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BONAMART ® Twist Holder Clip Bun Hair Twist Braid Tool, Set of 2

4pcs Magic Foam Sponge Clip Hair Styling Donut Bun Former Maker (2 Large+2 Small)

Key features

  • Material: Sponge with a flexible Aluminum wire inside.
  • Size(L): 8.86”×1.97” (approximately)
  • Size(S): 6.89×1.89” (approximately)
  • Color: Black / Package Quantity: 2pcs, 1 large with 1 small hair sponge.
  • Styling Donut Bun Former Maker (1 Large+1 Small)

Honest reviews


Works great with my long, thick, wavy hair

First off I would like to note that it took 18 days to get my order, which isn’t bad and way before the expected delivery date (it had to ship from China, after all).The quality of the item is on par with similar products that cost a lot more (I paid just barely over one dollar with shipping) I bought a plastic hair bun tool that didn’t really work out for me so I decided to give the foam ones a chance.I was pleasantly surprised with the results, I achieved a neat bun which isn’t easy to do with my hair thickness, length and texture.Because the item is made from strong wire I was able to bend it into place and it’s actually holding nicely without any bobby pins, I would definitely buy this item again once I wear this set out, great bargain and it worked for me.

Susanne Butler, MO

It warps over time.

It’s foam wrapped around metal wiring, so the more you use this, the more it warps over time… making it ineffective.

Norma Delta Junction, AK

Works very well

I would recommend using the larger one for thicker hair. It makes a larger bun. I found this product very easy to use. It only took me 3 times to get it right, which, for a non-hair stylist, is good!

Viola Laketown, UT

daughter loves this

When these arrived I was apprehensive. My teenage daughter got hold of them (she used small one I think you would need really thick long hair for the bigger one) and 10 minutes later she came out with the cutest donut bun on her head! Even being blond it didn’t show through. Her friends like it because they are using a sock. A .99 purchase made the teenager happy and keeps a sock out of her hair so I’m happy. I will be ordering more for her friends.

Carla Arbon, ID


What a piece of junk. It took forever to be shipped because it was coming from hong kong. When they arrived they smelled bad, and were wrapped in plastic. I tried the large one for my hair and it ripped it out. I ended up throwing all four of them out. They are a piece of junk and you get what you pay for.

Jillian Woodworth, ND

love it.

simple-pretty-stylish and easy to use it. the big size is better for my heavy hair. if you have a lot of hair like me buy the big size.

Bernice El Cajon, CA


These are useless. Don’t waste your money, even for a few dollars these are pointless. Hair donuts are better.My hair is very fine and straight and I cannot get it to secure, even with hairpins and rubberbands.

Kimberley Waterbury, NE

cant make it look cute.

I still cant quite figure it out and the wire inside it is very hard. also, i hate the material it’s made with… i can’t stand this kind of foam, it gives me goosebumps. (those people who can’t stand cotton balls and stuff like that will understand what i mean)still, it was $2 so i cant complain too much.

Eula Knox City, MO

Love it

This one is very easy to use and perfect, i comb my hair and simply up-do it like a hairstylist.

Christy Needham, MA


It is amazing how easy it is to use and how inexpensive for such a great little tool. I ordered both kinds, the plastic and this foam bun maker, and and am pleased with both. It took a time or two for me to master covering my hair in the back, but now I have it down to an art and enjoy having them on hand. I will caution it does not work well if your hair is seriously layered because you may have short sprigs of hair sticking out everywhere. But your hair is more one length like mine, it will work great.

Luisa West Greene, AL

I like the donut bun better much easier & more put …

Wasn’t a big fan of this , I like the donut bun better much easier & more put together .

Camille Essex, IL

They don’t wrap around themselves sufficiently

Didn’t look as good as the ole’ ‘hair donut’ does. You can feel the wire, they’re just v cheap throwaway type things.

Sylvia Courtland, AL

Really cool idea

I prefer these over traditional bun sponges, which seem fussy and fake to me, and always seem to show through. These are really comfortable, but after using them a few times, they get somewhat misshapen and don’t clamp tightly. So, they are good, but not very sturdy. I think all of them are about the same, so I’d recommend finding them as cheap as you can and buying some extras.

Marcella Scotland, IN

Bun tool

This is a great item hold hair very firmly. But am concerned about how long it will last. It is not made out of lasting material but is a good item to use.

Chasity Clifton Hill, MO


I love these things; ordering more; I love them and can’t live without them and think they are awesome and work really well.

Brittney Huntington, IN

Great tools

Soft versatile and easy to use. I use this with my daughters they make it easy to make the perfect bun for fine hair.

