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Bundle Monster 25pc Manicure Accessories Nail Art Stamping Plate Set – Series 2

This set includes Bundle Monster’s Nail Stamping Plate Collection, officially released in 2011. This 25 piece nail art image plates include plates BM201 to BM225 and features 6 designs on each plate totaling to 150 designs. This particular set focuses more on the full nail patterns and french nail designs – AND our full nail design have gotten BIGGER since our first nail plate set, measuring at 1.6cm x 1.3cm. Designs are made to fit on most nail beds. All designs featured in this set is NOT reduplicated in any of our other nail plate sets. Use this variety pack to have fun working on your nails or give them away as fabulous gifts to families and friends. PACKAGE CONTENT: 25 Nail Art Image Plates *ONLY*. SCRAPER AND STAMPER are not included and must be purchased in order to use plates properly. PLATE SPECS: Plate Dimension: 5.5cm in Diameter. Make and Finish: Made of Stainless Steel and has a shiny, glossy finish with a “Bundle Monster” paper backing. **INSTRUCTIONS FOR NAIL STAMPING: 1. Apply polish on image plate design. 2. Using the scraper, scrape off the excessive nail polish. 3. Stamp the image in rolling motion. 4. Stamp design on nail smoothly. Done ! ***NOTE: Before use, peel off the tight, protective, blue plastic on top of each plate. All image designs featured in this set are authentically created and designed in-house by Bundle Monster EXCUSIVELY. Each design is protected by copyright laws.*** Bundle Monster is a registered trademark of Remy Collections LLC and is exclusively distributed by Bundle Monster. Bundle Monster trademark is protected by Trademark Law.

Key features

  • Bundle Monster Nail Plate Collection Series 2- 25 piece nail stamping image plates. Each plate contains 6 designs, totaling 150 designs. We will ship the designs as shown (Plates BM201-BM225) only.
  • All image patterns are authentically created and designed in-house by Bundle Monster. Every design is copyrighted. This new set features mostly full nail patterns and french nail designs.
  • **NOTES: 1) Before use, peel off the tight, protective, blue plastic film on top of each plate. 2) Must purchase a stamper and scraper in order to use nail plates properly.
  • Comparing to other prominent brand names that can cost as much as $5 for a single plate, this is a superb value deal!
  • Pictures are shown in digital format. Actual plates are made in stainless steel and have high polish finish.

Honest reviews


Full nail designs tend to work better than small designs

I read the reviews and figured whatever I’ll give it a try its cheaper than my Konad plates which I got 3 or 4 and a bottle of black white pink and green polish and a stamper […] I just got it today and tried it immediately, lots of the designs DO NOT work, but many do, if you want full nail designs I would say buy it its a decent value but if your looking for smaller designs like me, I wouldn’t suggest it. Some of the designs do not work and I noticed there’s a tendency for the full nail designs to work better than the small ones that I would apply 2 or 3 times on one nail. For example the skull design on 225 and 211 do not print, that was one of the designs I was excited about, the star on 206 won’t work but the full nail design with circles works and the heart design works fine on the same plate. I was going to buy a second set from here if I liked them I was going to buy the 21 piece set but I think I might delay that and instead buy a single Konad plate or maybe a few because I trust them.

Angelina Merrimack, NH


I am SO happy about this set! The full images are now bigger and fit my nails. Thank you bundle monster for listening to your customers! You guys rock!

Kathi Condon, MT


Bundle Monster had a great set of plates before, and these are even BETTER! Adding 4 more plates to the set, plus the improvements made to full-nail images, backings and more, these are an amazing product at an amazing price! What a value! And, with 25 plates full of ideas, the possibilities are nearly endless with these. I’m so happy with them, and I use them all the time. Even the older set is great! I’m sold.

Juana Syracuse, OH

Excellent you won’t be disappointed

Great product. I have also purchased these for my nieces and they love them. The plates stamp just as well as konad and cost a lot less. Definitely worth purchasing.

