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Boscia Green Tea Blotting Linens, 100 Count

Absorb excess oil without disturbing makeup using finely-woven linen made from the exotic abaca tree plant.

Key features

  • Infused with one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants, green tea, to soothe, protect and freshen your skin
  • Perfect for lipstick blotting too
  • Slim package fits perfectly in your pocket, purse or desk drawer

Honest reviews


Very good price for the quality and quantity.

I absolutely love these blotting linens. My skin is unearthly oily, especially on my t-zone area. It is because of my oily skin that I have to use about four of these a day, so the quantity of the product is great. The best thing about these blotting linens is that it absorbs oil without disturbing my makeup, unlike one-ply generic tissue paper where you can obviously see the makeup residue being pulled off and onto the paper.

Tamera West Middleton, IN

Works well

I like that after using these sheets I don’t feel like my skin gets oilier after using them. Some sheets seem to make the problem worse. These do not bother my skin at all.

Kris Andalusia, AL

Pretty Good

I like the pretty little “case” that these come in, but unfortunately I always put them in the back pocket of my jeans before I go to school, so eventually the front part ripped off and most of the papers slide out and fell onto the floor. Other than that, these are handy for removing oil without smudging my concealer, and they smell good, too!

Minnie Put In Bay, OH

I’m a sucker for pretty packaging…

I normally buy the super cheap blue plastic blotting sheets but saw this at my local Sephora and couldn’t help myself; I had to have them. I justified the expense because these have 100 sheets whereas the blue ones I usually buy only come with 50. Initially, I was thrilled when I found that these were also twice the size of my normal blue sheets however… they don’t pick up oil nearly as well as the blue sheets do and I tend to get quite oily in the T-Zone by mid-afternoon. One of these sheets would be completely transparent from picking up oil off my forehead and yet; I would still have enough oily shine left over to require 2 more sheets before I looked relatively matte. In contrast; one of my old blue sheets was enough to blot my entire face even though they’re half the size of these sheets. So… the extra sheets and larger size don’t really translate into much of a savings. I do however ‘like’ these; they’re pretty and have a faint but lovely green tea scent. I would only repurchase because they’re cute, smell nice and I’m curious about the special edition scents they come out with around the holidays 😉 Basically; I’d buy them as a novelty if I had the extra money to spend/was feeling frivolous but besides that, I’m going to stick with my trusty blue sheets as my mainstay.

Katelyn Weir, TX

Good, but no better than any other brand

I like these, but I could have sworn they used to be much cheaper! Why would I pay $20 for 100 teensy scraps of tissue? These are good, but no better than the cheaper brands.

Carey Abbotsford, WI

Great product

I love these for their large size and quantity. Great value, especially when compared to most other blotting sheets that are typically much smaller in size and count. These are a necessity for us gals with uber oily skin (I have to blot virtually every hour and a half). I also like that these sheets tend to lift more oil than make-up – always a plus.

Linda Woronoco, MA

Great for Oily Skin

I use about 2-3 sheets a day to get rid of excess oil on my face. It works well and I like that is has green tea. I’ve used cheaper blotting sheets in the past and they always smudged my foundation, but I haven’t had any problems with the Boscia blotting sheets.

Edith Hulbert, OK


This product is so great not only because of the price but also because of how well it works. I usually use in this on my t-zone area and it leaves my skin matte. When wearing makeup this product definitely comes in handy. It is small and fits inside a purse of pocket.

Juliana East Prospect, PA