Meghan Borup, MN

Cheap foam covered wire… Nothing special.

Okay, for the simple fact that it actually does hold up my full ponytail is the only reason why I’m giving this a two star. Other than that, considering I didn’t even get all four, and the seller that I bought and received my bun thing from was crappy, I suppose a dollar was worth seeing if something like this would work.I have rather thick, heavy hair, although it’s not quite as long as another reviewer said hers was. Hence, I didn’t have much a problem with it actually holding my hair up.Apart from it being a cheap thing, the only really bad thing about it (other than it smelling like gasoline when I received it, not getting all four, and then not getting a refund) is the fact that the ends keep spreading apart. But I suppose that could be fixed by pinning them together with a bobby pin.For a dollar, not bad. But I will be getting a better one, and one with hooks to hold it together.

Joni Riverside, TX

Just ok…

This item does not hold your hair well at all. It’s not strong enough and keeps slipping off. In addition, one of the items came without being wrapped In a package. I felt like it had been used.

Roslyn Yukon, WV

very handy

i really really love this its good with all types of hair, i have very long and thick hair and it works wounders it is also great with my nieces hair and she has very cearly and short love it, i will defently re purches this

Cathy Pinconning, MI


I have long straight fairly thin hair and it can barely hold my hair. Waste of money. Don’t bother buying.

Gail Vining, IA


Total pieces of junk. No instructions one ripped in half the first time I tried using it, leaving the wire handing out. What a total waste of money and time.

Casandra Union, KY

Lots and Lots and LOTS of practice

The theory behind these are good…just kinda tough to do. Had to practice and work on this for quite a while. But does have beautiful results.

Geri Siler City, NC


Granted these were only a little over $1 but the metal wire is so stiff inside them you really can’t do much with them and the foam feels like it’s gong to rip if you try to maneuver them into a position that might actually hold you hair. Waste of time. Spend some more money and get some decent ones.

Josie Ordway, CO

all great10

all great, I was happy with the item and what I paid for it. No regrets. I would recommend to others.10

Gilda Tennga, GA

The best bun maker.

I’ve tried homemade sock buns, the mesh donuts, spin pins, etc. but nothing has compared to the ease and finished product of this foam bun former. I have incredibly fine, baby hair and the small bun maker works perfectly for creating a professional work-appropriate bun hair style. For more of a weekend, fun, messy hair-do, I tease my hair first and use the larger bun maker. Very versatile and super easy to put in and take out. Even with my blonde hair, I have had no issues covering up the black colored foam. You just have to fan the hair out properly throughout the bun.

Leta Evansville, IN

great for the price but not perfect

my hair type:dark brown, thick, unprocessed (natural), wavylikes:takes 2 minutes to create a neat looking bun with the least amount of effortdislikes:i took one star off because the inside wire is not thick/heavyweight enough to REALLY secure my very full head of hair on its owntips/comments:-practice makes perfect, give it a week-if you have little to no layers you will LOVE this. if you have many layers (i do) i find that i have to start winding the product at about halfway through the length of my hair, otherwise it starts to fall out way too much-secure with a few pins if your hair is on the heavier side and/or heavily layeredthis works great for the price especially.i tie my hair in a pony and then put the hair through the center of the bun maker. then i close the opening and run it forward (in front of my face, not back towards my butt, lol) to the tips of my hair (actually,only to where my layers begin because if i put it through to the ends my layers begin to fall out). once i’ve rolled it as tightly or loosely as i want (different effect with each) and have reached my pony i spread out the hair a bit to cover the rest of the foam and then bend the foam wire around my pony. then i just play with the positioning making sure to cover the foam. voila! neat and tidy in a matter of minutes-no joke!tip: like i said my hair is pretty heavy so i sometimes use a second hair tie around the bun after it’s been made, just to secure it in place. i’ve noticed if i don’t use the second tie it can get loose and undone hours later.

Irene Nashville, KS

Don’t waste your money.

Don’t waste your money. Totally doesn’t work. I was expecting something better but you get what you paid for. So ..

Lenora Comstock, MN

Great product, misleading image

The product in itself is very good, versatile and gives your a few options for hair up do’s, but the image of this product is misleading as when I bought it I thought I was getting two of them.

Maggie Sulphur Springs, IN

2 stars

I find these to be useless. I am good at doing my own hair and thought theses would replace using a hair donut. Not at all! The wire in the foam doesn’t stay bent so it won’t hold a bun.

Freida Leeds Point, NJ

Really Works!

Might not seem like much, foam and wire, but it does work! I use it for work (nurse), and it’s so quick! For 96 cents plus free shipping and 4 pieces!! You can’t beat that.

Juliana New London, OH