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Buf-Puf Reusable Facial Sponge

Thoroughly cleans and refreshes your skin. Use every day with your favorite cleanser.Leaves Skin Feeling Clean and Refreshed! Use every day with your favorite soap or cleanser Lifts off dry, dulling skin cells Gently cleanses away makeup, dirt and excess oil Leaves skin smooth and soft, perfectly prepped for moisturizers and makeup Dermatology-tested for gentleness

Key features

  • Gently cleanses away makeup, dirt, and excess oil
  • Great preparation for moisturizers, makeup, and sunless tanning
  • Regular sponge good for normal to oily skin; daily cleansing with deep exfoliation
  • Thoroughly cleans and refreshes your skin
  • Use every day with your favorite soap or cleanser

Honest reviews


Cystic acne? This may be why.

It saddens me to write this review because I’ve been using Buf Puf since I was about 12. I always attributed my youthful appearance to daily exfoliation with the Buf Puf, but now I think my cystic acne in my 30’s and 40’s was certainly exacerbated if not caused by the Buf Puf. I discontinued use of this product and switched to a skin care line called Glytone (buy at and haven’t had a breakout in over 2 months. Unfortunately I’m convinced the harsh exfoliation causes skin to rebel and break out. I won’t use again.

Fern Bradley, AR


I started using this because I had dry skin and rough patches on my face. One review said that it helped with fine lines and wrinkles… NOT FOR ME. After using these, my forehead fine lines were more noticeable. So I stopped using these on my face but I instead used them on my legs before shaving. Super smooth. Probably won’t buy these again but I’ll use the 6 pack till it’s gone.

Tina Canaan, ME

Does what it says – deep exfoliation for the skin

Works great – my skin has been clear since using these, even through hormonal acne. My skin has never been smoother/softer. I replace each one about every 3 weeks and use with my desert essence tea tree face wash on a daily basis. If my skin is sensitive, I may use it every other day, but these work great.

Jean Bend, TX

Cleans well nicely!

Love these facial sponges on the with the Avon Clearskin Professional Deep Pore Cleansing Scrub or your favorite cleanser. Lather up and try them – they work!

Renee Summit, AR

My love has returned after all these years.

I remember these from my teen age years, marriage, raising my children and then they disappeared. The other day I was watching a program(Mirror, Mirror) where they featured top models and their beauty regimen. To my excited surprised I see one model using a Buf Puf. I ran to Google and found them being sold on Amazon and some other retail stores. Amazon was the least expensive and I purchased 6.How wonderful to feel that strong clean feeling when using the puff. It is better than any blemish control scrub on the market and leaves no grainy residue.. I could feel those dead skin cells sloughing off and after only one use my skin felt cleaner than after any clay.mask I have removed. Needless to say I am thrilled and recommend them to anyone even with sensitive skin like i have.This is a facial in a sponge.

Charlene Springfield, VA

Keeps my skin looking young!

I have been using Buf Puf since high school (I am in my 50’s now). It keeps the dead skin cells from clogging my pores, which helps prevent old looking skin.

Brittany Trimble, TN

Good exfoiliator

Have used buf puf’s for years, this is a good deal for 6 pufs. They are great exfoliators, I use it every other day and can see a difference if I miss a day. We live in a dry climate.

Jodi Lancaster, IL

can’t live without them

These buff pads are the best. I tried a less $$ brand and No comparison. I use them with a sugar scrub and it really makes a difference with my skin. REALLY squeaky clean.

Adrian Jamesville, VA

Gentle Scrub

I prefer the body buf-puf for my face as this is much gentler than what I had even though I’m sure dermatologists would recommend a much softer scrub.

Bettie Alpine, AL

Exfoliate exfoliate exfoliate!

Excellent product to gently exfoliate the skin every day. Have used Buf-puf for decades; store brands just aren’t the same.

May Inman, NE

Good quality

Works very well! Lasts for a long time,

Carlene Agate, CO

Perfect for my sensitive skin

I know a lot of persons have commented on how great these Buf-puf sponges are, but I had to add my own praise. I had previously tried the regular and found that they were a bit too harsh for my skin (I have both eczema and acne, so my face tended to get extremely sensitive even when I was gentle with the puff). The gentle is perfect and I’m happy I bought the 6-pack too.We’re currently renovating at home and it feels so nice after dusting, sweeping and mopping every evening to be able to just put a little Cetaphil cleanser on it and just buff off all the dirt….no other scrub product required…I also use the body buf-puf for showering and can’t help but feel nice and clean afterwards.A great little product!

James Alief, TX

Ideal for lightly exfoliating around the eyelids/nose area

I have been using the Buf-Puf facial sponge since the 1980’s. The teardrop shape is ideal for lightly exfoliating around the eyelids/nose area. The narrow end is much easier to manipulate than theBuf-Puf Double-Sided Body Sponge, which, of course, is a great BODY SPONGE!SEE MY PHOTOS IN CUSTOMER IMAGESOf course I am paying more for these sponges, but they do not soften as quickly as the bargain brands.

