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Buf-Puf Back Scrub Body Sponge with Reusable Handle

One Buf-Puf Body Sponge
One Reusable Handle

Double-Sided Buf-Puf™ Body Sponge with Reusable Handle.á Thoroughly cleans and refreshes your skin.á Use every day with your favorite cleanser.á Perfect Prep for Sunless Tanning!

Leaves Skin Feeling Clean and Refreshed!

  • Use every day with your favorite soap or cleanser.
  • Thoroughly cleanses skin of dirt and excess oil even in hard-to-reach areas.
  • Smoothes away rough, dry skin:
    • White side for all-over cleansing
    • Blue side for smoothing of elbows and feet.
  • Leaves skin smooth and soft, perfectly prepped for shaving and sunless tanning lotion.

by 3M

Key features

  • Double-sided Buf-Puf body sponge with reusable handle
  • Thoroughly cleans and refreshes your skin
  • 2 sides to sponge: white side for all-over cleansing, blue side for smoothing of elbows and feet
  • Use every day with your favorite soap or cleanser
  • Good preparation for sunless tanning

Honest reviews


Fantastic exfoliation and invigorating for the whole family!

Notice I said the whole family in my title… That’s why I got this multi pack. One for each of us so no cooties are spread. 🙂 The handle makes it easy to reach my back, neck, legs and any other body parts that need a good, invigorating scrub. I’ve even got hubby hooked on using one because it makes him feel so clean. The sponge is very good for rough elbows and heels, and if you have an oily back & chest like I do, mixing it with a bit of anti-bacterial soap and letting the foam sit on the skin for a few minutes so that you get the full anti bacterial effect is very helpful in preventing acne. Sensitive skins may want to start out light and slow, but will find the benefits are great and you’ll get used to it. Sponge refills are easy to find on Amazon and reasonably priced, and what else can I say? It works!

Gale Felt, ID

Very nice exfoliator/scrubber…

I am always reading how important it is to exfoliate your skin, so I was trying to find a product long enough for me to reach down my back.I have had regular back scrubbers, but was told by my dermatologist that they carry a lot of bacteria. The answer? Disposable scrub pads, so you can start new when you need to. Very smart idea, although it is not inexpensive.There is a long plastic stick with 2 sharp prongs on it, that gets installed inside the pad. When you are done using it, you just pull it off, dispose of it, and put a clean pad on.These pads work very well on your back, but you can also use them on your legs and arms. It does a fantastic job of exfoliating and removing the dead skin. The pads really hold up very well. The only downside I have seen is I think the brush could have been a but more sturdy and a couple inches longer. None the less, I still recommend this product.

Carolyn Rembert, SC

Really nice scrub sponge + handle

These are great for exfoliating in the shower and scrubbing your feet without bending too much! The handle is sturdy and of a much higher quality than I expected. I use the hook on the handle to hang this on my shower rack between uses. I like how the puff has two sides; one for lighter exfoliation, and one for tougher areas. A great beauty tool!

Magdalena Westmont, IL

Recommended by my doctor to prevent acne on body

I’m not an acne-covered teenager, but, as a 30+ woman, I was tired of occasional breakouts on my face and back.My doctor recommended this particular product because you can (and should) replace the sponge head periodically, thus reducing bacteria to re-infect oneself and lead to pimples. She told me to use it with an anti-bacterial body wash.It works just fine as a back scrubber. This would not be appropriate for very sensitive skin as it is an exfoliant type brush–similar to a loofah or those round body scrubbers that always come bundled with body wash gift packs.When you’ve tossed the old sponge to replace it, you are left with a stick covered with little pointy barbs. That’s what the new sponge will stick to. Changing it isn’t hard, but, occasionally, a washcloth or other item near the brush will catch on a barb that doesn’t get full covered by your new sponge. This isn’t a big issue, but it could snag something. Be careful with that problem, and you should enjoy this brush.I’ve had my handle for about 2 years now. It is sturdy. I’ve been through many, many sponge heads. They are tricky to find at my local grocery and pharmacy, so Amazon availability is really great for me.

Leslie Comstock Park, MI

Decent but somewhat awkward to use on back

After fighting with it to scrub my back a few times, I went back to my trusty scrubbing glove since I have more control with that. I never felt like I was able to get all those hard to reach places with this. Good idea but not so utilitarian.

Katharine Chemult, OR