllis Warren, MA

Get what you pay for

These are Extremely dense sponges, more like foam you pull from couch cusions. They DO NOT expand at all in water and even when soaked in a glass for an hour does not even really retain suck in water. So they will NOT act anywhere near the beauty blender. These are good for spot dabbing or removal of makeup. But if you are looking for a Beauty Blender Dupe this will not be it.

Aida Wardtown, VA

Great beauty blender dupe

I was looking to buy a brand name beauty blender and decided to try these first. They are awesome and I won’t be buying the brand name version now.

Laura Lima, MT

i like it

its very good for makup and applys evenly and smoothly… BUT it takes 3 months to arrive if u want this i suggest going to ur grocery store honestly

Mia Caruthersville, MO

jo jo east baltimore

Arrived before date mentioned! Sponges are as durable, a the ones I purchased from Ulta, and Beauty Blender, at a mere fraction of the site will order again!

Clarice Sierra Blanca, TX

“Makeup Thing”

I wanted the Beauty Blender but didn’t want to pay the price haha.. so I got this. Not sure how I feel about this. The sponge is supposed to grow twice it’s size when wet & it kinda just stays the same. I use 3 times as much product than what I use when I just use my hands.. that’s the bad thing about sponges.Lesson learned that knock-offs will never be the real thing.

Mitzi Glasser, NJ


I haven’t tried them yet but they feel soft and if you have the technique down you should not have a problem applying foundation.

Yolanda Saranac Lake, NY

I love these!

I really love these, they are great quality all different textures to suit your specific needs. Very good quality at an even better price! I have no regrets and would re-purchase again via this site! I received them quickly too which I appreciate.

Teresa Caraway, AR

Super nice

They are in the cutest colors and the teardrop one is firm but very soft. They feel nice on the skin and arrived super fast, it took only a week and a half to get to CA.<3 Great for the price!

Lawanda Alto, TX


could not get them to work well for me so I gave them away the person I gave them to love them

Lucy New Albany, PA

loveeeee it

i bought two packs of these from an outside seller on amazon..the product is amazing..i love does exactly what it says and blends makeup FLAWLESSLY…bought two packs and have two more in my cart…

Paulette Rhinecliff, NY