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Bundle Monster 25pc Nail Art Nailart Polish Stamping Manicure Plates Image Designs Accessories Kit – 2012 Collection

Back by popular demand! Bundle Monster proudly presents its newest 2012 collection. This nail plate set comes with 25 plates featuring 6 designs on each plate equaling a total of 150 designs. This variety set which are plates BM301 to BM325, focuses on a great selection of full nail and individual designs. All designs featured in this set is NOT reduplicated in any of our other nail plate sets to give you the most bang for your buck! Nail stamping plates are great for professional nail designers or DIY nail enthusiasts. You may give them away as gifts or start a nail party of your very own inviting friends and family to enjoy in the FUN of nail stamping! PACKAGE CONTENT: 25 Nail Art Image Plates *ONLY*. SCRAPER AND STAMPER are not included and must be purchased in order to use plates properly. PLATE SPECS: Plate Dimension: 5.5cm in Diameter. Make and Finish: Made of Stainless Steel and has a shiny, glossy finish with a “Bundle Monster” paper backing. **INSTRUCTIONS FOR NAIL STAMPING: 1. Apply polish on image plate design. 2. Using the scraper, scrape off the excessive nail polish. 3. Stamp the image in rolling motion. 4. Stamp design on nail smoothly. Done ! ***NOTE: Before use, peel off the tight protective blue plastic on top of each plate. All image designs featured in this set are authentically created and designed in-house by Bundle Monster EXCUSIVELY. Each design is protected by copyright laws.*** Bundle Monster is a registered trademark of Remy Collections LLC and is exclusively distributed by Bundle Monster. Bundle Monster trademark is protected by Trademark Law.

Key features

  • NEWEST BUNDLE MONSTER 2012 NAIL STAMPING PLATE COLLECTION. Each plate features 6 unique designs, totaling 150 nail designs! We will ship the designs as shown (BM301 – BM325).
  • All image designs featured in this set are authentically created and designed in-house by Bundle Monster EXCUSIVELY. Each design is protected by copyright laws.
  • Set has a nice mixture of full nail and individual designs. Designs featured in this set are NOT reduplicated in any of our other nail stamping plates.
  • SUPERB VALUE for 150 nail designs! Comparing to other prominent brand names that can cost as much as $5 for a single plate with only 6 designs.
  • Pictures are shown in digital format. Actual plates are made in stainless steel and have high polish finish with a paper coated “Bundle Monster” backing. ***NOTE: Before use, peel off the tight protective blue plastic on top of each plate.***

Honest reviews


Love it

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Amanda Eland, WI

Bundle Monster??? Yes please!

Overall, I have been very happy with the plates I received. I did not give this product 5 stars because I wish it came with instructions. The first few uses I had no idea what I was doing (first time stamper). When I purchased this set, I didn’t even realize it didn’t come with a stamper until I read a few more reviews in detail. This would have been another nice thing just to include in the side notes. I wound up looking online to find instructions from a random blog on how to go about performing the actual stamping process. Once I figured it out, I quickly got the hang of it though.Over than that, I have been very happy with this product. It came very quickly and was in excellent condition as well. It is definitely something that takes practice and patience. But well worth it in the end. I have read some reviews stating that you need special nail polish, but I have found that as long as the polish is not translucent, it works well.

Elnora Newbury, NH

Nice plates, great customer service!

I have all 3 of the BM sets now, and you do have to learn the right way of using the plates, some images are very detailed and you may need to use a different stamper than just the Konad type. I recomend using the special polishes for stamping for most images, some will work with regular polishes. I had one bent plate & Bundle Monster sent me a new one within days, after I emailed them. They have great customer service, more than I can say for another company that sells plate bundles & claims they have 100% customers satisfied.

Ramona Achille, OK

Great value

Daughter loved these along with other tools I purchased for her nails. I also found a pouch that would hold these plus many more. Great value.

Wendy Blackville, SC


I love bundle monster! Everything I’ve ever gotten from them is the best! These plates are awesome and are just as good as the konad but half the price! I would recommend this product to everyone!

Marguerite Sawyer, MI

Really nice set

I was initially wary of ordering this set. I’d previously ordered theBundle Monster Nail Art Nailart Polish Stamp Stamping Manicure Image Plates Accessories Set Kit 21pcand was disappointed by the small size of the designs and shallow etching of the designs. I’m happy to report that is not the case here! I’ve had virtually no problems using this set at all. I particularly like the fact that some of the plates can be used to make designs similar to gradient, water marble and crackle nail art without all the hassle and mess. This set belongs in everyone’s nail stamping arsenal.

Vanessa Turkey, NC

Great plates with fast shipping!

Got my plates Monday and already tried out the way too cute owl designs. It worked like a charm. This is my first BM set and now I will be ordering set one since I hear they have been upgraded and I like the designs. Set 2 does not appeal to me so will be skipping that one. Great job BM and I can not believe how fast these shipped from Hawaii to the South East US. You all rock!!

Jacqueline Stockton, AL


Product arrived in one week even though it was ordered on black Friday. Plates were beautiful, with no scratches. Furtherinvestigation is required as a couple seem to not be etched as deep as the others. Currently waiting for my konad polishto arrive to see if that will make a difference in the finely etched plates.

Stephanie Youngtown, AZ

So many great designs!

I use nail image plates every week. I have several sets from various companies, and I find myself using my Bundle Monster set most often. The images stamp clear and crisp and the designs are great! There is something for everyone in this set, Holidays, year-round designs, flowers, full-nail images, geometric, and just plain fun smiley faces and paisleys. I don’t use the “tip” images very often, but the one’s that I have, are mostly from this set. I would recommend this set to anyone who is an avid nail art stamper, or new to stamping!

