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Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious Defining Creme 8.5 oz

Romantic vision meets the science of spirals – lightweight, supple support and soft lustre for shamelessly shapely curls and sexy, textural waves. Contains an amazing curl-enhancing ingredient (US patent pending).

Key features

  • One 8-ounce bottle of hair styling cream for fine-medium hair
  • Lightweight styling aid that smoothes and enhances curls, supporting their shape and defeating droop
  • Creates super-soft, textured waves for a look that’s sexy and natural
  • Never sticky or stiff, with no residue or flakes
  • Ideal for anyone with fine, soft curls or wavy hair (natural or otherwise)

Honest reviews


either leaves hair greasy, or does not do anything

After having read all the positive reviews, I was expecting really a lot. But no matter how much I tried, I was never satisfied the result. If I apply very little of it, there is no difference. If I put a bit more – it right away makes my hair greasy and gives it a dirty look. I experimented at least 10 times: both following the complicated instructions (curling hair around the finger!) and just leaving them dry free, and was never happy with the way they looked after drying.ADVICE: I was recently on a trip to Turkey, and got there a wonderful spa treatment, a part of which was they just massaged some natural oils into my scalp and told me to leave the hair oily for a while. The next day, after I simply shampooed my curly (usually quite frizzy) hair and let it dry on its own, it looked truly wonderful – silky, shiny, soft, and very lively! No product I ever tried could do the same! So I browsed a bit for “HAIR OILING”, and for the last month have been regularly massaging some natural oils onto my scalp 1-2 times a week before going to bed, and shampooing the following morning. My hair has never looked that beautiful! And I don’t need expensive conditioners any more! And they say that a simple natural soap actually works the best. Much cheaper than $60/set for shampoo+conditioner, very healthy and very effective. I vary the oils I use: jojoba, coconut, olive, soybean – all with great results. This is how people have been treating their hair for centuries before the cosmetics industry realized that there is a profit opportunity in creating hundreds of the products (none of which is properly tested). Anyway, I don’t want to be pushy, but I thought that if you thinking of buying Curl Concious products, you may consider natural oils instead, and may be you will benefit from them as much as I did.ADVICE 2: In my pursuit of natural hair care, I recently came across another great advice for having silky and shiny hair. After shampooing (no conditioner), rinse your hair with lemon juice mixed with water (1 lemon + 1-1.5 cups of water). Apparently, it removes all the soap residues that are left on our hair after soaps/shampoos, which harden our hair and make it bushy. They say a mix of vinegar with water has the same effect, and that it’s better to use vinegar on dark while lemon on blond hair. But I am afraid of the vinegary smell, so I have tried lemon only (though it’s perhaps more expensive than vinegar). It works like magic! After the very first time my hair were silkier and livelier than I ever remember it. If you want to learn more – browse for VINEGAR or LEMON RINSE.

Mellisa Concrete, WA

How does it do that?

This product is amazing. I have a lot of fine hair that will gently curl on its own (and then frizz) but with a bit of a blow dry is straight. However, my hair is VERY frizz prone. I have never been able to achieve soft curls without tons of frizz. Somehow this product makes my hair curlier than it would be naturally but without the frizz. I have never used anything similar. The instructions on the product are bizarre and initially I thought it was a joke (twirling hair around your finger…) but it really works, and you can control the size of the curl based on the amount you twirl. It’s quite amazing.

Glenna Highwood, IL

Love this stuff…

This stuff works consistantly on my hair. Often times my hair has gotten some how used to a product after a momth or two and it doesn’t work the same anymore, this stuff WORKS!I loove it for my hair, I have thick hair that is fine and very curly.

Krista Lesterville, SD

BEST product for curly hair!

I have curly hair. My whole life I’ve tried different products with varying degrees of success. Finally-a product that WORKS and makes my hair look good and it’s EASY. Simply wash your hair, squeeze out extra water, then apply cream. It is best to twist 1 inch sections of your hair so as your hair dries it has some style without looking overly done. NO FRIZZ and your curls will be bouncy and not crunchy. I am very happy with this product.

Jeannine Lenox, MO

Great for making curly hair soft & shiny!

I have curly Portuguese hair, which means it has a tendency towards dryness. The best thing about this product is IT WORKS; second-best thing is that a little goes a LONG way! I put about a Hershey’s kiss-sized dollop in my hands after washing my hair, rub it together in my palms and then use my fingers to comb it through my hair. The difference it makes (between using it or nothing, or between it and every other product I’ve tried) is significant. (Adding a little hair serum for shine when it’s wet helps too!) You can also put a little into your hair when it’s dry to help tame frizz and flyaways. The scent (to me, anyway) is very mild and the texture is nice. I’ll definitely buy it again.

Effie Corsicana, TX