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Bosley Healthy Hair Vitality Supplement for Women, 60 Count

Bosley, the most recognized hair restoration brand in the world, has created professional strength for thicker fuller looking hair.

Key features

  • Healthy hair dietary supplement for woman with lifextend complex
  • Contains horsetail extract, copper, riboflavin and cysteine to vitalize fine or thinning hair
  • Promotes fuller-looking, shiny hair, healthy-looking skin and stronger nails

Honest reviews


I will let you know how it works

I had great success with the Bosely shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair, so I decided to order the vitamins. I have heard very good reviews about them at the salon. My stylist has been using them to treat her alopecia for over a year with good results. Another girl at the salon had 2″ of hair growth in one month (I saw it for myself), which is what really convinced me to order the vitamins.I will update my review in a month and let everyone know if I saw any type of accelorated growth or change in quality of my hair. I am 85% gray and color my hair dark brown, so I can easily see how much my hair is growing since I only get a touch up every 4 weeks. Right now my hair grows about 1/2″ per month.I rated it a 3 right now because I do not know the results yet.

Jolene Scottsmoor, FL

It was ok but I didn’t feel that it did all that much.

I am growing out my hair after a terrible dye and perm experience so I bought this after my Purvana ran out. I am experimenting trying different hair growth vitamins. I gave this 2 stars because I felt that the Purvana worked better than the Bosley. With the Purvana, I would cut my nails 1 day and then the next I had to cut them again. However, with the Bosley, I would cut them 1 day and then need to cut them again a few days later, so I felt that the Purvana made my hair grow much more than the Bosley. I also took pictures to see how much my hair was growing about every 2 weeks and with the Bosley, my hair didn’t grow nearly as noticeably as with the Purvana. I won’t buy this again. I bought Hairfinity next to try it. I will write a review about it after I go through the first bottle.

Eunice Bishop, GA

Its good for its price.

I am taking this tablet for about a month and I did realize more shine and healthy looking in my hair but not significant for wow.

Faye Merrick, NY

Indefinite post

I can’t tell you if it’s working yet. I know the pills sure are cleaning my system out if my hair isn’t getting thicker and fuller. I will have to update later.

Ila Glen Allen, VA

Its ok

I’ve been struggling with hair loss for a while and the only hair growth you’ll get is in other places where you dont want it.

Eugenia Wright, MN


I am still using these I haven’t seen much of a result from them as of yet, but I just started taking them so, maybe will know more as time passes

Rose Belknap, IL


I really don’t see a difference in my hair growth, for the price not really a good product. I wasn’t expecting a miracle but some hair growth. I’m almost finished with the bottle and will not be ordering anymore. For the price you only get 60 tablets and you take them twice a day. It can get pretty expensive using this product, and without achieving any results it’s not worth the money.

Lori Timberon, NM