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BONAMART ® Hair Bun Sponge Hair Bang Clips

1. Tie your hair into a ponytail. 2. Place it into hair sponge. 3. Tighten hair sponge and pull down to perhaps the last quarter of your ponytail. 4. Start rolling the hair sponge up towards the top of your ponytail. 5. Bend the ends of the hair sponge down to secure bun. 6. Move your hair and confirm it covers the sponge. specification:>br> size:6.30*1.81 inches weight:1.06 ounces color:black

Key features

  • Small is good for those who have thin hair and require less room for hair to slip in bun sponge.

Honest reviews


Awful, cheap product

After reading the mixed reviews and recognizing my own ineptitude in handling my hair, I purchased this. And I regret it. It smells very strongly of cheap foam, which was off-putting. After letting it air out, I tried it. The metal inside bends, but is hard to manipulate properly. I ended up with a twisted piece of foam-coated metal that my hair slid out of. After a few tries, the metal was twisted out of shape. When I started to get the hang of it, I thought it might work. However, my hair just slid out, since the metal is heavy enough to drag the thing down, pulling your bun out of place. It works slightly better on damp hair, but even then is terrible and virtually impossible to cover (I have thick hair).I would not recommend this cheap, terrible product to anyone, but especially caution those with layered haircuts. My hair has some fairly long layers, but when you roll your hair up, they fall loose, sticking out. Since the clip was completely nonfunctional, this was not the major issue. But it was one nonetheless.

Mandy Indian Springs, NV

Better then expected! WoW! THANKS A LOT!

I figured this would be really thin but to my surprise it was not! I got 2 of the small size but it is well big enough for thinner hair. I have longer then shoulder length and very thick hair and it works for me! It is nicely padded and thick & soft. Can’t complain & it is WAY faster then using the bun shaped round one, witch i also use. Great item! Will order more and at this price…..Give away a lot as well! Thank you!

Lynnette Harpswell, ME

waste of money

I have thin long hair and thought this could assist in making a bun however to my disappointment it pokes out and doesnt stay when i bend it at the end…I bought 2 and regret it

John Teachey, NC


It’s really not worth the money it don’t tell you how to use it so I just trashed it and will take the loss

Petra Magnolia, IA

didn’t work

I didn’t find this to work very good or make a very good bun. I think the donut bun kid works much much better….

Billie Coden, AL