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Brazilian Blowout Acai Deep Conditioning Masque for Unisex, 8 Ounce

Acai deep conditioning masque by Brazilian blowout for unisex, 8 ounce masque. It is recommended for normal skin.

Key features

  • 8 ounce masque
  • Acai deep conditioning masque was launched by the design house of Brazilian blowout
  • It is recommended for normal skin

Honest reviews


You are nuts if you don’t try this!

I love the smell. I love everything about it. It is the best for any hair, especially hair that has had the BBZero treatment. I even bring it to my salon when I have my color done. My stylist puts it in and puts me under the dryer before she blows me out. My hair looks like shiny, smooth glass. If you are a woman, do yourself a favor and give it a try. Ohhhh la la!

Sherry Carnation, WA

This works great but wish it weren’t so expensive

I keep going back to this, despite the price (you get charged a fortune for the brazilian blow out, then the care to go with it). But honestly, it really works great. I can’t believe the difference without it. Luckily it does last a long time. I’ve had this for months and still more left (doesn’t take much).

Francesca Blue Mountain, MS

Incredible Moisture!

I have the original Brazilian Blowout and was advised to purchase their product line to maintain my treatment. I am really impressed with this product line. I have course, super curly hair that needs to be moisturized especially when chemically processed. This line cleanses and moisturizes.For me moisture is important, My hair feels amazing!!I love this Masque more than I loved my WEN masque. whether it is on for 5 minutes or it is on 20 minutes or all day or night. My hair feels amazing. I use it once a week and it makes a difference, especially when I go days without combing through my curly locks, yes even with the Brazilian I still have curls just not as curly. You don’t need to use a lot of this product so it does last for months, so it is worth the price. The whole line is worth the price.

Catherine Leewood, WV


I use this stuff in the summer usually because I feel like it can be a bit drying on my hair, my hair is transitioning from relaxed to natural and this helps me straighten my huge afro within 30 minutes, for someone with shoulder length african american hair that is some crazy stuff! I usually take over an hour doing my hair without this stuff, also once you straighten your hair you won’t ruin it when you sleep on it!

Rita Box Elder, MT

Works great!

I use this 2x week. If I am working from home, I’ll leave this in my hair all through the day. I just comb it into a low loose ponytail/bun and I’m good for working, errands, dog walks or anything else low key.

Mollie Newark, TX


i was told by the lady that did my brazilian blow out, to use this product once a month so that my brazilian would last longer. i did use it, but did not notice any difference. seems like its just conditioner.

Melba Scotland, PA

Great Product

This made a major difference in the way my hair feels after washing and conditioning. I chose to leave the product in overnight for the added benefit, but I have also used it for the recommended 10-20 minutes and it really didn’t seem to make much difference. The first time I washed my hair after my brazillian blowout was applied, I didn’t not use the conditioning mask, and that was a mistake. My hair was not as smooth and soft, so I waited a couple of days and washed it again using the mask and it felt very soft and manageable.

Neva Fort Washington, PA

Love this for my blowout!

I got this to use on my hair since I have a brazilian blow out. Works great! Leaves my hair soft and shiny. I use it once a week. Love it!

Guadalupe Leisenring, PA

Lot it

Before I frost my hair I use this high quality conditioner with a heat cap to make it stronger for the frosting and then i use after and it has made a big different, less breakage and hair is healthier. Highly recommend if you frost or color your hair yourself or in a shop as a before and after treatment.

Josefina Roundhill, KY

Tangle-Free Mane

This is the only product that truly gets the knots out of my hair, thus preventing breakage. So, while expensive…it’s worth every dollar.

Darcy Fort Riley, KS

Great product

I have been using this product for years and love it. I do think its a little pricey, but the best price I have been able to find is on Amazon.

Ramona Osceola, PA

Works okay

I like the product but I found some others that were less expensive. I just didn’t do much shopping around to see what I could find at a better price.

Sandra Rockland, DE