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Bumpits 21429 Hair volumizing Leave-in Inserts, Dark Brown/Black

Gives hair more volume instantly. Great for casual and formal occasions

Key features

  • Contains one each, small, medium & large
  • Create dozen of styles
  • Comfortable, self-gripping inserts
  • Includes teasing comb and styling guide

Honest reviews


Fun product for Halloween

I was told these were difficult to put in. I had no problem at all. It was fun to wear for my Halloween costume, and who knows I might even use it everyday. Sure gave my hair plenty of volume. Great product.

Angelique Elmhurst, NY

I never use it

I don’t know if its beause I don’t know how it works, but I find it really wear. It doesn’t stick to the hair and falls again and again. I would not recommend this product in particular if you are like me, just spending 5 to 10 minutes in the morning to get ready.

Virginia Lexington, MS

Love the look!!

These work great. Part your hair, place on the part, fold hair over and adjust…voila! The little one was great when I pulled my hair around the sides and put a barette in it. can’t wait to tey more styles.

Marci Taylor, MO

Worked like a charm

My first time using these and they work like a charm. You have to be patient and careful when taking them out. I used the biggest one to give myself an updo for a ball I went to and everyone thought I went to the salon to get my hair done 🙂

Krystal Apple Creek, OH


The whole point of purchasing these was so I *wouldn’t* have to tease and damage my hair-and the instructions say to tease your hair to cover the bumpit’s teeth poking through your bump.I’ve fiddled with all the sizes for a while now and none of them are too impressive. The middle sized one gave me a super-Snookie bump, and the largest one had me at full blown Amy Winehouse. The littlest one made me look like i had a tumor on the back of my head.I’m putting these (and my dreams of fabulous retro hair) away in a drawer.

Ramona Webb, MS