Ola Mount Morris, MI

Great gift

I bought this set for my sister after she was very obviously jealous of my 21pc set. She was my guinea pig and I pretty much taught her how to stamp. Although I think my set would be more suited for her, she lives smaller individual stamps whereas I would rather have larger nail stamps and tips (this set). If I had to buy the stamp plate sets all over again I would do it the opposite and get myself this set and the smaller set for my sister. BUT the beauty is we can trade (or steal) each other’s plates. Don’t forget to get a rubber stamper and google alternative polishes instead of spending a ton of money on the konad special polishes.

Tanisha Collegeport, TX

Like it

I got these because I had the other bundle monster plates and I heard that these were much better. I love these for the fact that they were bigger and fit my nail better and the engravings were deeper so the stamp picked them up easier. The only problem I had was there were duplicates in my set. Overall they work great.

Lara Kenoza Lake, NY

Bundle Monster Image plates set 2

I love Bundle Monster, they have wonderful customer service. The new image plates are wonderful larger designs as well as a back covering to protect against cuts. Thanks.

Jeanne Bernalillo, NM

Great Plates

I purchased the MASH plates recently and love them. When I saw these new and improved Bundle Monster plates I had to have them too. They have totally different designs than MASH and now I have such a great variety to choose from. Love the new backing too. They arrived quickly. There was one plate missing and a duplicate of another. I emailed them and the missing plate was replaced quickly. Who needs Konad when you can have these at a fraction of the cost? Buy these and you’ll be glad you did just like I am.

Mallory Dike, IA

Great for the price!

I purchased these plates and a couple actual Konad plates and a stamper from another seller on the same day. The BM plates arrived 2 days sooner. I also had a problem with one of the plates and they shipped a new one to me no questions asked. Great customer service!

Susanne Crossville, TN

Great Set of Plates!

Love these plates. They work great, are good quality and a terrific bargain, to boot. Mine arrived fast and in near perfect condition. The plastic film was easy to remove and the paper backing on these new plates make them less sharp and easier to handle. If you want great stamping plates for a good price, try these. 😀

Ebony Eden, AZ

Good buy

The set stamps relatively well i stamped all the images and only one image would not stamp at all. Nice designs and protective backing.

Laura Rockport, TX

Good deal

Sometimes I think the images aren’t imprinted deep enough because I often can’t pick certain images up with my stamper. They have a lot of holiday designs and pretty images on these plates. My thumb nail must be huge cause it’s hard to find one that fits the whole nail.

Leigh Granada, MN

Great set.

The designs in this set are gorgeous, the full nail images are much bigger–actually a bit big for my nails–and the backing does make them less sharp. The quality is excellent, and it’s a fantastic value.

Fern Lewiston, MI

Can’t use any at all, not even one.

Can’t use any of them and there are tons of lovely designs I tried. I work fast, use Konad polishes and other polishes. Own about 50 or so varnishes ranging from Wet n Wild to Essie and Sally Hanson. All to no avail. The indentations are so shallow they don’t allow for any stamping to occur. Waste of money. I guess from good reviews, it’s either hit or miss. I guess I got the short straw. Can’t return them but will contact the company to complain. Thought all my family would love a set but won’t order again. I followed all the directions. Nothing would transfer at all. Not happy camper.

Desiree Nora, IL

Monster Nailart Stamping Plates

The plates are really good and I love that so many came in the pkg and the price was pretty good too. I don’t have any complaints. I’ve used several nail polishes with the plates and as long as you use enough you will have no problems.

Meagan Hermleigh, TX


This is a really great buy! This plates are awsome and are an awsome price! There are so many different designs to work with its great! The shipping was really fast and plus its FREE shipping! Thats a plus for me! I would recommend this product and seller to anyone! They’re great!

Imogene Lakeville, MA

lots of variety

plates are awesome, some great designs especially for the whole nail stamping. easy clean up and easy to use, just takes some practice. lots of variety for the price.

