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Buf-Puf Double-Sided Body Sponge – 1 ea

The secret to really polished, smooth, attractive skin is exfoliation (that’s why everyone’s running to spas these days). This Double-Sided Sponge gets you there–inexpensively–with gently abrasive fibers that whisk away rough, dead, dry flakes and bumps. One side works on delicate areas (thighs, arms, buttocks, tummy), the other goes at elbows and heels with a bit more gusto. Perfect Prep for Sunless Tanning! Thoroughly cleans and refreshes your skin. Use every day with your favorite cleanser.  1 ~ Double Sided Body Sponge. Leaves skin feeling clean and refreshed! Use every day with your favorite soap or cleanser. Thoroughly cleanses skin of dirt and excess oil. Smoothes away rough, dry skin: white side for all-over cleansing. blue side for smoothing of elbows and feet. Leaves skin smooth and soft, perfectly prepped for shaving and sunless tanning. Buf-Puf™ Body Sponge is also the replacement sponge for your Buf-Puf™ Back Scrub. Made in USA.

Key features

  • Double-sided body sponge has gently abrasive fibers that whisk away rough, dead, dry flakes, and bumps
  • Thoroughly cleans and refreshes your skin
  • 2 sides to sponge: white side for all-over cleansing, blue side for smoothing of elbows and feet
  • Use every day with your favorite soap or cleanser
  • Good preparation for sunless tanning

Honest reviews



The best product ever for the shower. It gets all dead skin off and makes my skin smooth and silky.

Minnie Capitola, CA

Great for dead skin cell removal

The choice of having rougher and smoother side is perfect for all skin types. The size is perfect. They dry fast, just wish there were multiples in each pack.

Tammy Menlo, GA

Let the sloughing begin!!!

I’ve been using a dish sponge, yes, you read that right, a dish sponge to wash my body in the shower. Granted it’s a nice spong, the kind that has a mesh lining on it and costs about $3 at my local grocery store…but I thought it was time to commit, to an actual body sponge. I’d read on here, after researching, that the Buf-Puf Double sided body sponge was pretty awesome, so I went ahead and ordered it. I’ve used it 2x only and I have to say, I get excited (don’t look into this too much please) about scrubbing down in the shower now 😉 I also hate mushy soap and use most soaps that come out of a container but a friend gave me a beautiful bar of soap and this scrubber grabs the soap so it’s left fairly dry (the soap) and doesn’t just sit there (like I’d let it) and build up into a soapy mush. The sponge is definitely a strong scrub on one side, good for elbows, legs and maybe your hard to reach places on your back. The other side is soft enough to use on your face, neck, inner arms etc. Overall, I love this little sponge!

Elvira Banks, OR


This really works well. It reminds me of a product from 50 years ago for the same purpose. Looking forward to showering with it.

Mabel Encino, NM

Love this

I always used the sponges you can get at any store and never felt like they really did anything. This sponge is great, my legs feel smooth after each use. Would recommend.

Lenora Saint George, SC

Not That Exfoliating

I prefer very exfoliating sponges and scrubs and these were not so. I guess they may be ok for everyday use.

Pansy Stevens Village, AK

So good!

This makes my skin feel soo good. I love Buf-Pufs. They are the perfect exfoliation tool. It’s a must have!

Brandie Curtiss, WI

Good For Getting Off Tiny Ticks, Too . . . . .

While spring cleaning, I came across my old Buf-Puf handle. I had forgotten all about the Buf-Puf and how good it works. It was wonderful to see it still being sold. Besides doing a super job of keeping your skin clean, it also is great for using if you have been outside in areas with ticks. Years ago, I would visit a wooded area, where there were deer, and pick up tiny, tiny ticks, without knowing they were on me. It was only after scrubbing with this body sponge, that I would see the itty-bitty ticks caught up in the Buf-Puf. Then, I would just rinse them down the drain.The Buf-Puf sponge I received this week is just like the old one–same shape, same size. Thus, it fits my old Buf-Puf back scrub handle. I’m really glad I kept it, since Amazon and every other place online seems to no longer have any “Buf-Puf Back Scrub Body Sponge with Reusable Handle”. Besides having a white side to scrub your skin, the body sponge also has a “tougher” blue side to scrub your feet. I had forgotten, too, what a nice job it does on summer feet, when shoes are worn only when absolutely necessary.

Leanna Charlton City, MA

great for skin…

I have used this product for years, plus another softer Buf-Puf for my face.Does wonders for taking off dried skin, and I just feel wonderfully clean afterwards. It also preps your skin well for your favorite lotion.I use the Buf-Puf handle and attach this sponge to wash my back.After many years, I am used to it, but for a first time user, stick to the softer white side and use a gentle touch.Overall a great exfoliate for the the body!

Emma Moscow, PA