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BriteLeafs Face and Body Ultra Clean Brush 4-in-1 SPA Cleansing System, Waterproof and Cordless

This microdermabrasion rotating face and body cleaning system helps keep your skin looking younger and more vibrant. This face and body SPA cleansing system uses a rotating brush to help keep your skin looking younger and healthier. The microdermabrasion spinning head removes embedded dirt and oil, resulting in healthier, more beautiful skin. Remarkably gentle for cleansing all skin types, including sensitive skin conditions such as rosacea and acne. Your pores appear smaller, fine lines and wrinkles appear reduced and your skin tone and texture improves . The rotating action polishes away aged skin and rejuvenates tissues while it smoothes away stress lines, sun and time. Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, superficial sun damage, superficial scars and age spots. Comes with 4 reusable applicators including a large brush, small brush, face sponge and pumice stone.

Key features

  • Rotating facial brush for deep cleansing & exfoliating, Waterproof, convenient for use in bath time
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by deeply cleaning pores and extracting bacterial
  • Exfoliates and cleanses the pores of leftover make-up and ensure clean skin from head to toes
  • Aids in clearing of skin and product absorption, Can be used with facial emulsion, hand-washing cream and foot-cleaning products.
  • Uses 4 “AA” batteries, Waterproof And Cordless

Honest reviews


I like it!!!

This device for face is absolutely awesome. I don’t really care about presentation of this product (plastic box or paper box, whatever) but I do care how it works, and this one works very good. Because of 4AA batteries it is very powerful compere to Olay brush(I would give Olay 2.5 stars). All brushes that came with are very good. I’m using face brush every evening and it does clean your face! And 1-2 times/weak I’m using the sponge brush for microdermabrasion, that what is for(I apply the Clarince cream with microbeads and polish my face with spongy brush- works awesome). If somebody can not decide what is better: device with rotating brush or with vibration(for-example,clarisonic), I would suggest to go for rotating/spinning brush(it does much much better job by cleaning your skin and smoothing out wrinkles). For now I’m happy with this tool. I only wish this one will last long enough 🙂

Lana Gates, OR

Worth it

No matter how much you think that you did great job cleaning or exfoliating, you will be disappointed when use this!!!! it did a good job clearing my face and my shoulders of acnes when you use it daily and handling the discoloration of you body. But you have to be patient and use it daily

Jackie Newport, MN

Cleaning System works okay

I bought this for my daughter and she was okay with it. She said the bristles on some of the brushes were a little uncomfortable and made her face red. It’s a nice cleaning system, I think she just needs to get used to it.

Diana Osgood, IN


A few years ago, I purchased another of briteleafs facial brush kits and it served me well for years. When I was ready to purchase another facial brush, I knew that I couldn’t go wrong with a briteleaf product. This one is great, it completly spins as opposed to just vibrating, and the facial brush attactment feels great on the skin,not too hard, not too soft. I also love that it’s waterproof. If you are looking for a great product at a great value, this is the one you need to get.

Juana Lebanon, VA

Great Product

I purposely waited a few months after purchasing this product to write a review. I must say that I am very pleased. The Clarisonic initially caught my eye in a magazine ad. When I researched it, I saw the price was astronomical! I would not pay that much. So I decided to get on Amazon and look for something comparable. I came across this model, which was rather cheap and very similar to the $170 Clarisonic.I absolutely love it. I have less breakouts. I use it every other day, but there are times when I forget to use it. If I notice a breakout on the horizon, I simply began to use the product and it will control the pending breakout to keep it from getting out of control, then it disappears.I am not one who has a specific beauty regimen or facial process that I must do every day/night–so I don’t have a whole bunch of facial cleansers, etc. That is the BEST PART about this product: I use it with plain old Dove soap! My skin feels soft, smooth, and it looks radiant! It controls mild acne and it is less expensive than most similar products. I would say it is certainly worth a try.I do not currently use the other attachments to this product. I mailny purchased it for facial use. But they are an added bonus, should I choose to use them in the future.

Kimberly Rossville, TN

love this brush

I have tried several brushes and this is my favorite. the brush is powerful but not to rough and it is easy to switch the brush heads just make sure you get the waterproof brush its worth it.

Erna Fort Wayne, IN

Worked Great, While it Lasted

Loved this product but it broke after having it for like 2 weeks 🙁 Was good while it lasted although it felt like it was less powerful just after a couple uses

Bobbi Fort Drum, NY

Not horrible, not great.

I bought this looking for a way to exfoliate and deep clean my skin. Normally, I can accomplish both of these things without a tool and just using my hands. But, the vigorous scrubbing twice a day can be tiring. I assumed this product would assist me with the scrubbing, it is battery powered after all. Unfortunately, the rotation of the brush on the product is pretty slow, so the exfoliating factor is very mild. There are no speed settings, just an ‘on’ and ‘off’ button. So I end up having to do most of the work myself anyway. After using this product for a month, it has become defective. Sometimes, it doesn’t turn on when I press the ‘on’ button. I have to press the on and off buttons repeatedly, take the brush off the head and mess with it, and then it will turn on like it is supposed to. The batteries are fresh, so it is the product itself that is the problem. Overall, BriteLeafs Face and Body Brush is just mediocre. I will be looking for something else to replace it.

Suzanne Bennettsville, SC

For those of us who don’t have the $200 to spend…

I think this is a good alternative if you can not afford the Clarasonic. It definitely cleans well and I like it. It won’t give you the sonic vibration but it will clean your skin better than washing with your hands and it will exfoliate pretty well.

Rhoda Fort Ashby, WV

this gadget works really well

The face and Body Ultra Clean brush works really well. I use the large body brush to clean my back, legs, chest and arms. I also use the facial brush to take off my make-up at night and it cleans my face well because of the rotating action of the bristles, it gets deep down into the pores. The sponge attachment is used to apply microdermabrasion creams and it buffs the skin leaving it soft and smooth. I use the pumice attachment to loosen the dead skin cells on the soles of my feet. After that I apply moisturizer and the soles of my feet feels soft and smooth. I highly recommend this gadget to anyone who wants to improve the texture of their facial skin and who is looking for a very effective body brush.

Lynne Hannibal, NY


Oh my gosh where to start? I LOVE THIS CLEANSING BRUSH! It scrubs my face SO well and makes it feel "clean" and fresh! (like getting a professional cleanse!) So much cheaper than the Clairsonic brush, but does the same job! I use it twice a day and couldn’t live without it! Gets all my makeup and gunk off my face and out of my pores! My face is as clear and acne free as ever!(:

Tabatha Mishawaka, IN

Not waterproof. Inexpensive option.

First, let me say that if you don’t want to spend a fortune, this will work okay for you. I’d expect to see this in a Dollar General or similar store. It successfully spins one of the 4 included attachments. However, after the first use in the shower (no full submersion) the battery compartment had water in it. I had to open it up to dry before storing. The two brush attachments work as expected. The sponge attachment is a joke – for lotion – who would do that? The pumice is pointless, as the motor isn’t strong enough to allow much pressure.

Deena Dexter City, OH

Works great

I have aging skin and well….aging skin does all sorts of weird stuff! This little machine solves some of those problems. My skin is smooth and blemish free. This system is also very gentle on my face and skims over it with ease while doing some major cleaning with a microderm cream. I would highly recommend this product if you want something that works while being gentle on your skin.

Sara Red Boiling Springs, TN