Hope Port Huron, MI

Good assortment, easy to use

I bought this bundle and the Konad double sided stamper. Arrived today and I opened immediately to try my first-ever attempt at nail stamping. I used Wet ‘n Wild Wild Shine nail polish in silver metalic, black creme, and french white creme over my existing Shellac manicure. I am sold! The designs picked up and transfered perfectly, looks like a professional did my nails, the plate and scraper were very easy to clean up. I had read in some reviews that the Konad scraper scratched these plates, but I didn’t have that problem.

Henrietta Perdue Hill, AL


I am SO happy about this set! There are many different designs. These plates are very easy to use and don’t require the Konrad stamping polish.

Marissa Sharpsburg, GA

Great plates for the price!

I absolutely LOVE these plates. They’re a great supplement to the real thing (especially if you already have the scraper and polishes from Konad).My only gripe is that well, some of these plates have ugly images! HA! But that’s going to happen with any plates, you’re going to have some ugly ones so you can get access to the pretty ones.All in all, a great purchase. I’ve used a good 2/3s of the images on these plates and so far, no issues. Very well made.

Rebecca Castleton On Hudson, NY

Back for new and improved second set!

This is my second set of Bundle Monster nail stamping plates. I am happy with the designs and the size of the designs. Having the first bundle I see the difference immediately that the full nail designs have been enlarged and widen to what can equate to a Konad full design size. As luck would have it the one plate I was totally excited about was the one that did not work.I contacted the company and told them BM-207 (piano keys) did not transfer.The plate just wasn’t etched enough and in trying to use it had zero transfer happening.The company was speedy in their response and are sending out a replacement.A tip:Before I tried any of the plates from any of the three brands I own…I run my finger over each design plate as I remove the blue film.This is where you see right away if there may be an issue with a plates etching.Try to transfer the design in question first.If it’s a bad plate contact the company immediately.Happy Stamping!

Roxie Richmond Dale, OH


I really like these plates. They all stamp really well even with some reguler polishes. I haven’t been able to use the french tips yet but gonna try as soon as my nails are long enough. The plates also have a backing on them which is nice since several of my other sets dont. Great addition to my collection!

Dorothea Bella Vista, AR

there are so many to choose from

i love that there are so many designs and i bought this separate from the stamper and scraper and it was so worth it and affordable, you can make so many combinations and they are easy to find on youtube to practice. it does take some time to learn how to do it correctly but overall the product works great it cleans easy. if children are going to use these just supervise them because the edges are a little sharp. i was so exited when i got them because there are so many, and shipping was quick and none of them got damaged. just remember to pull the blue plastic off before use and practice, practice, practice!!! 🙂

Rachael Mc Lean, IL

These are Fun!

I bought these plates to go with the Konad Nail Art Double Ended Stamper and Scraper I also bought from Amazon and after some experimenting and mess ups, I have gotten some cute nail designs! Fun and easy to use!

Alyssa Old Town, ME

Great Product

I love Bundle Monster stamping plates. They’re so easy to use and the manicure possibilities are endless, really. I’m a big fan of nail art and stamping is an easy way for anyone to really get involved.

Lawanda Litchfield, CA

Bundle Monster

These were nice.They don’t print as well as other ones but I will work with it.Still glad I bought them.

Nelly Meridian, MS

Totally love them

I can’t say anything bad about BM. These are some of my favorite plates.Always arrive super fast. Always packed well, and always awesome images.Two more sets to go and I will have them all. :)Can’t wait to get my last two sets.Thank you BM

Liliana Sea Isle City, NJ

Usually works

These are great designs however some don’t always work which is a bummer… im still trying them all out and I hope the majority of them work well…

Sheryl Langley, AR

Happy about finally getting my complete set!

What I mean by “complete set” is, when I received my product I only got 24 plates not the full 25 but not to worry because when I notified Bundle Monster through Amazon, and immediately got a reply. They replied within 30 mins actually and I received my missing plates as promised (in 3-5 days). I haven’t had a chance to use the whole set yet, but the few plates I have had a chance to play with came out pretty nice. Overall good product,and good costumer service.

Myrtle Cavour, SD

Not very happy

I’d buy Konad if I were you. These have cute designs but the etching isn’t deep enough so the print doesn’t show up well on nails.

Alta Martin, MI