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Body Toolz Double Loop Facial Skin Care Tool

Double loop extractor for removing blackheads and whiteheads. Textured non-slip handle for easy use.

Key features

  • High Quality Stainless Steel
  • Easy To Use
  • Rolls out Whiteheads
  • Presses out Blackheads
  • Minimizes Bruising

Honest reviews


Awesome Little Tool

I don’t get a ton of blemishes, but when I do I can’t resist the urge to pop the little buggers. My girlfriend pointed out one of these types of tools in CVS one day, but being the Amazon-addict that I am, I waited until I got home to order one online.This is a very well constructed piece of “equipment” and serves its purpose admirably. It does an EXCELLENT job of extracting white heads and black heads. One end is used for white heads and really gets all the gunk out, the other is used for black heads/clogged pours. This requires a bit more work, but still does a great job. Best of all, it doesn’t leave my skin agitated and puffy like my fingernails do.If you get the occasional blemish, get one of these. They are cheap, easy to use, and effective.Recommended: Absolutely!

Aida Anahuac, TX

hate it

This does not work. The opening is to large. I went to e bay and bought a real one for 2.95 with an needle end. I would save your money.

Monica Mindoro, WI

good product for the price

If it doesn’t work for you then you aren’t using it properly! This is my first time EVER doing this to my face or even purchasing something like this but OH BOY does it work! I am satisfied with it and I’m sure there are better products out there but this does it for me and the price…can’t beat that. I did a youtube search on how to use this and also google and that’s how I figured out how to use this gadget =D hope this helps

Marta Nashville, OH

I got mine on eBay for $1.00 but it only has the one loop

Just saying, naturally it came from HongKong or China, but so did this one probably! With the money you save you can buy a product to go along with it from here!

Rosalinda Tarkio, MO



Genevieve Portage, UT


To be honest when I saw a review that said it didn’t work well I thought – really? How can that be possible? This tool can only do pretty much one thing and it looks exactly the same as another tool I’ve owned in the past. Well, I was wrong. First of all – this thing hurts. OK, OK, I know it is not supposed to be fun to use this item but it hurts if you press too hard but I felt like I had to press harder than the old one I had for it to work. Maybe the loops are thicker than the old one I had but it leaves big time marks and once it even cut the skin on the side of my nose. I am very cautious if and when I will use it. It is OK. Not horrible but not great.

Alyson East Pharsalia, NY

a god send

i use this often. after taking a shower is the best time for me bc my pores are wide open. the large side is for white heads the smaller side is for blackheads. i would watch youtube videos as well to make sure you do it the right way or you could end up hurting your skin more. if used correctly though it heals very fast and actually helps your skin.

Alisa Varina, IA

Good tool

I’ve only had this for a week, but once I got the hang of how to use it, I really liked it. Seems like a healthier way to go for your skin!

Judy Palmetto, GA

gods gift to this earth lol

this gets everything out of your skin! my fiance even uses it!i rarely have break outs because i beat them to the punch. this thing is heaven sent!

Ronda Fox Valley, IL


This tool is actually called a comodone you can look it up on YouTube and see a dermatologist extract pimples it’s exciting aha and gross but it may help you extract your pimples more effectively. If you know anything about bumps you probably already know that your not supposed to pop them with this tool it extracts the pimple so all of the puss gets out. It hurts a tid BUT if you have BLACKHEADS, WHITEHEADS of just bumps and you want to get rid of them BUY THIS. THIS TOOL WILL NOT BE A CURE TO YOUR ACNE! but it will help you extract small hard to pop blemishes on your nose cheeks or anywhere for that sake. I bought one a t Mijers and it was like 2 dollars or so BUT THIS ONE WORKS SOOOOOO MUCH BETTER.

Susana Parlin, CO

Not for newbies.

First of all, this product works. However, it is easy to misuse, and can lead to more problems than it fixes. Easy to cause bleeding, scabs, etc. Be VERY gentle with this product. I have used these for many years, this one is not different than most (with the exception of the flat white-hear loop, which I assume is to help prevent cutting but makes zits harder to pop), but these products in general must be used with caution.

Dorothea East Quogue, NY

Loop is a little big

The loop doesn’t really help with small blemishes. I think you may be better off with the circular loops in stead.

Rosanne Pickerel, WI

Mehhh. Just OKAY

This was my first pore extraction tool so I may not have done it right—the flat end doesn’t do anything and can leave marks if you apply too much pressure. But the end with the wire hoop is very effective for getting hard to reach places like the nostrils—but you absolutely need to steam your face for about 10-minutes beforehand. That is key to getting the gunk out.

Millicent Colp, IL

A beauty must have!

