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The BRTC Blemish Recover Balm is specially designed for troubled skin, touting such properties as oil control, trouble care and skin protectant. This bb cream also has SPF28, is moisturizing and oil free. Its features natural ingredients such as lavendar, chrysanthemum, dandelion root and various flower extracts.

Key features

  • Blemish BB Cream, Acne Prevention & Coverage
  • SPF 28 PA++, Oil Control

Honest reviews


Ok but not the best.

First of all, I want to point out that this particular BB cream did not cause a break out on my acne prone face. I had such a horrible experience with Dr. Jart’s silver BB, so that was the main concern for me. This product certainly gives me that nice coverage that I need. When I put this on in the morning, it will last for about 7-8 hours, then I would have to do the re-touch if it’s necessary. A number of people pointed out that this BB cream does not have a variety for different types of skin tones. Well, most of the BB creams that are manufactured in Korea does not offer that varieties. They usually offer few color tones because their targetted consumers are “asians– particularly Koreans”. Yes, I’d say this BB cream is a little dark for my skin tone, so I have to mix it with other lighter liquid foundations to better match the tones. Also, it has that thick consistency, which makes it hard to spread around the face. I mix it with a moisturizer or facial oil to make them absorb better and sink in well.Again, 3 steps that I follow before applying BB creams:1. squeeze BB about a dime size on back of your hand.2. Mix that with a pea-size of facial oil or a moisturizer to find that consistencyyou’re looking for.3. Mix again with liquid foundation to match the color of your skin-tone.It has a light teatree oil scent. Some people might hate it, but it does not bother me that much since they’re hardly noticeable after you apply them. I’d say the smell dissapears. I might stick with this one til I find the better one; however, for now, it’s ok.

Lynn Allerton, IA

It’s not that bad… Late 30s scars

After reading poor reviews, I feel I had to write one.This is my first BB cream. I really like it. I have used other BB creams after and this has the thickest and best coverage among those I’ve used.I mainly save this for bad skin days – when I am blemished and after peels/dermarolling as it is healing and has more coverage.I don’t use this for everyday as I prefer a lighter coverage. When I do use this though, I feel confident that I look good for the rest of the day.For reference, I am an Oriental with medium skin and occasionally use Bare MInerals Medium.

Ines Linden, CA

Perfect for pasty, acne-prone skin!

I have moderate acne that never really goes away, it just migrates around my face. Sometimes it manifests in dark post-blemish marks, other times I have bright red lumps and whiteheads erupting all over the place. I am also a little self-conscious of my big ol’ pores. Bare mineral powder foundation can get some good coverage but takes way too long and doesn’t last through a work day, not to mention primers making me break out. Enter BRTC Blemish Recover Balm! This stuff rocks! I wake up, wash my face, use a little toner and throw on some of this stuff. It provides just the right amount of coverage for me – evens out my skin tone, keeps my acne a little less noticeable so I feel way more confident at work. AND it doesn’t cause breakouts.The product itself: Thick, creamy. I am light-skinned with pretty neutral tones, not a lot of yellow in my skin. This color matches my skintone fairly well and can be darkened up a bit with powders but overall, if you aren’t very pale, this is probably too light for you. But if you are super duper translucent white, this is probably a bit too dark. It’s a good price, too! I vote try it out.

Emilia Appleton, WA

Just okay

This might work pretty good for other customers but it just didn’t work that well for me. It caused my already oily enough skin to secrete more oil.

Vonda Warrendale, PA

Cakey even after oxidizing

This was the first BB cream I ever tried. I’ve never been able to keep up with a makeup regime because the day after I put on foundation, I always break out. I chose this BRTC BB cream because the label said it was designed for oily, troubled skin—which is exactly what I have. This product did not make me break out. However, it does nothing to control oil, and ends up looking cakey. BB creams don’t come in many colors, but because they "oxidize" after 10-15 minutes on your skin, they shouldn’t look unnatural. This one does. I’m fair-skinned with slight yellowish undertones, but this BB cream sat on my face like a mask. Seriously, I’m really pale—I hate being in the sun, and this stuff STILL looks too white on me.Moreover, it does NOT photograph well! I wore this to a family gathering and in every photo, it looked like I’d applied my grandma’s pressed powder in a sauna.Instead of this stuff, I recommend Skin79’s Hot Pink BB Cream. If you have oily skin, you still might need to blot your face in the afternoon. But the Skin79 stuff is smoother and spreads much more easily, and still doesn’t make break out despite also having sun protection (which the BRTC one does not have).

Alma Millfield, OH