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Brazilian Hair Treatment Keratin Recharge

1 RECARGA DE KERATINA Nuevo tratamiento para el cabello desde la raíz hasta las puntas. La queratina es la sustancia más importante y esencial para la salud de nuestro cabello. Un cabello sano es de 90% compuesto por queratina. Cabello dañado por tratamientos químicos, la contaminación, soplar hierro seca y plana puede tener una cantidad reducida de queratina a la mitad, lo que resulta en el cabello opaco, quebradizo y sin vida. Esta innovadora fórmula se absorbe más rápidamente y penetró profundamente en la fibra del cabello, la queratina Recarga de Embelleze repone por completo la queratina pierde diariamente por el cabello. Su pelo será más resistente suave, brillante y lleno de vida. – Indicado para todo tipo de cabello – La fórmula concentrada – Resultado inmediato – Queratina Recarga hiper activa – Para la reposición de la fuerza, la salud y el brillo 1 CHARGING QUERATINA New treatment for your hair from the roots to the tips. Keratin is the most important and essential substance to the health of our hair. A healthy hair is 90% composed of Keratin. Hair damaged by chemical treatments, pollution, blow dry and flat iron may have a reduced quantity of Keratin to half, resulting in opaque, brittle and lifeless hair. This innovative formula is absorbed more quickly and penetrated deeply in the hair fiber, the Keratin Recharge from Embelleze replenishes completely the Keratin lost daily by the hair. Your hair will be more resistant soft, shiny and full of life. – Indicated for all types of hair – Concentrated formula – Immediate result – Keratin Recharge hyper activated – For replenishing of strength, health and shine

Key features

  • Concentrated Formula
  • Immediate Results
  • Brazilian Keratin
  • 80gr tube
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Honest reviews


Also Better than Brazilian Tech/Rusk Pro

Smells better, feels better; can be used on wet/dry hair.Styles well and smooths down the frizzies.Yes, I am going to be faithful to the recarga de queratina line if they keep up the good products!Oh yeah and the amount you get for your money and the quality – I’d give it ten stars if I could.

Latonya Montrose, SD


i am a proud owner of bad perm on caucasian hair. in the last 2 months, in the attempts to undo the damage, i have tried it all – mixed chicks, henna, matrix, shea butter, palm oil- whatever it takes. results are… err… moderate to say it mildly.that is untill i tried the Queratina. i just ordered another pack.First of all – warning – do avoid the scalp. this stuff not be affraid to put this on chemically treated / destroyed hair. this stuff coats the hair, makes it soft, glossy, manageable, bouncy, just really unbelievable. my hair looks and feels like it did during pregnancy and before all the stupid things i have done to my tresses…Highly recommended.

Terri Rochester, KY

keratin bliss


Lou Mattaponi, VA

It didnt really straighten my hair alot and it made my hair feel super damaged after applying it kinda like a rubber band.

It didnt really straighten my hair alot and it made my hair feel super damaged after applying it kinda like a rubber band.

Melanie Garden Prairie, IL

sad birthday girl:(

I never received this and the company did not work with me at all. Saying its must of been a delivery error with the mail and that they will investigate. Did not fix my problem did not give my money back also never mail me another one. I order this on my birthday on june 6 2012 and they still haven’t done anything was so sad this was one of my gift that I never received.

Jacqueline Hays, KS

Does a good job

I like this product because it adds an extra boost of moister and shine to my hair. I use it after cleansing my hair and combine it with an oil that I use prior to blow-drying and it works great.

Pamala Carthage, IL

Curly Girl

I have lots of long springlets. In this cold dry weather I was having the worst trouble with brittle ends and weak strands. I’ve read about keratin treatments and did sone research on the binding protein but I don’t want straight hair so the brazilian blowout wasn’t for me. I did this at home, applying half of the tube to the bottom four inches of damp hair and put a shower cap on. Then I did some dishes, climbed in the shower and took my time shaving my legs with the shower cap still on, then rinsed gently with cool water to close the hair cuticle. My hair is soft, moisturized, strong and shiny 🙂 and I still have my bouncy curls! I will definitely buy again and I recommend this for curly girls everywhere

Saundra Apple Creek, OH

Nervous to try it, but glad I did!

I got a Keratin treatment in May. I only wash my hair about once a week, so it has not yet totally faded (yay! Because it took 8 hours and hundreds of dollars!!).I used this with Carol’s Daughter products, and my hair looked and felt phenomenal!! I have very thick, coarse, curly (3b/3c), dry and porous hair… This softened it up significantly, but it didn’t make it greasy. It also stayed moisturized the next day, and it’s hard for me to find a product that keeps my hair soft for 2 days. I don’t want them to increase the price, but I would pay more than $4 or $5 for it. I’m very picky about my hair, and this passed the test.The only reason this is not getting 5 stars is because the packaging was BEAT UP when I got it… The box looked like it had lost a fight with a mailman on it’s way to my house, and I almost didn’t use it because of that. Then I re-read the reviews and decided to use it anyways, and I’m glad I did!! Great product.

Georgette Lexington, MO

No big deal

My hair was in realllly bad shape, I had used on over the counter product to make blow drying straighter….lost a lot of hair. Anyway , went online to buy a variety of products to try. I did not like the feel of this product and my hair felt gummy. It could be due to my condition…but I fouled other products…Paul Mitchell awapuhi treatments much better.

Glenda Weldon, NC


I just got this and tried it. It is not a hair conditioner, it is something you leave in. It is a gel.I have used it a few times now. it leaves your hair silky, shiny and clean and smooth and healthy looking. A tiny bit goes a long way. if I use too much, my hair feels somewhat lank and weighed down.I have wavy/frizzy hair and this works well. I put some in my hair when it is wet and my hair dries wavy, not frizzy. I can follow up w/ an iron and my hair is sleek and smooth. I have found that the no frizz effect lasts pretty well for days — even survives rainy days pretty well. I would rather use a product like this than subject my hair to chemical straightening / keratin blow outs. Plus this is v. affordable and effective.I dont like the metal tube it comes in. it is hard to control how much product comes out.I would prefer it if it came in a jar.It reminds me of Phytolisse which costs a lot more.Too bad it doesnt have free shipping.OMG don’t look at the ingredients ….Hyfrolized Keratin,Phenyl Trimeticone,hydroxyethycellulose,Propylparaben,Methylparaben, Methylchloroisithianozolinone, Methylsothiazolimone !!!!!!!!!! YIKES !!!!

Anastasia Honeydew, CA

Best I’ve Used

I have beached blonde & permed hair, very damaged and purchased several keratin products to prevent cutting all my hair off, used this product 3 times and my hair appears to be in better shape than before, soft, silky and no tangling as before. I was plagued by bottom layer knots near my nape, combing them out created additional breakage. Highly recommended for a price you can’t beat.

Vickie Leon Junction, TX

smell good

i wont buy it anymore cause idont feel ,it have done nothing on my hair for me it didnt do its work ,but i recomend for people who like try something diferent

Sheri Onset, MA