I love this tool! It is inexpensive and effective IF USED CORRECTLY.This will not extract deep set pimples or blackheads, you have to use another method (scrubs, face washes, etc.) to work them out to the surface before you can use this tool to extract them.It does pop/extract pimples/blackheads near the surface of the skin cleanly and without much effort. If you are trying to remove something and it does not come out after the first couple of tries-STOP! this means the blemish is too deeply set in the skin, and all you are going to do with this tool is poke and irritate it. Use a different method to move these stubborn blemishes to the surface, then try the tool again a few days later.It can leave some red marks from the tool around the area, but this will go away in a few minutes. Remember to clean the tool after each use.The small loop end of this tool is the side that I use. The large, flat loop end of this tool does not seem to do anything.

Angelina Buchtel, OH

Doesnt get out tough whiteheads

If you press too hard it leaves a little red mark and doesnt get out the white head. You should use this if you have easy to get out white heads, because it doesnt work for tough ones.

Mai Four States, WV

Works well!

Makes it easy to clean out your pores before scrubbing, but it can harm your skin if you dig too much, so be gentle!

Polly Concho, AZ

Simple and Good

My pores have been very clogged recently, so I wanted something that allowed me to get rid of excess sebum. This works great and it was very inexpensive. However, please use it correctly. Steam your face beforehand and gently press. If the sebum doesn’t come out, the pore isn’t ready. Don’t press so hard that you damage your skin.

Arline Jayess, MS


An amazing tool. hat i like about it the most this little curve at the end of each side it makes it really easier to work with it

Maryellen Camp Murray, WA

ATTENTION MOMS: Help your teen prevent pock-marks!

ATTENTION MOMS – GET THIS FOR YOUR TEEN! About 3 years ago we noticed a black-spot on my son’s cheek. We thought it was a mole or an ingrown hair, until today. After a warm exfoliation, my son used the Body Toolz Loop and realized he actually had a nasty black-head on his cheep – he now has an indentation (pock-mark). I really wish I had known about this product a long time ago.

Zelma Gardners, PA


Doesn’t pop anything or help with whiteheads/blackheads. I say leave it! I’d Rather use my fingers to purge my pores

Susan La Plata, MD

Decent extraction tool

Does what it’s supposed to do fairly well! I give this four stars instead of five because I used to have a Tweezerman extractor tool, and for whatever reason I found that one slightly easier to use. The loops were at a slightly different angle I guess? In any case this one works reasonably well on blackheads, and the fact that the body of the tool is sort of nubby makes it easier to hold (less slipping).

Annabelle Iaeger, WV

This is amazing

Everyone should own one of these. I use it right after I take a hot shower and it works magic!!!

Velma Jennings, LA

The *BEST*

From someone who has suffered from breakouts my entire adolescent and young adult life… this has been an absolute blessing. I thought about it for a couple of weeks if I should really get this. I went for it, and I don’t remember what it’s like not to have one. There’s a reason this thing exists. Unexplainably better than using fingers! ICK! It removes all from the area in one go. I also heal immediately and have found it doesn’t come back or become irritated with this.*WARNING*- just make sure it is ready to come out before going to war with your face.

Harriet Frankville, AL


Good quality item and it arrived quickly. Is exactly as pictured. Would buy again. It is most helpful with loose blackheads and large whiteheads.

Tami East Northport, NY

Does the job

Good quality product, removes some of the surface whiteheads. I use my fingers to remove whiteheads after steaming my face by wrapping small pieces of paper towels around my fingers (to push out and absorb the gunk). I personally think my way of doing it works better but the product does work when you scrape skin with the flat side. When a zit is fully ready to be popped, the hoop side is handy if the zit is small enough to fit in the hoop. By the way you want to slowly turn the device clockwise or anti clockwise like a ranch to drain the zit, again ONLY if it’s FULLY come to head and is begging to be popped.

Fern Strandquist, MN

Five Stars

great quality!!

Frankie Saxeville, WI

Skin care tool

Handy little tool for black heads, but even after youtubing for videos on how to use the other end, nothing. have no idea how to use it. still, for the price its handy.

Keri Stout, IA

Get a Smaller One for Effectiveness

Honestly, the product that came is the right shape, but too big. My facialist showed me hers, which always leaves my face so clean, (she’s the reason I bought one), and hers is about 2/3 the size of this or smaller. The size of it, makes it too clumsy, rough and inaccurate, if you’re using on a specific blemish, it can actually weaken and damage the area more. Good concept, over done.

Letha Leola, SD

Too harsh for my extra sensitive skin

I bought this hoping it would help me to remove the little whiteheads and blackheads that I get from time to time. Sadly I got my hopes up. Although it is a well made tool. I believe it is surgical steel. I really had to press down hard just to get a little bit of sebum. It really left my face hurting a little. I have senstive skin so I believe it was from that and not the tool is totally at fault. I am going to pass this to my sister. Hopefully she has better luck with it.

Ola Loyall, KY

Facial Tool.

I don;t know if i was using this product wrong or the blemish wasn’t ready to be taken care of, But it didn’t work for me.

Margot Bluff, UT