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Buf-Puf Double-Sided Body Sponge

The secret to really polished, smooth, attractive skin is exfoliation (that’s why everyone’s running to spas these days). This Double-Sided Sponge gets you there–inexpensively–with gently abrasive fibers that whisk away rough, dead, dry flakes and bumps. One side works on delicate areas (thighs, arms, buttocks, tummy), the other goes at elbows and heels with a bit more gusto. Perfect Prep for Sunless Tanning! Thoroughly cleans and refreshes your skin. Use every day with your favorite cleanser.  1 ~ Double Sided Body Sponge. Leaves skin feeling clean and refreshed! Use every day with your favorite soap or cleanser. Thoroughly cleanses skin of dirt and excess oil. Smoothes away rough, dry skin: white side for all-over cleansing. blue side for smoothing of elbows and feet. Leaves skin smooth and soft, perfectly prepped for shaving and sunless tanning. Buf-Puf™ Body Sponge is also the replacement sponge for your Buf-Puf™ Back Scrub. Made in USA.

Key features

  • Double-sided body sponge has gently abrasive fibers that whisk away rough, dead, dry flakes, and bumps
  • Thoroughly cleans and refreshes your skin
  • 2 sides to sponge: white side for all-over cleansing, blue side for smoothing of elbows and feet
  • Use every day with your favorite soap or cleanser
  • Good preparation for sunless tanning

Honest reviews


love them

My second order on these, I love them. Impossible to find at a drug store anymore so a 6 pack is awesome. They last forever, I got a year out of the last 6 pack, throw them in the laundry with a load, they come out just fine.

Rosalind Marion, CT

Perfect for getting grime off for the chemically sensitive

I just used soap and water and found a layer of grit building up on my arms (blcch). I am chemically sensitive so can’t use lotions, etc. Tried dry buffing, and that is great, but I wanted something to use in the shower. These are so wonderful! You want to also buy the handle so you can do your back. It has two sides. One side is for your face and gentle areas, the other is harsher. The face side is the same is the facial Buf-Puf, but this sponge is bigger, which I also like.

Clarissa Chinle, AZ

Works well!

Fantastic body sponges! Green-side for the body, white for the neck, throat and face – might be too coarse for sensitive skin but works well otherwise. My self and my family’s been using these for years and we love them!

Gertrude Highlandville, IA

Makes my skins so smooth

I have used Buf Puf since high school (I am now in my 50’s) and I always get compliments on the smoothness of my skin. This sponge keeps the dead skin cells from clogging my pores, which contributes to that "aged" look.

Janice Leesburg, NJ

Great Product, but wish was bigger!

I read all the reviews prior to buying and decided to give this a try…I’m very happy I did. It’s gentle enough for everyday use…the blue side isn’t extremely exfoliating…I use it on my feet and heels and it’s quite alright, and the white side is gentle enough to be used everywhere else. I especially love using these to bathe with after dusting, sweeping and mopping nearly every evening as we’re renovating. You do have to use a little more shower gel than normal to get a good sud but I like the clean, exfoliated feeling I get after using.I certainly wish they were a little bigger considering it’s for washing your body and hope Buf-Puf will think about that…all in all, a great product.

Judith Portola, CA

Gentle or deep exfoliation? … Just switch sides … white or aqua blue and you’re through!

I have been using the Buf-Puf body sponge since the 1980’s. The oval shape is ideal for lightly exfoliating around the eyelids/nose area. The white end gently exfoliates tender skin … but for deeper exfoliation, the aqua blue side does the job without any abrasive feeling.Simply put, this Buf-Puf Double-Sided Body Sponge is a great BODY SPONGE!SEE MY PHOTOS IN CUSTOMER IMAGESOf course I am paying more for these sponges, but they do not soften as quickly as the bargain brands.Hope my review was helpful … Jeffrey A. (Jeff)

Vera Sierra Blanca, TX

Good for exfoliating

I have been using these for years and I like the option of being able to buy the 6 pack on Amazon. They are great for exfoliating and a reasonable price.

Tamera Yale, IA

not really what i thought

i wanted more of a tough scrubber then a soft sponge and this wasn’t it. It didn’t really do what i thougth it did.

Christian Bedias, TX