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Boots No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Beauty Serum 1 fl oz

Anti Aging is getting Intense… No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Beauty Serum has been tested like no other cosmetic anti aging product in an independent 12 month trial. The findings clearly show that it has genuine, long term anti aging benefits. 70% of the volunteers using the product showed a marked improvement in the appearance of photo-aged skin after 12 months of use. This proven anti-aging formula contains retinyl palmitate, antioxidants, firming peptides and alfalfa extract to reduce the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles by up to 50% in just 4 weeks, the longer you use it the better it works. Made in the UK

Key features

  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Dermalogically tested
  • Item Weight: 4.6 ounces

Honest reviews


Intense Beauty Serum; Boots is a “Winner”

Okay, I know this is a review of the No. 7 Protect&Perfect; Intense Beauty Serum but, I must mention the entire Boots line is a revelation in affordable skin-care and make-up. This serum contains stabilized vitamin “C”(sodium ascorbyl phosphate) which acts as an anti-oxidant but, more importantly it will help brighten the skin, reduce discolorations and help battle existing wrinkles while staving off future ones. It also contains Sodium PCA(keeps moisture within the skin), Retinyl Palmitate(Vitamin “A”), tocopherol(Vitamin “E”) and enough skin conditioning extracts(4,to be exact) to keep irritation at bay with “comfort” being the justification. These key ingredients and others are anti-oxidants, wrinkle reducers such as Palmitoyl Oligopeptide and Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7.The 1st ingredient is Cyclopentasiloxane, which gives the product its slip so as not to pull and rub the skin to penetrate as it does so easily and will sink in or have a quick dry down so other products can be immediately applied. This is alot of work for such an affordable product and highly recommended.Other Boots products 2 die for: No7 Age Defense Cleansing Balm(contains alpha-hydoxy acids to really clean and help exfoliate gently. No7 Protect and Perfect Night Cream. No7 Soft and Sheer Tinted Moisturizer is perfect(some are too heavy as a foundation, others too light with no refining quality to the skin at all), although good luck finding this one (fair) in stock. Expert Sensitve Hydrating Serum(the perfect moisture boost for any skin type and at a rediculously low price. Their Powder Blush, not the cream to powder in the silver case but, this one packaged in black w/see thru cover. It goes on like silk and evenly. If you ever thought you were too dry for a powder blush, or that it accented lines as powder will do sometimes, this “ONE” will not. No steaks, goes where you put and stays and stays. Alas, my last product for sublimeness is their No7 Stay Perfect Foundation. This is one of those long wearing, transfer-resistant bases. They can usually be very dry looking and can texturize whatever skin is like underneath. Ie: lined skin can look more lined, dry can look moreso. Any scars, pot marks etc. can look overly accented w/a non transferable, longwearing foundation. It’s ususally best to have near perfect skin to get away w/them. Not No7 Stay Perfect. It has a moisturizing quality to it w/a satin rather than matte look. All the above mentioned imperfections can use this base w/amazing results and it stays on ’till you take it off. Who can ask for more???? BOOTS RULES!!!!!

Georgina Breeding, KY

Works but you go thru it fast…

This definitely works, but from a cost saving view you will find you blow thru this bottle way too fast to be worth it. I won’t buy it again as I can find something that will last me longer even if I pay a little more. Not worth the money to me.

Marilyn Tuba City, AZ


Another serum to try. It feels like powder on skin once it dries, but silky too. Not sure these serums are a real benefit when I get better results from moisturizers I’ve tried. At 52 yrs, I’m trying a lot! Youth Code is great, but stings the eyes a bit!

Milagros Lyman, WA

Ok, but costly

I have purchased this item in the past, and it does a pretty good job under the eyes. This item recently had a fairly hefty price increase to $31.00 which I respectfully consider to be on the high side. So, I’ll still use this item, but more sparingly so as to make it last. Thus, my overall purchases of this item will decline.As to this product itself, it still does an ok job of working on those darker areas sometimes underneath your eyes. I’ve never encountered any kind of irritation, rash, etc. I use at night before going to bed. No fuss, no muss….a good item.

Mercedes Marquez, TX


I love, love, love this product!! I discovered it on The Drs. show, and decided to give it a try, and sooooo very glad I did. Don’t waster your money on all those other expensive products, and give this one a shot!! I’ve been using for a couple of weeks, and I’m so glad I made a change ro this one!!

Marquita Mc Donald, PA

Baby skin is here again

I read about this product online and saw a daily tv show touting how wonderful it is. Having tried Boots products before with the same issue I had with this product… the pump tends to not work well. I went to Target to get a new bottle as I was running out and found they have the same product in a squeeze tube which is the answer to my only complaint with this product.I’m 40 and have large pores and some expression lines between my eyes. My skin is smoother, more radiant and the expression lines are becoming MUCH less apparent. I’d say your skin feels like you’ve just had a facial or microdermabrasion with this product. I use an eye cream, then this product and then my regular moisturizer on top. My skin isn’t greasy and the product seems to really seep in. At $22.99, this is a great deal and works great.

Mavis Rock Falls, IL

Product Delivers What I want

I bought this product on the advice of a Derm that appeared on The Doctors TV show. I was surprised that she told the name of the product to use. They usually tell you to get a serum, moisturizer,etc. I use this serum side by side with some of the PerriconeMD products. So far so good-my skin looks and feels great!! Another plus-the price is right!

Marisa Daleville, MS

NO 7

I think No 7 beauty products are excellent, a little pricey but they work and so worth it. I have bought pricer and the product didn’t work….I will buy No. 7 beauty products again.

Gilda Bryan, TX

Great Moisturizer!

