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Bubble Bath for Women, Men and Teens – Lavender Hybrid, Gentle, and Safe for Sensitive Skin – With Vitamin E and Aloe Vera

By taking advantage of a combination of aromatherapy and a profusion of bubbles, Lavender Hybrid Bubble Bath is a gentle and pleasant additive to any bath, whether it be a hot or warm. Both children and parents alike can enjoy the non-irritating bubbles which generously provide a full, thick layer of lavender hybrid bubbles across the tub. The bubble bath itself is delicately formulated to be the safest possible bubble bath flexible for all skin types. Even those with highly sensitive skin can enjoy a non-irritating experience due to the gentle ingredients. Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, which are naturally good for the skin make this bubble bath hypoallergenic without the need to add any artificial fragrances. Lavender Premium, fully-certified organic lavender is the spearhead of the formula. Contributing a combination of therapeutic properties which are great for the skin, the warm aroma is perfectly pure and fresh. Only the highest quality lavender from Bulgaria is used in this formula in order to maximize therapeutic compound content. Clary Sage Recognized by aromatherapists as a natural sedative, the formula is subtly enhanced with clary sage, which softens the aromatic values in order to deliver a calming, pleasant scent. Clary sage also acts as a deodorant, which provides an extra layer of cleanliness within the bath. Most Relaxing Lavender Bubble Bath for Relaxation Palmarosa Boasting an attractive smell, palmarosa has disinfecting properties to ensure a cleansing experience. Also notable for its hydrating and circulatory-stimulating properties, this primary staple remains a hygenic bath-time necessity.

Key features

  • Lavender hybrid formula includes Bulgarian Lavender, Clary Sage and Palma Rosa
  • High-yielding bubbl bath, meaning the amount of bubbles it makes is plentiful and lasts throughout the whole bath
  • Gentle and pleasant additive to any bath
  • Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, which are naturally good for the skin make this bubble bath hypoallergenic without the need to add any artificial fragrances
  • Generously provides ample layer of bubbles to cover all areas

Honest reviews


Fabulous Fragrence !

Aah …the pleasure of soaking in a lovely tub full of bubbles. I have not used bubble bath for years. I’m so glad I decided to try it again. This was so relaxing !

Ladonna Marion Junction, AL

Helps my son wind down before bed

I have a 4 year old son, and he is hard to get calmed down sometimes before bedtime. He loves playing in bubble baths and blowing the bubbles and sculpting things with the bubbles. This lavender bubble bath really has a calming effect on him. It simmers him down so there isn’t much of a fight anymore to get him to bed for preschool the next day. He used to lay in bed, and I could just hear him talking away for awhile before he would finally give up and fall asleep. After a bath with this, that talking time has been cut to less than half. He is better rested in the morning and has a better day in school. I am definitely going to need to stock up on this!I was given this product for my honest review. This is my opinion after receiving and testing this product myself.

Debra Claridge, PA

Lots of bubbles!!

I ordered this bubble bath for my 5 yr old. She loves bubble baths, but she has allergies and a lot of other bubble stuff has so many chemicals in them that it instantly gives her an allergic reaction. This is different from all those, it is gentle for her and she lives the smell. Believe it or not, lavender has a calming effect, and it definitely gets her relaxed and sleepy if she gets a bath before bedtime. This stuff is awesome, and it’s very concentrated so it’ll last a long time. Props to Maple Holistics for a great product:)

Eliza Hornbeak, TN

Boy this is the best bubble bath I have ever owned

I would like to say I love the scent of lavender I mainly like Lavender scent because it’s very fragrant and I love to smell good stuff this company Maple Holistics really hit the home run with this bubble bath it had fast Super Shipping. The scent was very strong in a good way and smelled better than I expected! When I drew my bubble bath, my entire bathroom and bedroom was filled with the scent. The amount of bubbles were the bubbliest bubble bath I have ever seen, which was a fair amount the most impressive aspect was that the bubbles lasted long past my desire to remain in the tub. In fact, this morning when I was getting ready for work, I noticed a few bubbles still around the drain. When I picked up a handful of bubbles and smelled them the scent was still very strong. Would recommend for personal use or as a gift. Thanks courtesy of Maple Holistics !

Norma Cleveland, UT

A very nice bubble bath soap that makes a lot of bubbles!

This is very nice bubble bath soap. It has a light lavender scent and it foams like crazy. A little bit in your tub creates a lot of foam and it is just nice to lie back and relax in the tub. This is an organic formula and it contains ingredients that are safe and gentle. I cannot tell you how much bubbles it makes so you do not have to use a lot of it in a bath.The product contains vitamin E and Aloe Vera and it helps to condition your skin while providing a relaxing bath with bubble and aroma therapy. It is hypoallergenic and made in America. This is a very nice product and we liked it a lot. I rate it as a 5 star item.I was supplied a sample for test and evaluation and I promised to provide a fair and honest review.

Juliette Cross Plains, TN

Love this bubble bath

I’m not sure why this product is called Lavender Hybrid, since hybrid lavender is cheaper and lacks the therapeutic benefits of true lavender oil. This contains true Bulgarian lavender oil along with clary sage and palmarosa, which smells absolutely amazing! I took a bath with it last night and soaked in the tub for an hour. A couple caps-full made a large amount of long-lasting bubbles which left me so relaxed I didn’t want to move. I will absolutely buy this product again and again; in fact, I would love to see shampoo, conditioner and soap with the same fragrance!It came in a plastic bottle but I’m quite confused why anyone would complain about that. Amazon doesn’t allow FBA products in glass bottles larger than 4 oz. I didn’t order it for the packaging — I ordered it for the contents. I always put my bubble bath in an attractive decanter, so who cares about the bottle it came in? I really, REALLY like this bubble bath!

Lilian Garrison, MN