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Bumble and Bumble Sunday Shampoo 8.5 Ounces

Take a break. Take a bath. Clear your head.

Key features

  • 8.5-ounce bottle of hair shampoo
  • Formulated to restore fullness and sheen by removing build-up
  • Perfect for product junkies or infrequent washers whose hair needs extra deep-cleaning once in awhile
  • Works as an excellent preparatory cleanser for chemical processes like coloring and perming
  • Serves as a weekly detox to banish product build-up, hard water residue, and pollutants

Honest reviews


Use sparingly, and not often!

Fine bleached + henna’d hair. I use it once a month before re-coloring.This shampoo is really only meant to be used once in a while. It really does strip out all of the chlorine, hard water minerals and metals, and silcone product build up. SO! If you use a lot of silicone-based smoothing/detangling products (conditioners, leave ins, shine balms/sprays) your hair will feel really bad until you stuff moisture back in. Think of it like stripping old varnish off your coffee table — the wood underneath wasn’t getting natural oils and moisture because the varnish blocked it, so it will feel really dry until you perk it back up again.I use this before I cassia-dye my hair (it’s like henna), because the iron build up in my tap water can make the color go from the intended pale gold to off-green! This shampoo makes that a non-issue.

Estelle Belspring, VA

They weren’t kidding when they said squeaky clean.

I’ve never really tried clarifying shampoos so i can’t say that i can compare but i was v satisfied with it. I can say, however, that a little does go a long way. i used the same amount that i use for my shampoo and i had so much lather. I do like the squeaky clean feeling and my hair does look better. I did change several other products i use so i cant honestly attribute the better looking hair to this shampoo. I am going to buy it again just for that squeaky feeling. 😀

Lola Loomis, CA

Update Feb 2014

This shampoo is pricey, and it has some fragrance I could live without, but it does clean product buildup out of hair. My hair is fine, and I must use some product to style it. Of course, eventually product starts weighing my hair down. Then I need to use a clarifying shampoo. In the past I’ve used Suave, but I can’t find their clarifying shampoo locally any more, so I had to try something else.Sunday Shampoo works. I only need one wash, no repeat, just like it says on the label. Now I can get my hair back to fluffy again. I use this only occasionally, so it’s going to last a very long time.Four stars, because it costs too much, but I do recommend it.Update: Now two stars because the price is over $30 per bottle. I would not recommend any shampoo at that price!

Lillian Elkmont, AL

Pretty good!!

Overall I think this is a good shampoo, my hair did not feel dry like with other clarifiers, how ever it did not not eliminate all my build up, but, I am a product junkie & I only wash my hair every few days & also have hard water. I think for most people this would do the trick!

Ethel Phillipsburg, MO

It has the right name

I use this as a restart for my hair on sundays. This stuff work very well so make sure you have a good conditioner to follow. I cleanses my hair of all impurities.

Charlene Emporia, KS

The Best Ever

I have very long, very straight, very flat, unstyled and uncolored hair.This is the best shampoo I’ve ever used for my hair type. I have an oily scalp and normal hair, and this is able to thoroughly remove the excess oil on my scalp without completely stripping my hair. I need only a light, leave-in conditioner and my hair is perfect afterwards. Unfortunately, the official, retail cost of this shampoo is high (~$23 for 8 ounces, though it can be found cheaper on Amazon) and it’s just not in our budget to pay that much for this shampoo that often. So instead I use it 2 or 3 times a week, alternating it with other types of shampoo, both moisturizing and clarifying and I’m able to still reap the benefits of this shampoo without completely breaking us. But I can recommend this as a once/week clarifying for dryer hair/scalp and, if you can afford it, for use as frequently as you like for oilier hair/scalp.

Mercedes Brownstown, IL

Very, very good 🙂

If you are like me, and use hair creme’s and other styling products that can leave build up in your hair, then this product is for you. It’s designed to remove build up in either one wash, or if you want – and they do say you don’t need to – a second wash just to be sure. It has the slightest of fragrance (very fresh and natural) and you don’t need a lot. It lathers well, and makes your hair soft again, because all the junk is out of your hair right after using this amazing shampoo. It’s one of the best build-up removing shampoos I’ve ever used and it’s so softening. You shouldn’t need it much more than once a week, but sometimes I use it twice. I love it and highly recommend it to all product junkies.

Teresa Crook, CO