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Bundle 5 Wheels Premium Manicure Nail Art Decorations Total 7400 Gems By Cheeky®

Amazing Nail Art Rhinestone DecorationsIf you would like to see more high quality VAGA products, click on our brand name under the title of this listing. These stunning VAGA decorations are used to create amazing patterns in nail art designs.They are provided in this set of 5 wheels in many colors and shapes.Your designs can be as amazing as your imagination will allow. In order to achieve the finest results please follow these steps: 1. Clean your nails using VAGA’s special nail art cotton rounds and nail polish remover. 2. Choose the nail decoration most suitable for the design you would like to create and gently place it on your nail using VAGA’s nail art tweezers.< br> 3. Start expressing your creativity and create wonderful nail designs. 4. In order to enhance the effect, we highly recommend using VAGA’s nail strips and other decorations. The results will be outstanding!!!

Key features

  • To view the full range of nail art products please click on the brand name “VAGA” under the title of this listing.
  • Great value set of nail art crystals for long lasting and dazzling designs.
  • Our nail art decorations are of best quality and easy to apply, which makes them perfect for private and professional use.
  • For best results and easier application we recommend using our special nail art tweezers or rhinestones picker pencil that you can find in our shop.
  • Ideal present for a nail art enthusiasts – girls and women alike.

Honest reviews


Everything is really small

The cases that the gems come in are really really small, like two inches across, and the gems inside are pencil point size. Not the right size for the project I was working on but they probably work great for nails so I am ‘gifting’ them to my daughter who is a nail art fiend. Also it took two and a half weeks to get these because they are coming from china.

Leigh Annapolis, IL

One word- Cheap

I agree this is probably great value but these little rhinestones really look cheap… to the point where I actually don’t want to use them at all. I tried them once and my nails came out looking horrible with them so now I find myself using other rhinestones. They are smaller than others, both rhinestones and rhinestone wheels.

Emma Lenhartsville, PA

great decor for nails!

Great amount of decoration for your nails right at home! They are easy to use and look really nice. The wheels make it easy to keep them organized and in view.

Jenifer Watsonville, CA

Just ok

I order alot of nail art items and this one is just ok. My problem with this item is that usually you attach the stones with glue and with these stones when you add the glue it clouds the rhinestones seeing that they are made of plasic (I think). I would love to find a place where they sell glass rhinestones like the old days. Im on the fence with this one and will try to find another way to attach the stones.

Justina Collegeport, TX

Good buy!

I received the rhinestones within 5 business days, and they were packaged well. No rhinestones were spilled in the package, and were well separated in the wheel. Like the other reviews state, there are many types of shapes, sizes, and colors, which will last a while for me atleast. The rhinestones are small, but a good size for creating nail designs. I have really enjoyed the product.

Judy Anawalt, WV

Wouldn’t buy rhinestones from them again

When this came in the mail it was very poorly packaged and they are smaller than a doorknob and the rhinestones inside were very small about the size of beads.I even got a whole wheel with all silver. There were different colors and shaped in the wrong compartment and the dividers don’t desperate them at all. They are wonderful for making small gem designs and flowers and maybe a small section of bling I really would not buy these again. Shipping was very fast it came a day before it was supposed to it came in about 2 days

Shawn Advance, IN

HUGE variety of rhinestones, cheap, great for nails!

The stones included are super cute! There are little stars, crescents, hearts – in a bunch of colors. As well as just your standard rhinestone, in many different colors. Some of the spaces in these wheels are mixed bc a different stone made its way in – but its not a big deal. They’re not all like this. Overall its great! In case it’s not listed, these stones are size 2mm.

Ebony Nelson, VA

Very Pleased with this product!

I ordered these on Dec. 26 and got them in the mail on Dec. 28th. The estimated delivery date was not until Dec 31st so that was a very nice surprise.They came nicely packaged in a bubblewrap envelope and stacked and put tightly in a little bag to try to keep them from spilling. None of mine did. But the tops turn easily so I can see why some peole might have has an issue with that. But I think the seller did their best to keep them from spilling.These are very tiny so if you want larger rhinestones these are not for you. However, I wanted the tiny ones so these are 100% perfect for me! So excited to try them out today!!!

Mildred Ossian, IA

Great for the price!

I use these all of the time, and it doesn’t look like I will ever run out of rhinestones! These are great as accents on almost any nail design. I would recommend this set to any nail art enthusiast!

Tracy Needham, MA

Nail rhinestone wheel

You call these rhinestones? It’s a joke the stones are so small you need a magnifying glass to pick them up and when put on nail can hardly see them, this is the way all the rhinestones are that I received, I can assure you I will never order any more of these

Johanna Malden Bridge, NY

Love these

Love the fact that there are so many and in different shapes, too. There are two wheels with the different shapes; one is in different colors and the other in rhinestones, which is perfect for me since I want something different every time I do my own nails. There is also one wheel with all round rhinestones; the rest are colored and all of the wheels are completely full. I am so glad I invested in these because they could not be more perfect for me.

