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Bundle Monster 15pc Studio Pro Makeup Make Up Cosmetic Brush Set Kit w/ Pink Faux Crocodile Case – For Eye Shadow, Blush, Eyeliner, Etc.

This brand new make up set from Bundle Monster is for the pros or make up enthusiasts that just want the necessities for any stylish look. Whether day, night or specialty looks, this set will have all the brushes to polish your design. This 15pc set comes with a fashionable and pink faux crocodile roll up carrying case to store all your favorite Bundle Monster brushes. Each brush comes with a long black colored wooden handle and is covered with clear plastic wrap for cleanliness and to protect the fibers of the brush. Our goal is to strike a balance between price and quality and bring tremendous values to our customers. Rolled Up Dimension: 8″ x 4″ x 1.25″. Weight: 6.7oz. For best result, recommended to wash brushes & air dry before use. This affordable makeup brushes set contains (See Picture) large powder brush, medium powder brush, angle powder brush, foundation brush, shadow brush # 1, #2, #3, flat shadow brush, small shadow brush # 1, # 2, eyeliner brush, lip brush, small fan brush, mascara/brow brush, and dual eyebrow brush/lash comb. How to Clean Makeup Brushes:1. Run the bristles of brush under warm running water.2. Apply a small amount of gentle shampoo to bristles and work into a light lather.3. Rinse bristles thoroughly under running water. You will notice that the water leaving the brush is tinted from old makeup.4. Continue rinsing until no color leaves the brush.5. Allow it to air-dry. Bundle Monster is a registered trademark of Remi Collections LLC and is exclusively distributed by Bundle Monster. Bundle Monster trademark is protected by US Trademark Law.

Key features

  • 100% Brand New Complete Set of 15 Bundle Monster makeup brushes.
  • Brushes are made of quality synthetic fiber for lasting performance
  • Each set is packaged in a pink faux crocodile roll up travel size carrying case with 2 magnetic clasps – that stores and protects brushes.
  • Individual brushes are packaged in plastic for cleanliness
  • For best results, recommend washing brushes and air drying before use

Honest reviews


Fine for Starters…

Let me start off my saying- I have tried every brush out there. As these are only around 20 dollars, you honestly can’t expect them to be perfect…Cons:-These brushes are too soft! I mean, even the eyeliner brush isn’t strong enough to apply liner-Makeup case is too floppy-No crease brush, and too many lip/ concealer brushes!-Not a true eyeshadow brushPros:-Haven’t seen any hair fall off of them!-cute, easy to hold brushes-Super fluffy powder brushes, so you don’t look cakey!I have to admit I love the blush brushes, but I do find that most of the selections are repeats of the same type of brush- theyre just slighty different sizes.So, in summary i do enjoy these brushes. But, unfortunatly I will have to go buy myself more expensive eyeshadow brushes.

Martina Rowdy, KY

cheap for a reason.

The brush itself is way too soft to be able to pick up pigments from any make-up. I know because I kept trying. Next time, I’m gonna actually invest in a MAC make-up brushes or even a sephora brushes, seriously, I have one or two of those brands, and this set does not compare to them. I tried to use it for three times, and I just got so frustrated by it. I hate this product.

Pat Kensington, MN

u vl get what u pay for

After reading so many positive review about this product I had to try them my self. Initially I was skeptical about this product b’coz they are offering 15 brushed total for less price then the other brands who charge more for one brush.Package arrived in good condition & brushed were packed well. My first impression was like I got few same brushes in different sizes & I didn’t feel like having good quality brushes. For the price that I paid for, I was NOT expecting really high quality brushes like mac or sephora one.Now about the brushes themselves. They are really soft BUT are THIN & FLAT. Instead of blending color they just spread them. That’s all they can do.They are marketing them as “pro makeup brush” but definitely it is not pro quality. I would not recommend it to any teenager or new comer who is learning how to do makeup b’coz I believe that when u learn doing makeup u should start with good quality brushes so that u get good result for yr efforts.So it’s a big NO product.

Robyn Kempster, WI


I adore these brushes!! I have been looking for a set of good quality, descent, good price brushes and I finally FINALLY! found some 😀 I was so excited when they finally came through the mail. Best brushes so far, and the pink alligator skin case that came with it! Couldn’t get any better. This seller gets an A+ in my book.

