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Brut By Faberge Cologne Splash 25.6 Oz.

Introduced in 1964. Fragrance notes: citrus top notes with hints of spicy woods. Recommended use: evening.

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  • This item is not for sale in Catalina Island

Honest reviews


cheap classic….

I bought this one just to remember the high school days of my life,when i used to use the deodarant from brut,now it gets me back those sweet memories..whenevr i spray it……..definitely worth it coz its dead cheap …………

Juana Lenoxville, PA

Great value

What can I say about Brut? Either you love the smell or you do not. This container is huge, repeat huge. I bought it because my son also uses it and unlike me, he seems to use it by the quart. So buying a huge size made sense. If Brut is one of your most used or daily cologne, I recommend buying this size as you save money and the stuff does not spoil. If you use Brut just from time to time or not at all, this is not a good buy for you. Those who have not tried Brut should buy the smallest size first or better yet, check it out in a drug store before buying. If you like it you can then go for the bigger containers. No complaints

Lessie Payson, AZ

mm it smells so nice as i remember..

it smells great on my man like heaven. i really like it and the size is great. the decoration on the bottle makes it look special and nice as a gift.

Jean Templeton, IN

Fresh scent

If you like BRUT deodorant body spray then this is a more potent version in the form of cologne. Nice fresh bright scent that is not overpowering.

Ashley Lula, GA

So beautiful

Love this product and the bottle is gorgeous. It smells divine and lasts all year. It also looks great in bathroom.

Lila La Salle, MI

Smells great

This stuff smells great and is a very affordable price. I love when my husband wears this stuff. He doesn’t even like cologne but keeps this stuff around because I love it so much.

Eula Staples, TX