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Bosley Revive Starter Pack, 3 Count

The Bosley Revive Starter Kit for visibly thinning, color-treated hair provides maximum scalp therapy for those whose hair is visibly thinning.

Key features

  • A gentle rejuvenating, sulfate free cleanser that removes toxins such as D.H.T. (a primary cause of hair loss) from the scalp of visibly thinning hair
  • Infuses hair with vitality, volume while it smoothes and adds shine and a thicker appearance
  • Reconditions and rejuvenates the hair and scalp with Life extend complex plus while helping to reduce the action of D.H.T. thickening technology adds weightless volume

Honest reviews


Perfect size to try!

I am always a bit of a skeptic, but I figured for the price this product was worth trying, so I gave it a shot. First off it was larger than I thought, and I have been using it for about a week and already notice my hair being thicker. I am also seeing MUCH less on the brush. I think if you have been considering this product, give it a chance, you might just be pleasantly surprised!

Mallory Danville, AL

love it!

I have seen great results after a few uses. I was skeptical when I read the some other positive results but I can attest I have had good luck. I have had thinning hair due to thyroid cancer for years. When I use this shampoo my hair looks fuller by the scalp. I am not saying you will have Beyonce hair but it will help those in need! good luck!

Alana Milaca, MN


I brought product for my husband but trying to get him to use it is the hard part. The few times he did, it made his hair feel healthy and styling it was much easier. I would recommend it if you have uncontrollable hair because it is good for that. I am still waiting to see a change in the thinning part.

Rose Canton Center, CT

Cleans hair really good

One day I took a picture of my back head after I curled my hair and I noticed some bald spots on my head. I knew I was losing hair but I didn’t think it was that bad until I saw the picture. I started to notice it more at work on the sides of my head. So I knew I had to do something because I was starting to feel embarassed that people were noticing it. I remember I used Nioxin a few years back. But I found out that they changed their ingredients. Then I came across Bosley. I’ve never tried it before so I thought I give it a try before I go back to Nioxon. So far I’ve been using Bosley for almost a month now and it’s not too bad. I like how it gives my scalp that clean and tingly feeling. It feels like my head is able to breathe after all of that oil has been washed off. I still lose some hair strands in the shower so thats why I only give it a 4 star. But when I’m brushing my hair, not alot of hair comes out like before, so it’s a start. Like I said it’s only been almost a month so I will give it some time to work it’s magic. So far I like how it makes my scalp feels and how it really cleans my hair. Some reviews say that it dries out there hair and doesn’t give it that soft feeling. But I’m okay with it. I understand why the shampoo/conditioner would be a bit dry to the hair. Just my theory, but if the shampoo/conditioner made the hair soft, then it’s more likely to make the hair greasier faster and lose it’s volume. The trick to keeping your hair soft and shiny without using other products – in the last minute of your shower run your hair through some cold water. It will help lock in the moisture and keep your hair shiny naturally. Its worked for me. I will have to order me another set once I’m done with the first one. I recommend it for anyone who has oily and thin hair.

Stacie Myra, TX

Okay not Amazing

It seems to be drying out my hair but I do see some new growth, which is nice. Just wish my hair did not look dried out.

Elba Grayling, MI

Bosley Hair Products

This product is excellent. It works as well as advertised. My hair is visibly thicker in just a month. I have color-treated hair and it’s red; which is the most difficult color to maintain. It does not strip the color at all. I’ve tried other products for thinning hair and they’ve all stripped or dulled the red in my hair. This one does not at all.

Antonia Pioneer, LA

I think it works

I’ve been using this product since my hairdresser recommended it about a month ago. I won’t say I have a mop of thick hair, but it is definitely looking better. I will know more in another month or two, but this has definitely stopped the loss and may even be restoring some hair growth.

Inez Duke, OK

Bosley Revive Starter Pack

Review by Tom’s wife.I have been using this starter kit for about 6 weeks. Some other reviewers had said they seem to have new hair growth. At the moment I can not say I have any new hair growth. However, I must say the hair fallout seems LESS which is of course, a good thing!! At first, I wasn’t too crazy about the volumizing & thickening mousse. The key is to use very little. When I finish the starter kit, I will purchase the full sizes of the shampoo & conditioner. Not sure about the mousse.For those who are concerned about hair loss…I highly suggest giving this product a try!! What do you have to lose? No pun intended…ha!ha!

Lilly Dushore, PA