Gabrielle Clarksburg, CA

Love the designs and colors

These are a bit smaller than I had expected, but they are very nice. I love the various colors and look forward to all of the different designs I can create with them. Plus some of the shapes are ones I have not seen previously such as squares, flowers, triangles etc.

Christi Sumner, ME

Just what I was looking for

This has a nice selection of colors, shapes and sizes. I’m very please with it and the price was right. They came nicely packaged and weren’t all mixed together like some others I’ve purchased

Francine Umpqua, OR

Five Stars

she is a happy lady now

Ebony Logan, AL


its the same product they use in the nail salons.. i really like the colors and shapes. love it thank you

Alexandra Kendrick, ID


I’ve just recently started doing my own nails after 17 years of going to the salon. I decided to give the Rhinestone nail art a try. This is a very good product, in my opinion. There are TONS of super tiny stones. I didn’t even try to count how many – there are 5 wheels with 12 spots of stones, so way too many for me to count. It’s definitely worth the money I paid for it for sure. The stones a teeny tiny so you’ll definitely need tweezers to apply with. I bought a set of 3 tweezers from Amazon that are straight, slanted and curved and they are awesome!Worth the money, FAST shipper too!

Carey Harristown, IL

Love the variety!

These were cheap and a good product! I think they are going to last me a long time. Glad they have a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes!

Yesenia Luebbering, MO


I love doing my own nails and i love this great deal! It came a lil fast considering it came from far and it has so many options!! I love this every time i do my nails I always atleast use one or two and i still have like a million left! Totally recommendable.

Maritza Mesa, WA

Messy delivery, but good assortment

For the price, the assortment was amazing compared to others. However, it was delivered with all the rhinestones mixed together in the compartments. One of the containers got jostled so badly that the rhinestones got stuck in the side area where the plastic wheel turns. The only way I could get to the rhinestones in that container was to break it and repackage the rhinestones into another container.

Natalia W Hartford, CT

Love the Wheels

I received this item today and I have to say I love love love the rhinestone wheels. There is a great variety of color and shapes. Whether there is as many as stated in the description…? I don’t know but at this point not really caring since there seems to be a lot of them. The only down side is that most of them are quite small but the description does not say what sizes they are. Overall I am very pleased with the purchase and with prime delivery, I received it very quickly. I think I will have to look to order some larger stones but these will do for many options on the nails. Hearts, flowers, teardrops, stars, diamonds and many round. I think I read where someone said they didnt get black but I had 2 of the wheels that had black stones. Would of given a 5 if there were some larger stones in one of the wheels. Very pleased!!

Katharine Boydton, VA

i love it

i get to play with my nails an dtry to do different things with it. its had lots of nail art

Tisha Kurtz, IN

This is the best deal ever

These are awesome. They are small enoyugh that you can put them on your body/face with eyelash glue without it looking weird (Halloween), and they also look great on nails. Such a steal!

Leola Harrisburg, SD

Pretty Good

Although these are smaller containers that you would buy in the store, they still have a lot of stones in them. I would def. purchase them again!

Joyce Polkton, NC

Can be frustrating

Keeping the pieces in their bins is challenging, especially if you live in a drier state where static electricity is abundant. That said, you will be hard pressed to find a better value. It’s worth the inconvenience.

Saundra Waukomis, OK

Good Price

Good Price, not amazing quality, but not poor quality. Would buy again. :). . . . . . . .

Loraine Buffalo Lake, MN


More Gems added to my hoard. Use these as accents on each nail or only have one accent finger on each hand. In any case rhinestones are awesome for catching someones attention to a particular spot on your nails!

Hattie River Forest, IL

Love these cute gems

Love the packaging, it was neat and very compact… Didn’t think the trays were going to be so small though, but they are quite sturdy and the filter is convenient!

Sylvia Bairdford, PA

Made her happy.

This was part of the 3 nail things my Granddaughter had on her birthday wish list. This came right away, was what she wanted, was what it said it was and so all’s well with her….and me.

Johnnie Bill, WY

Great Set of Jewels

I love this set. The variety I received was wonderful. I am a first time at doing my own nail designs but these are easy to include in the design. Make sure you use tweezers or a nail brush to apply them. They are small and can be dropped easily but they give you so many of each kind that you probably wouldn’t care. I didn’t!

Isabelle Millville, MN

Great for nail design

This item was extremely cheap, and worth every penny! I have used these every day and I love the containers the stones come in.

Rosella Hope, ID