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Body Toolz Cuticle Pusher

Professional Pusher gently pushes cuticles. Cleaner for removing dirt or acrylic under nails.

Key features

  • High Quality Stainless Steel
  • 5 1/4″ Pusher/Cleaner
  • Pusher gently pushes cuticles
  • Cleaner for removing dirt or acrylic under nails.

Honest reviews


It is not a good tool.

The rounded end does not scrape anything off the nail. I am definitely returning this item. There are better cuticle pushers on the market.

Brittney Lesterville, MO


This is great for pushing back cuticles and scraping your nails clean of any debris or left over nail polish stuck on the edges…also great for cleaning under nails. I use this every time I give myself a manicure or pedicure, and it makes it look like I got them done at a salon – this is key for DIY manis and pedis!!

Kristin Sheldon, MO

Best ive found for fingers.

I purchased one of these about a year ago in store and it has become my most used tool other than a nail file. I have a similar tool from another brand but find the scraper too rough for fingernails thus it has been resigned to my pedicure kit. The shape of the scraper on this is better suited to getting the tough bits released from the side of the nail where the cuticle curves up. So glad to see it on amazon now i can have one for my purse as well! Another plus is that its easy to sanitize so its safe to share if you have to.

Cathryn Monticello, SC

Works well, good price

I don’t really like getting manicures though I like having well-polished nails all the time so I prefer to maintain them at home. This is perfect for my cuticles. I don’t trim my cuticles because I have very thin skin and that causes many hangnails. Good price, sturdy product.

Magdalena Fullerton, NE

Great Tool

I love this tool. I use a cuticle remover and let it soak in for a little. Then I use this took to gently push my cuticles back. I used to cut my cuticles, but they I’d get hang nails and have to touch it up all this mess. Now it’s so much easier and healthier to just push them back. Now my cuticles look even better. Just make sure to be gentle as this tool is metal and you don’t want to scrap off the top layer of your nail.

Shirley International Falls, MN

I love the Cuticle Pusher style and it’s exactly what I wanted!

I love my product! The Cuticle pusher style is perfect! Such a great value! Exactly what I wanted! I was so happy when I received my package! I’m a happy customer! Thank you!

Jamie Spring Hill, FL

Just what I needed

Excellent tool for male executives who what to keep their fingers looking healthy and professional– and I’m sure the ladies would like it as well.

Marva Jane Lew, WV