Rosalinda West Kingston, RI

Always great

Always a great product. I have used them for years and I still love them. If you haven’t tried them yet, you should.

Madeline Mount Arlington, NJ

Gets the Pores Clean

This is another product I’ve used for years to keep my face clean. I’m almost 70 and people say I look 20 years younger so keeping the facial skin free of oil and dirt must have some merit. Buf-Puf are a bit hard to find but luckily we have Amazon. Gave one to my granddaughter to help her avoid Acne and show her how to avoid oil and bacteria caused pimples. Buf-Puf Gentle has a little scrubbing action which helps to remove dead skin and keep the skin glowing. Recommended highly for daily use.

Holly Laurel, NY

So far, so good 😉

I just got this and proceeded to wash my face after a long day at work. It definitely has a scrubby feeling but it’s not like a brillo pad or anything, rather, you can tell it’s sloughing off dead skin. I’m going to keep using it, carefully (as in not scrubbing my face too hard) and hopefully it will make my skin even nicer than it is – which is a good thing at any age but at 45, I’m extra grateful for that.

Winnie Nolanville, TX

Great for the prices

This product was great for the price. We use the buff pads every day, so I am sure that we will be ordering more from amazon again. It helps to exfoliate and make your skin soft and smooth.

Elma Snow Camp, NC

Buf-Pufs are as good as anything for exfoliating

There’s a trick to using Buf-Pufs. You don’t scrub your skin with them – you use them very quickly and lightly across your skin to create friction. Once they’ve been used for awhile (on both sides) you need to replace them. I’d say every month.

Jo Bucoda, WA

Good cleansing sponge.

Sometimes I cannot find these in stores. I have used it for years. The gentle one is not hard on the skin.

Inez Kanopolis, KS

No microdermabrasion but good to add to daily regimen

My face feels softer than before but it’s not a miracle worker like some reviews seem to gush. The first time you use it, you feel the difference more. Good prices on Amazon especially if you do the subscribe and save.

Erika Montross, VA


I love these. they worked so well. I have eczema so it helps get rid of dead skin cells that pile up.

Latisha Climax, GA

not really what i thought

I used this once and i didn’t feel it did anything. I stopped using it. I wanted more of a tough scrubber then a soft sponge.

Tonya Palmer, TX


I had this item in my wish list forever and I’m so glad I finally bought it.I use the buff puff with a good facial cleaner in the shower and wow – it exfoliates more effectively that anything else I’ve tried, and I’ve tried it all. I really feel like my serums and moisturizers are able to penetrate after using the buff puff instead of sitting on top of my skin. For the first few uses, I suggest using a very light hand, as it can be a little harsh.

Claudia Paradise, UT


I have been using these for many years to exfoliate my skin. The size is a good fit for my hand and they last a long time. I highly recommend them

Donna York New Salem, PA

Great product

I have been using these for years (since I read Bo Derek stating in a post “10” interview that she used them to keep her skin smooth :-)). As my skin has aged, I have switched from the regular to the gentle version.I have sensitive skin that doesn’t like harsh chemicals. Using these allows me to slough off the older layers as well or better than expensive exfoliants. They helped control acne and now remove the old skin that keeps me from having the “healthy glow” that the commercials for costly creams promise. It has been difficult to find these locally as the shelf space gets taken by new, expensive options, so I am really glad to find them on Amazon.Inexpensive, re-usable, no chemical reactions or worries about getting something in your eye. Perfect.

Bethany Arthur City, TX

Accept no imitations!

I started using these little scrubbers some 20 years ago. I still use them. I have had to use store brand imitations for a number of years however because they are so impossible to find. Then about six months ago, I finally saw one in my local store. I couldn’t believe the difference! Still as powerful in cleaning but not as harshly abrasive. I get compliments on my skin all the time. I always tell people that its because of Buf-Puf.It doesn’t matter what your age… It is never to late to start exfoliating!

Shawna Lawrenceville, NY

Face Scrubbers

I have been using these facial sponges since I was in my 20’s, so about 30 years! Lately they have been harder to find. In the past I used them every day when I washed my face. Now I use them twice a week. They are especially useful on the days I have used sunscreen to help remove the gunk. They last very well and I usually use one pad for about 6 months or so if I only use them on my face. Also use them on my arms and legs before the use of artificial tanning products to exfoliate my skin, they are awesome for that! Be sure to use them gently as they could irritate your skin if you were to enthusiastic .

Krystal Harrisville, NH

Can’t live without!

I have hyperkeratinization and these take care of it. It really helps to keep your dead skin from building up and clogging your pores. They really work.

Camille Secaucus, NJ