I saw the Good Housekeeping Seal and went for it. Glad I did. Gradually you will see a difference and it works great under your foundation if you wear makeup as a primer. Also, keeps the makeup in place as an added bonus. My skin looks more plump and radiant and less wrinkly and dry.

Shelia Oakwood, OK

Great stuff!

I only began using this product recently but have noticed a difference in my skin already: fine lines are not as noticeable, skin is softer. The serum is not oily, does a great job moisturizing, absorbs quickly, & makes my skin feel like velvet! I will definitely buy this product again!

Rosemarie Lindale, TX

Still wondering

Is a nice product, feels good on the skin, is light, not sure it is producing the results advertised. Not sure if I will purchase again.

Sharlene Hayward, CA

Recommend this product

Leaves my skin feeling very hydrated. This is a great value, smells good and feels good, too. I like it.

Kari Ivoryton, CT

Great product

I love this product. I was able to see the difference within a few days of using it. I can see less creases around my mouth area.

Jenifer Stittville, NY

Not really great

Don’t believe all the hype about this one. Nothing great, at all! Usual "serum" like scores of them, useless ones, on the market. Not going to reduce any wrinkles or make you look any better than any typical cream in a drugstore.

Elisha Salineville, OH

Very good product

I read the reviews and was impressed so I bought it to give it a try. It really is probably the best serum I have bought and I will continue to keep buying. Only negative I would say is that it only lasts 1 month for me and that is only using it 1 time a day so I wish it would be available in a larger quantity.

Dale Forestdale, RI

Absolutely great product and reasonable price.

You will love this…and it comes at a great price. Boots really is a great product so everyone should try it.

Malinda Chanhassen, MN

Hate it:-)

Made no real difference ,but I usePRAI products,and I here ingredants are bad:-) look up info before by being because its a head game to return and no garentee unless you pay for regestered mail delivery:-)

Lindsey Rogers, KY


Favorite serum. I’ve used it for years, and while I cannot say its turning the hands of time back, I do feel it is preventing further damage. After years of trying numerous products, I don’t think that anything other than surgery gets rid of wrinkles. But I will settle for keeping additional wrinkles away.

Lolita Littleton, CO

younger and younger

This is an incredible product.It really improve your skin in no time. use it 3 times a day ant it will change your skin in one week.I’ll most certainly use it over and over.

Karina Hollow Rock, TN


I like this product. I use it after I use a facial mask and it keeps my skin soft and younger looking.I am still on my first bottle so I don’t know it’s overall use but I will come back and let you know…I was happy with the time it arrived for it was on time if not before….Thanks..

Patti Miami, MO

great beauty serum

I really like this serum, you can really see the results right away!It tightens up your skin and makes it plump and smooth at the same time, it really diminishes the appearance of sagging skin. Great product, expensive but worth every penny!

Susana Rutherford, NJ


love this skin serum–goes on easily but does not feel greasy==I would definitely purchase product again and would recommend it

Mitzi Vernalis, CA

Well…I’m not sure it actually did anything BUT…

I don’t really have bad skin, wrinkles or any sort of major skin problem. I like to take care of my skin for preventative purposes. This all taken into account…I have no major way of tracking whether or not it did much for my skin. I do, however, love the feel of this product. It smells nice, and has a nice consistency..not too watery or gel-like. I feel like it doesn’t spread quite as easy as some, but the bottle still lasted me quite a while. I think I would try this product again, it has a very nice price considering how expensive some of the competitors are, and it seems to react nicely with my sensitive skin.

Anastasia Lovejoy, IL

comparable to other brands

This serum has a nice texture and goes on well. Comparable to other wrinkle serums in efficacy but is cheaper, which is nice. I probably haven’t used it long enough to see results. I’m not sure at this point if I will reorder.

Estelle Claytonville, IL


i LOVE this serun. i have gotten so many complements since i have been using this. everyone has been asking why i look so good lately. this stuff is my little secrete. it has made my skin look brighter and younger. my skin feels so soft and amazing. im only 26 and i cant wait to see how amazing my skin will look as i get older. a customer for life. i also have very sensitive skin and this does not bother my skin what so ever. honestly you need to buy this and try it for yourself. it is just amazing!!!!!since using this my boyfriend has been telling me how great i look and how beautiful i look. which is a big deal to me. i love it!!!

Bernadine Taylorsville, MS

I received it…

I have tried the foundation and loved it so now I am trying the Serum and I expect it to be fabulous. If it is not I will report back. I got it yesterday and will try it out for 10 days and if you don’t hear from me, I love it.

Belinda Portland, OR

Love the Boots No 7 Serum use as a primer

* Love the Boots No 7 Serum use as a primer* It goes on smoothly like velvet* Would recommend to anyone trying to improve fine lines

Lesa Mathias, WV

Made My Face Breakout

Loved the shimmery look it gave me but it made me skin breakout terribly. Seemed to be a good product, disappointed I can’t use it.

Rosie Manderson, SD

boots no. 7 protect & perfect intense beauty serum

This serum takes some time to work. It is a subtle change that continues to happen daily and before you know it your skin is smooth. You have to have patience. It does not happen overnight.

Lolita South Gate, CA

Serious Serum

I purchased this serum as part of a kit containing the serum, day cream, and night cream.After hearing all the hype about the serum, and the fact that I needed a night cream anyway, saving a few bucks buying the kit made sense.In my opinion, a serum is THE most important step in a facial regime. It makes any other additional products work better, no matter what line the face cream is from. It is the one thing where money should be no object, get the best that works for you. If you get only one product in the Boots line, let it be this one!And it doesn’t break the bank at under 25 bucks.Leaves skin silky and feeling good. As one with sensitive skin that breaks out with many facial products, this whole Protect and Perfect line is working out beautifully, but as I said, you can use other day and night creams if you choose.

Cara Welaka, FL