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Brush – Large Oval Cushion Wood Bristles Wood Handle Bass Brushes 1 Brush

Brush – Large Oval Cushion Wood Bristles Wood Handle by Bass Brushes 1 Brush Brush – Large Oval Cushion Wood Bristles Wood Handle 1 Brush The Bass Wood Collection is a natural and is a Anit-static as possible.Solid Wood Handles with Wood Pin Bristles. For all types of hair. Works great with blow-dryers totally heat resistant. Warnings Keep out of reach of children. As with all dietary supplements consult your healthcare professional before use. See product label for more information.

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Very nice brush

This is a great brush for a very reasonable price. The wood back and handle are lovely and smooth to the touch, comfortable in your hand. The pins may feel kind of like plastic, but they aren’t – they’re bamboo, in a cushioned bed. They go very smoothly through my fine hair, with no snagging or pulling. The ends are rounded and feel good against my scalp. I tried a boar bristle brush before this, but the bristles were too soft to get through my hair – this one does the job well. One thing I really like is that the pins are not bulbous at the ends. The old vent plastic brush I used to use had bulbous tips on the ends of the pins, which would catch lint and debris, which was nearly impossible to clean off of the brush. This brush seems like it will be easy to keep clean and looking good.Definitely recommended!

Jamie Grulla, TX

Love this brush.

I am a curly so can’t use a brush for detangling. But when my hair has been finger detangled, this brush reaches my scalp, feels great and does not rip out any of my hair. The bristles are very flexible and set nicely in a pneumatic cushion and they are widely spaced, which is great for someone like me with extremely thick curly hair. I would recommend this product highly.

Ruby Adell, WI


I was looking for a great wooden bristle brush and this is actually my first time ever using one. I thought it would hurt my scalp because it’s wood.. any who, it doesn’t. It’s perfect! I love it. Once I received it, I tried it that night after my shower and I let my hair air dry and combed it with a wide tooth comb. I’ve tried boar bristle brushes before because I was hearing so many things about it and how good it was.. it actually pulled on my hair.. which was weird. So of course, never buying a boar bristle brush again. Once I saw how amazing this brush felt on my head and how it pulled literally no hairs at all, I fell in love. It glides through my hair so beautifully. I have a lot of thin straight hair though but it’s such a hassle since it’s so thin that it has a lot of knots and I love how this doesn’t pull on my hair nor rip and break my hair unlike some plastic brushes I have tried. I think I will forever buy these type of brushes. I literally fell in love with this brush! Oh and the bristles are actually pretty long so it’s perfect for long hair! (my hair is up to my back dimples so you know it’s perfect for long hair lol). The size of the brush is normal I guess. Not huge or not small. It’s big enough to be able to grab and fits a lot of hair at once. It is amazingly manufactured and you can tell the wooden bristles won’t fall off so good thing. I have already recommended it to the women in my family and some of my friends. Nothing negative about this.

Elaine Bangall, NY

best brush ever, particularly for long, or thick hair!

This is my first wooden pin hair brush. I’ve only had it for a few days, but I already would never go back to anything else! There is no static and this brush has nice, deep bristles that actually brush all your hair. I have frizzy hair that takes a lot of very particular products to keep it from getting frizzy. I don’t have thick hair, but I have very long hair and a lot of it. I find I have less tangles because the bristles retain their shape (nylon, plastic or boar ones tend to get misshapen due to the heat of the hairdryer). I think because it is wood, it is harder for the bristles to get misshapen. There is a sensory experience you get with the wooden bristles that you don’t get with plastic. I really like it and find it stimulates my scalp. If you have a sensitive scalp, it might not be for you. This brush didn’t have the rounded ends on the bristle “pins” that plastic needs because plastic would scratch your scalp. I thought this was a great value because the other wooden handle + wooden bristle brushes out there are usually $40-$80+. I first saw the wooden bristle pins in Europe, where all the pricey brands are less costly than they are in the states. I still didn’t buy them because it seemed expensive (although I have Mason Pearson’s) for something I hadn’t really heard much about. This one has been great for me!

Winifred Indianola, IA

High quality brush

Although you can see screws in the back, this is still a nice quality and nice looking brush that has worked very well with my long, thick hair. It has lasted a long time and is my favorite brush.

Cara Barnwell, SC

My new primary!

This is my new primary brush – it has been wonderful in gently de-tangling my curly hair! The bristles feel fantastic against my scalp and the back of my neck – sometimes I use it to ease the tension in the back of my scalp/neck when I have a terrible headache. A regular brush doesn’t do that for me – it’s the strength of these bristles that creates such a lovely spa-like feeling!

Rosetta Elk Grove, CA

Where has this been all my life?

