Boots No7 Quick-Thinking 4-in-1 Wipes 30 pk.

Be good to your skin, even when you’re short of time, with these gentle, fragrance free wipes. They effectively cleanse and remove impurities, tone and moisturize your skin, and even remove waterproof eye make-up – all in one easy step. With vitamin pro-B5 plus extracts of witch hazel and fennel which help cleanse pores, moisturize and leave your skin feeling smooth, clean and fresh. Created with Care. We’ve created this hypo-allergenic product using only ingredients we know and trust. It has been tried and tested by guests with even the most sensitive skin, so you’ll know it will be good to yours. Dermatologically tested. Fragrance free.

Key features

  • Be good to your skin even when you’re short of time with these gentle, fragrance-free wipes
  • Cleanse and remove impurities, tone and moisturize skin, and even remove waterproof eye makeup, in one easy step
  • Contains vitamin pro B5 extracts of witch hazel and fennel to help cleanse pores and moisturize
  • They’ll leave your skin feeling smooth, clean and fresh
  • Good for all skin types; 30 pk.
  • Health Concern: Sensitive Skin, Normal Skin, Dry Skin
  • Used For: Skin Tone Improvement, Cleansing
  • For Use On: Face
  • Product Form: Wipe
  • Scent: Unscented
  • Travel Size: Yes

Honest reviews


A Must Have

These wipettes are my favorite. They’re gentle but they remove all makeup and my skin does not feel dried out after using them. I keep a packet in my makeup bag if I’m feeling grimy and want to start fresh, but don’t have time to go home. Or if I’m pulling an unexpected overnighter and am not prepared. They’re a great little resource. I used to use Neutrogena facial wipes but they always left my skin sticky and extremely dry, which caused little patches of breakouts overnight. I have no problems with these at all.A hint, though – if you just remember to pick them up at Ulta or Target, it will cost you five dollars. If you order it online, it by itself will be ten dollars plus shipping. Not worth ordering unless you don’t have access to them at the drugstore.

Vilma Steeleville, IL

Great Product

Love this product! Very quick and easy especially when in a hurry. Leaves skin refreshed and soft and removes all make-up from the day.

Celeste Seneca, MI

Best wipes on the market

These are great for taking makeup off at the end of the day. No strong smell, not oily. Removes even waterproof makeup. Good price too. Love them!

Sharron Fredericksburg, IN

Worth hunting down.

Absolutely the only one of these sorts of products you should ever use, and I’ve used some pretty impressive Japanese Biore. Rub it on your eyes and marvel as you do not flinch! Remove makeup in a flash! On a plane and feeling a little dry, dirty and oily? Wipe this on your face and feel rejuvenated. Someone spilled something on their clothes? This is wetter than most of these sorts of products, and you can hand them with confidence something better than a wet-nap. Feeling a little uncomfortable and less than fresh during your time of the month in a bathroom stall? It’s sensitive enough to even take care of that. An adult like me with acne? No problem. Will not irritate and will hydrate enough that you won’t harm combination skin or risk drying out too much that you’ll encourage wrinkles. Need to pack a small back for an overnight at a hotel? This should be just fine as your sole cleaner for the trip.How could you ever use anything else?

Justina Worcester, PA

Great make-up remover, super gentle

I’m in my late 20s and have combination skin I am often guilty of trying to make excuses at night why I ‘can’t’ wash my face before bed. But I love these wipes. I keep a pack in my nightstand and a pack in the bathroom. They’re effective and truly an all-in-one product. I recommend these to everyone, especially those who have bouts of laziness or are just busy in general.I have to be super careful about what products I use as I have mild adult acne and super sensitive skin around my eyes. This product does not irritate my skin or cause break-outs like some other all-in-one wipes. It doesn’t have any actual anti-acne properties in it, but I definitely have noticed that my breakouts are less since I’ve started using the wipes; which I think just comes from having clean and lightly moisturized skin.With other products, usually my eyes hurt after using them to remove make-up but not with the No. 7 wipes, I’ve even accidentally gotten the wipes in my eye and it didn’t even hurt.I was a littler leery to try the No. 7 wipes since I figured they would just be a more expensive version of the wipes I had tried before. But now that I’ve started using them, I don’t want to switch back. While on the road recently, out of desperation the other day I grabbed another kind of wipe (Say Yes To Soothing Cucumber) that was similarly priced, I could tell instantly that they weren’t the quality of the No. 7 wipes as they left my skin tight, dry and a little sticky. With these wipes my skin is very lightly moisturized after use and doesn’t have that tight and dry feeling. I have never had to use more than one wipe no matter how much make-up I have caked on. I feel silly raving about a make-up wipe, but I LOVE THESE 4-in-1 wipes!

Pearlie Manilla, IA

Inexpensive and Fantastic!

I purchased these at a big red MN-based bullseye retailer for around $5. I’m reviewing for only the product, which is spectacular! I travel a lot for work and have olive toned, combination skin that isn’t sensitive or acne prone. Sometime, when I use separate moisturizers, I’ve noticed that they seem to irritate my eyes significantly, which makes me think that my customers/teammates think I’m on drugs. When on the road, I wash/use product only before bed. In the AM, I shower, shave, rinse and then use these. They’re more than enough moisture and my pores seems smaller on my nose. I also use these for a little light moisture all over my body bc the cloth is wet enough for face, neck, back, elbows, knees, etc. I really do like these a lot and would gladly recommend to others, especially for men who want something super quick and easy!!

Alexandra Empire, CO