Rene Norton, VA

Perfect for those that cant afford the expensive sets

Suprisingly nice for the price. I read that some people said it has a strong smell but it was hardly noticeable to me and I didn’t find it offensive. The brushes are soft and don’t shed like other cheaper brands. Better then the 32 piece m.a.s.h set I have. It has all I need for my smokey eye look. The eyeliner brushes are the best for thin lines and it has every size brush needed for applying blush and highlights my cheeks and the top with translucent powder. I love the color and magnetic snaps make it so easy to open and close. I definitely would recommend this to my friends and anyone on a budget.

Josefina Lester Prairie, MN


They was a very strange smell in these brushes and holder. Not sure what it was, but did not want the brushes anymore.

Dorothea Colonial Beach, VA

So soft!

I love all the pencils, just the case it’s a little cheap, but it serves its purpose very well 🙂

Leonor Highland, MD

Love this!

First of all, the case was ok. It is not a premium case, but it does the job and is also helpful to keep the brushed protected. For the brushes, they are fantastic. You still have to be careful with them so that the hais don’t fell off, just like with any other brushes and I suggest you to, as soon as you finish with them, put them back in the case. They are soft, wish is good cuz you don’t feel any scratch while applying make up and to me, that is a pro. I did not felt any smell in from the case, so that gives it another point in my scale. I gave it 5stars cuz I am not a Pro and they do the job 🙂

Bernice Akeley, MN


I got these brushes a day in advance of the estimated arrival and that by itself is great. I was exicted to get them in the mail today, and must say how chic the case is. The brushes, OMG. Wow they are soooooooooooo soft. It’s like a feather soft to the touch, it is just wonder. I found myself just passing the brushes back and forth on the face, because they feel so soft. I am definitely a happy customer and I a very please with my purchase.

Maryann Guernsey, IA

Please so far!

When ordering a fairly priced makeup brush set the most important to me was a foundation brush as my lancome one broke in half two weeks ago. I’m very happy with my purchase so far, i love the brushes and have not experienced any shedding yet. I will probably only continue to use my old blush brush and throw everything else away! It does have that gross plasticy smell but I’m waiting on a brush organizer so i can throw the tacky case away. Didn’t realize this company manufactured so many different products until after I had ordered impulsively and went on the website cause I was excited. Probably won’t order from this company again as I question brands that don’t specialize in their crafts but if I were to see great offer hey maybe I’ll take a gamble.

Cornelia Camp Lejeune, NC

Waited to rate for a reason!!

These brushes are GREAT! EXCEPT, every tip falls off where the metal base of the brush goes on top of the pink painted handle, Im going to have to get some ‘Monkey Glue’ & fix my Daughter’s brushes I got her for Christmas. Other than that the brushes are amazingly soft & love them!

Rebecca Newsoms, VA

Looks Nice, but the Smell is HORRIBLE

I ordered these brushes as a gift for my mom’s birthday. The packaging it comes in is nice (looks like a croc wallet) and looks like it will travel nicely. However, the smell instantly hit me the minute I opened the box from Amazon. SUCH A STRONG FAKE PLASTIC GROSS SMELL. I am glad I am not gifting these till mid-January, might give the smell a chance to wear off.The brushes look nice enough, good enough for someone like my mom who isn’t a die-hard brand snob. I think she will be happy with these.

Laurie New Holland, SD

Good price.

Lots of brushes for a good price. I don’t use all of them but like them for eyeshadow and concealer. The blush/powder brushes are a bit small so instead I use them for blending. The carrying case initially had an overpowering chemical odor but I left it open on my vanity for a week and don’t notice it much anymore.Addend: I bought these as a starter kit. Over time I’ve bought a few eye brushes from Urban Decay that have made this set obsolete. Getting to compare the two side to side was a learning experience. Didn’t realize what a difference good brushes can make.

Miranda Wallace, KS

Great Brushes

These are really good brushes. Picks up makeup pretty good. One head as fallen off but nothing a little hot glue can’t fix. Very cute hot pink carrying case.