Gretchen Morgan Mill, TX

I love Bundle Monster!

Love the Plates, looking for more in 2014! Nice designs

Mayra Gilmanton, WI

great product!

I have a lot of different Bundle Monster plates. And other brands of dancing plates. these are average size with paper for backing and the images transfer beautifully

Claudia Switz City, IN

Love this stamping brand.

I use the Shany stamping plates and these ones do the job just as well. I would recommend to anyone who loves stamping.

Eddie Hepzibah, WV

Very nice images!

I purchased these a while back. I really enjoy these plates! Bundle Monster has great images and are very well etched. These aren’t the only ones I own. I think I have all of their plates! I love love love them!! 😀

Lorene Huffman, TX


I just got my plates in the mail yesterday and was sooo excited to try them! The shipping was free and they even came 2 days sooner than the expected delivery date. There are so many great images in this set! I tested all of them and they all stamp perfectly and the images are very crisp and clean. I have so many mani ideas I may just change them

Christina Benzonia, MI

Great Bargin!

These plates work great. I received a damaged plate, but it was replaced quickly with no hassle! I love Bundle Monsters quality. I think they make the best plates!

Alba Pottersville, MO


I can’t say anything bad about BM. These are some of my favorite plates.Always arrive super fast. Always packed well, and always awesome images.Two more sets to go and I will have them all. :)Thank you BM

Tabatha North Truro, MA

most didn’t work

I like them, but most of the stamps didn’t work. I called the company they replaced the ones I was having problems with, but the same stamps had the same problems. So, I gave them to my nieces, they are just happy, so all work out.

Keisha North Hero, VT

Great product

I recently received a nail stamper for Christmas and ordered these plates. Received them today… I love the designs and the stamps look great on my nails!

Dale Townley, AL

Excellent Plates

Great quality, packaged well, fast shipping, love the images (especially the holiday ones) press on nicely. Note: it takes some practice before you can get a perfect stamped image on the stamper (even with the Konad Stamper) so dont give up too soon.

Johanna Owings, MD

love these plates

I would definitely recommend this to everyone love their plates images pick up great love this product got here in time

Nancy Gillespie, IL

Not all work

I was so excited to purchase this because I had been wanting to do nail stamping for quite some time. I had read previous reviews so I knew there was the possibility that all the plates may not work. I was disappointed to find out that some of the plates that didn’t work well were the ones that had caught my eye and made me purchase this set. Price is excellent compared to Konad brand plates, but I feel the quality suffers because of this. I would purchase from Bundle Monster again.

Tamra Quinault, WA

Pretty and full coverage designs!

The main reason why I chose these plates is because the pattern designs cover my whole nail. I have wide nails so I have to stamp twice when using my other plates. I received all of the plates in good condition with fast shipping. There were 3 plates that did not go onto the stamper, but I emailed the seller and received the replacement plates in a week. Now all of my plates stamp well and I’m very pleased with the customer service.

Marilyn Days Creek, OR

something for everyone

Well designed set. Has a wide variety of images to choose from. The plates I have used to date have stamped perfectly.A very good product. Raves for bundle monster on being the first to design the plate binder too!

Trudy Seaside, CA

dont do it

So I made another review on another set I bought from Bundle Monster and if you’re considering in buying these then I hope you get a better set. First of all I got these plates late and when I finally got it the plates came in a plastic ziplock type bag instead of a box that is pictured above. This set I got was not etched well so it made stamping very difficult (and the plates were scratched up as well). The images are so pretty and I especially loved plate BM311 so I was excited to try that out first. Buuuuut… came out looking so faint and I had to try different ways to scrape and still it doesn’t come out well 🙁 I tried the other plates and most of them are not etched deep enough and I shouldn’t have to struggle on getting the image to come out in the first place. SMH, its too bad…. Im very disappointed in the quality of these plates.

Odessa Torrey, UT

awesome designs

I previously owned the salon express stamper and plates and was not impressed. Most of the images wouldn’t transfer. I thought I would try Bundle Monster out for better results. I am in love. There are so many designs to choose from and all the ones I have tried so far transfer perfectly. Of course it all depends on what polish you use to stamp with. Always go with a thick, opaque one. I plan on ordering more in the future.

Ashlee Alverda, PA

Interesting Designs

These designs were quirky and holiday themed. Most stamped satisfactorily, but had particular trouble with the "big toe" designs. There was often excess polish on the plate after scraping, and as a result the designs were often blurred. Hopefully they have resolved this with subsequent releases. This really is a nice set, but the issue with the larger designs made me rate it 4 stars

Hollie Troy, VA

Love it!

This is a great deal!! Stamp very well! I had one plate that did not stamp well and I emailed them about it. They sent out a replacement plate immediately. Great business and great product! Would defiantly recommend to anyone and buy from again!

Amelia Seneca, MI


so i love the images they work well i also use different nail polishes other than the konad special polish they work fine.

Delores Duncan, OK

luv 4 nails!!!

I just received this set, it was purchased for me as a gift, by my daughter & son-in-law through amazon. I was so excited I just finish stamping each and every design onto a sheet of paper just to see the designs come out. I am very happy with this set. All of the large designs printed very well, just maybe 1 or 2 of the little designs, didn’t do too well, but it could of been due to polish or I just got tired, lol. Just has described, I would highly recommend this set.

Lenore Slanesville, WV

Now this I love everything

OMG it so cute and worked great well almost all only some show haft of the image thought and some worked full image.

Angelita Clarksville, FL