I bought this after my hair stylist recommended it when I told her I was attempting to grow my hair out.I LOVE this brush. My cheap plastic bristled brush was always full of dead hair that had fallen and been pulled out of my head. I haven’t had to clean hair out of this brush yet! Feels great, great quality.

Bridgette Spurgeon, IN

head-scratching goodness!

for those saying good massage- no, it’s a scratching quality (probably due that there are no "balls" on the end of bristles) but it is so pleasing! if you love your head scratched in a good shampoo at the hairdressers, this could be the next best thing- i find myself taking my time brushing my scalp these days. sensitive heads may not like it. as for ease of cleaning i find the bristles having a stiffer quality it takes a little longer to fish my hair out compared to a plastic equivalent, but i wanted to rid myself of plastic as much as possible and it feels oh so good!!! still use

Joanna Camden, ME

Unusual Brush

I like this brush very much. It is sturdy and beautiful. It is a perfect size and feels wonderful in my hand. The bristles are very comfortable and do not pull my hair. A negative factor is that it picks up any lint out of my hair and stores it around the base of the bamboo bristle. I will have to buy a special brush tool to replace my normal hair cleaning tool to remove this lint. Also, it doesn’t easily remove tangles. It does make my hair shiny and seems to improve my hair’s body. Overall this is an extraordinary brush that I like very much.

Britney Weyerhaeuser, WI

Great brush

Works well on my long thick hair which tangles easily. Doesn’t pull out as much hair as synthetic or plastic brushes. I was worried about the bamboo bristles breaking easily but they are stronger than the plastic bristles on other brushes.

Dominique Woodsboro, TX

I love it!

This is so far the best brush I’ever owned because it’s made of wood its natural and it gives me awesome acupuncture scalp massage! I love it!!! I wish they had round brush like that for styling! Defiantly great buy by me!!!

Paulette Columbus, ND

Love it!

My hair is very long. The texture is fine but I have a lot of it. I was tired of always breaking the plastic pins in my other hairbrushes trying to comb out knots. Boar bristles brushes made my hair to staticky. This is perfect. It detangles nicely and feels great on the scalp. I wish I would have found this brush years ago.

Kathleen Chrisman, IL

Minimal hair pulling

I read that natural brushes were good for your hair health and I’m glad I tired this one first. It glides through my hair and doesn’t seem to pull it out. Other brushed I would have clumps in the brush. I use a wide tooth comb when my hair is wet didn’t test on wet hair. But on dry it cuts through my thick hair. And is great for hair drying.

Dessie Montgomery, NY

Love this brush

I hadn’t heard of a wood bristle brush before but it’s winter and even in the rainy NW dry winter air makes frizztastic hair that much frizzier. This brush doesn’t seem to increase or decrease frizz that I could notice but it’s fantastic as a brush in and of itself, I was worried the bristles would break as I have stupidly thick curly hair but it’s performed wonderfully. definitely recommend.

Lucille Calder, ID

Reduces frizz and tangles

I’ve been very happy with this brush. It appears to be of good quality, and the natural wood bristles seem to reduce both frizz and tangles in my hair and my daughters.

Meghan Sugar Grove, OH

Great brush!

I haven’t noticed much of a difference in the amount of hair this brush pulls out vs. my old plastic brush, but I was tired of replacing broken brushes all the time. This one works great, reduces static, and will hopefully last for many years. I use it on my 19-month-old son, too.

Angelica Sallis, MS

Very Nice!

Just what the Dr ordered, easy on the hair, easy on the pocket-book. Brushes, de-tangles hair and massages scalp all without pulling your thinning hair out! Nice and gentle

Abigail Bowen, IL

No snags on my curls!

Great brush for curly/wavy hair (I’ve only tried it on my non-ethnic texture, can’t speak for ethnic textures) The wooden pins are straight and without any sort of tipping, so the pins never catch on my hair. The only problem for me is that I felt residue builds up slightly faster and cleaning is not convenient. But the great brushing is worth it

Barbra Pageland, SC

It’s fine for the price.

One month in, I’ve already lost a bristle. Otherwise, it’s fine.. I prefer it to other plastic brushes I’ve used, for sure.

Kimberlee Franklin Grove, IL

Worst Brush I Own

So I was tired of buying those cheap, plastic ball tipped brushes over & over again. I wanted a brush that was good quality & would really last! I did some research, and this brush looked like exactly what I wanted.. well, I was wrong, very wrong.This brush rips out hair like nobodies business. If you expect to remove any tangles with this brush the only way you’ll accomplish that is by literally ripping the hair out. I have straight hair, and that’s the result I got with this brush, I can’t imagine if someone with curly or wavy hair tried to use it.In short, if you don’t want to rip out your hair, don’t buy this brush.

Roslyn Village Of Nagog Woods, MA