Cindy Jamesville, NC


I cant stand cheap brushes that irritate my face. The brushes are super soft and no irritation since I’ve used them. Pretty good set for the price

Betsy Winfall, NC


The brushes were extremely soft and didn’t lose their bristles. Good quality, I gave this product 4 stars because one of my brushes was bent a little bit. Otherwise I loved this product and it was a very affordable.

Tisha Cumbola, PA


I have been using these brushes for a while…I would like to say they do pick up alot…so u only have to use a little on the brushes to put your make-up on…they clean very easy…they pouch is very cute and easy to clean…It can fit in your purse, tote bag, make-up bag…any where,,,I recommand this produce to anyone…

Estelle Rockledge, FL


i love these brushes!! i ordered one for myself and also a friend and she loved it! will buy again

Nancy Meadowview, VA

It’s OK

This was a birthday gift that I gave to someone. What I liked about it is that it arrived on time, but it had a strong odor to it. That was the only downer to this product.

Gayle Milford, NH

Do not waste your time nor money!

If I could give these too soft, flimsy brushes a negative rating I would, however the only good thing about this brush set is the eyebrow spooler that I use daily. That is the only brush. Please do not waste your time and hard earned money with these brushes, I bought this set and one from Coastal Scents and love the latter. These are cheaply made and too soft for any type of use, except for that one brush!

Essie Gilman, IA

Surprised by the quality

I was really surprised by the amazing quality. I really love these brushes. They get the job done and are so adorable. They’re great for traveling and save on space. I’m very happy with this purchase! .-_-

Silvia Fillmore, CA

Nice brushes

I love this set. The smell when you first open it is definitely over-whelming but it’s not unbearable and it’s still worth getting for the great price! The brushes are very soft and hold the makeup very well. I have like 2 sephora brushes which I love but these aren’t much worse, I would buy again!

Twila Cabin Creek, WV

waist of my money

Brushes are all the same….. thin, ugly. same as using a sponge brush…I can;t return because i use 2 already..spend a little more $and get real make up brushes.I still use my all brush elf. is better quality and i paid $1 in grocery store

Hilda Ione, OR

Great product!

I’m very pleased, the pink case does well in protecting the brushes and makes sure that the brushes stay in condition though it does look rather cheap looking. As for the brushes though i couldn’t be happier 🙂 Very soft and easy to use. i took a risk on buying this because some other reviews were sketchy, but like i said i’m glad i purchased this.

Beulah Friend, NE


These brushes are soooo soft! i mean for 19$ these brushes are great! The case it comes in does smell a little funny but it is adorable! also the shipping was so fast! the one bad thing is it doesnt have a blending brush so i did have to get a mac 217 brush but its all good(:

Carla Auburn, AL


i love these brsuhes but sadly 2 of them broke but a little bit of hot glue or super glue fixed them. these brushes are pretty awesome for the price

Mavis Mc Roberts, KY

Not too bad.

To be honest i picked this brush set for the price and the color.When i received them i was so excited to try them, they are very soft, no shedding and a lot of good brushes. But i must say that i am sorry i did not do some more research on them, they don’t have a blending, crease or smudge brush (had to buy separate ones). One of the brushes was not properly attach to the handle and fell off in a few days. The case is too flimsy and cheap. But to be fair for the price i got a lot of use of them, still use a few of them after almost a year. But don’t expect the most out of them.

Marva Van Vleet, MS


I have to say I was rather surprised when I received this item. It had so many good reviews, but when I got it, I wasn’t exactly thrilled. They do the job, but seem very cheap. The metal part with the bristles is not attached to the stick, it fell off as i was opening them and sometimes falls off while I’m using them. ANNOYING. They are cute though, and the case they come in is adorable, I just don’t think it was worth the money.

Aida Washington, WV

great tools

I love these brushes all of the different brushes and tools you would need to create a great makeup look is here and they work great!

Abby Portland, ME

High Quality

I bought these for Grandma to give to my eleven year old daughter for Christmas. They seem very high quality and the bristles are very soft. I told my daughter she better hide them, or I might use them myself. Case is perfect for keeping the brushes organized.

Paula Spring Mount, PA