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Bumble and Bumble Classic Hairspray

What goes up won’t come down.-serious hold for serious styling (and it brushes out).

Key features

  • One 10-ounce bottle of hair styling spray
  • A sturdy finishing lacquer with a firm hand and an eye for discipline
  • Gives real control for high-maintenance styles like beehives and mohawks, but brushes out easily too
  • Enjoy strong hold from this fine aerosol mist with no residue and no flakes
  • This item is not for sale in Catalina Island

Honest reviews


Soft control/hold – not for styling mohawks

Usually I don’t need hairspray since my hair is free styled and flowing but occasionally I want my hair to stay in place. This is a great hairspray that gives control without stiffness, leaving hair silky and soft. Pleasant light fragrance I can live with. A smaller can of this is in my travel stuff. Great product from Bumble and Bumble.

Jane Dubre, KY

Love it

Best hair spray I’ve ever used,excellant in wind and humidity,been using it for several years now and will not change.

Carmela Paris, ID

Pretty good stuff

This good if you don’t want strong hard hold. I use it to shape certain areas of my hair as well.

Tameka North Bloomfield, OH


My daughter can not live without THIS hairspray. She has lots of options but this works on her long, thick, soft hair without her hair ever feeling sticky or crunchy. You would never notice that she has product in her hair.

Gayle Collinsville, VA

Love B and B

Bumble hair products are the only product I use on my hair. Love the Hair Sprayholds all day even in the rain without drying the hair out. No stiffness. Just natural hold

Gayle Sister Bay, WI