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Boe Coesmtics Crecepelo Natural Phitoterapeutic Treatment, 16 Ounce

Crecepelo Natural Phototherapeutic Treatment uses natural plants, for capillary growth. It’s innovative formula is 100 percent natural, necessary for quality hair conditioning, vitality, softness and flexibility, helping hair to grow strong.

Key features

  • Uses natural plants, for capillary growth
  • 100 percent natural, necessary for quality hair conditioning, vitality, softness and flexibility
  • Dominican hair product

Honest reviews


excellent treatment

The whole CrecePelo line is fabulous for your hair.. and yes, it does seem to make it grow faster. This is an incredible treatment. If you hair is damaged and overprocessed, you shoudl try this. If you just want soft, manageable, NICE smelling hair, try this. I love how my roller sets come out after I use this conditioner!

Wendi Mohawk, MI

Jury is still out on this product for me..

I gave it 3 stars because the 1st few times I used this it made my hair sort of hard & a little dry but now that I’m almost 8 weeks post Ive been using it & its kinda strange it doesnt make my hair hard or not even a little dry I dont know if it’s because I’m later in my relaxed stage or what? Its kinda weird. Anyway will still use it until its gone dont know if I will buy this again or not.

Jordan Wheeling, IL

Good Creme Conditioner to Help with 4B/C Hair Breakage

It has a perfume scent, but it is nice and heavy. Great for detangling 4b African American hair. I’ve also noticed less breakage when using this. I took some very old kinky twists down after about 2.5 months and all I had was hair shedding, not a bunch of strands all over my floor. Before that my hair was breaking like crazy.I’ve used this alone or as an ingredient in my homemade deep conditioner (combine a tbs of crece pelo with 2-3 indian herbal powders (shakaki, cassia obogata, bhrami, etc.), a tablespoon of shea moisture deep conditioner, and 2-3 oils (e.g. castor, jojoba, amla, etc.) aloe vera juice and distilled water. If this is too much prep work for you, just use by itself.

Adelaide Porum, OK

a blessing from Dominican people

Crecepelo Tratamiento Fitoterapeutico Natural Phitoterapeutic Treatment is in my top three best dominican hair treatments. I really do luv Crecepelo hair care line. Its all over u tube for the best and most favorite Dominican hair care product available. I know Silicon Mix is the most popular Dominican hair treatment on the market. Where ever I go to purchase Silicon Mix, there is always Crecepelo right next to it. Some people prefer it over Silicon mix. It makes the hair grow a lot faster than other treatments. Your hair stops breaking off and is silky, and soft to the touch. It stimulates the scalp to produce speedy hair growth. While your hair is growing, it protects your hair from being damaged. If your hair is overly dry-damaged, breaking, unmanageable and takes forever to grow, Crecepelo is the right Dominican hair treatment for you. I only purchase the largest size. I use plenty of it on my now…. fast growing, thick, long past the middle of my back, hair.This treatment I can”t live without. For best results, use the shampoo, treatment, rinse, leave-in. The entire line is the best way to go. Purchase the largest size for best value. As soon as you start using it, others will want to tap into your supply, so, stock -up.

Lynne Garrett, WY

It does work and smells great! Good for everyone to use!

I purchased this product with the shampoo, rinse, and leave in and just love it! In May of 2011 my hair was short but without paying attention, I noticed that I had problems reaching the ends until it hit me! My hair was already passed the back of my neck already down to the shoulders. WOW!! My kids and my friend has also noticed the growth and are now using the products also which has left me without and now purchasing again!!The scent is fantastic, and the texture of my hair has improved. It barely breaks or falls which is great!I am completely satisfied! Thanks!

Tammy Big Bend National Park, TX

I’m In Love!!!!

I just love this stuff! It really does give the hair moisture. I mean my hair is soft and hydrated after I use this. The smell is very nice and the consistency is THICK which I love. I will always keep this product on hand and use as a weekly deep conditioner. My hair smells so pretty after I flat iron and even into the next two to three days. Just try it and watch the love affair began.

Martha Ruby, VA

This is the best deep conditioner I have ever used

I don’t know why I stopped using this. It’s the best deep conditioner ever. The conditioner is thick and creamy, great for thick or course hair. The smell is floral in scent but its not very over powering. When I used this consistently my hair was very healthy and long.

Vicki Sandia, TX


I like this conditioner and its a part of my bi-weekly regimen. It has a nice smell and a great slip. If your looking for something to help your hair growth, this is it.Update. 7/15/13It has been over a year since I first used this condish and I’m still loving it. People keep asking me what am I putting in my hair and I tell them a lil bit of this & that. My hair is growing like crazy. I will continue to use this as part of my regimen.

Kelli East Wakefield, NH


I originally ordered the Kanechom deep conditioner (Youtube referral), and this was the product that was introduced to come along with it. I am grateful that I have this product. It is soothing to the scalp and silk on my hair and, although, I do not co-wash daily, I co-washed with this product, and it smells A M A Z I N G! I will co-wash with this weekly to give my hair a treat (normally it’s bi-weekly). The moment I put this on my hair, it defined my 2b African American waves, and I didn’t want to take it off. It left my hair very soft, and tangle free. By the way, for some reason I used this before the Kanechom just because of the smell. I’m rating Kanechom next….hmmm….

Mindy Marianna, AR

Love it!

My hair loved this product. Reduced hair breakage, helped with growth and made my hair so soft after each application.

Winifred Canovanas, PR


Great for light detangling, however left a film in my hair and did nothing for my curly hair – would not repurchase.

Cathy Bellefonte, PA