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Bump It up Volume Hair Base Styling Insert Tool 2pcs

2 VOLUME BASE DIY STYLING SOFT VELCRO LADY HAIR STYLE PARTY MAKEUP INSERT TOOL ¡ñ100% Brand New and High Quality ¡ñIt is very easy to use ¡ñNot afraid of your Head Type does not fit the hairstyle again. ¡ñGive your plain hair a new look. How to use: 1) Lift up the upper part of hair and place the volume hair base under it, on the top of your head. 2) Cover the Volume Hair Base with the hair. Loosen it to make more airy. 3) Fix the hair with pins.

Key features

  • Color: Black
  • Size (The Smaller One): About 8.8cm*7cm*2cm
  • Size (The Larger One):About 10cm*8cm*3.5cm
  • Material: Sponge
  • Package includes: 2 Pcs (1 Small & 1 Large)

Honest reviews


Cute for a bit of high-hair without looking like a HairBear.

Cute! Don’t have to backcomb the crap out of my hair anymore! Lovey love love love love! Only thing that sucks is it doesn’t stay in EXACTLY where I want it so I gotta use a pin or two.

Jaime Williston Park, NY

Four Stars

They are ok

Justina Gering, NE

are you kidding me

hum.. This product looks like a kid’s school project of ‘invent something useful’. It does not hold your hair like in the picture and would not stay. No matter how many time I’ve tried to get used to with this product, it just did not work. The pad feels something out of jacket, like a shoulder pad?? Expect a long time deliver since shipper is out there over-sea.

Eddie Delanson, NY

Great gadget!

I have a hard time getting back-combing to stay in my hair. This gadget does the trick. Love it! Recommend.

Esperanza Arapaho, OK

Best for thicker hair

I have very fine, slippery hair and although I teased, texturized, sprayed, etc. I never could get to a place where I felt like it would stay in place.

Mallory New Richmond, IN

I really like this Bump it!

I love this bump it velcro pads… they stay in place forever… I had in on during my workout session and it still stayed in place! They add character to my old blah haristyle earlier… Taking it off is a little trouble as the velcro tries to cling on to your hair.. just need to be patient and gently brush hair slowly to get them off without pulling or tugging your hair !! But hey – it works and does what its meant to do !!!

Charlene Moundridge, KS

My hair isn’t think enough for this product

I think this would work great if you had thick hair. It does, however, stay in place quite well. I would recommend this for someone who does a lot of teasing and has thick hair.

Carolina Mount Hamilton, CA

Work Pretty Well

I haven’t used mine very often, but they do work well. The velcro keeps your hair on top in place. They are well made. I’m not gah-gah over them, but they do what they say they do.

Corine San Ysidro, CA

It’s harder than it looks

You still have to tease your hair and the you have to really comb over this to hide it under your hair!!! It’s hard to use!!!!!!

Pamela Mooresville, IN

Two Stars

Kinda hard to use and came with no instructions or packing.

Bobby Franklin, MI

Sizes made for….

I personally need volume on the black of my head. NOT the TOP of my head. Of course the bigger one looks awkward on the TOP of your head!

Briana Bois D Arc, MO