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Body Toolz Concave Podiatrist Toe Nail Nipper

Professional 4 1/2 concave angle for easy cutting of tough hard toenails. Extremely sharp. Short handles for easy use and control.

Key features

  • High Quality Stainless Steel
  • Professional 4 1/2″ Concave Angle for Easy Cutting
  • Short Handles for Easy Use and Control
  • Extremely Sharp

Honest reviews


nice item!

The stainless steel is finished nicely, and the sharp cutting edge is a nice curved shape to help with accessing all of the toenail. Very happy with the quality and usefullness.

Jeanie Orgas, WV

Did not do the job

The point of these clippers is sharp, but does not cut unless the base of the blade is also around the nail.

Kate Gordon, WV

Cool Tool

This is just what the doctor ordered (figuratively speaking). I get a lot of ingrown toenails. This is the perfect solution to prodding and picking with other tools to aleviate the pain. No more infections for me, this toe nail nipper is sharp, easy to use and does the job it is supposed to do extremely well. A well made product. I would recommend however, keeping it out of the reach of children because of the obvious reasons (extreme sharpness) and children are so curious. Shipping and packaging are as always, on time and well done.

Edythe Paullina, IA

Sturdy, easy to use, will not rust.

Good for those with arthritis who have trouble holding traditional toenail clippers. the large size is also helpful. The middle brace pieces occasionally can need some fiddling with, but not too much. Overall good product, good price

Staci Masonville, IA

No good; bulky, slippery, and blade tip a little too thick/dull

2 stars; I couldn’t use this easily. Granted, I have small hands, but I don’t think that was the issue. I have a strong grip. Yet the tip of the blades was kind of bulky which made it hard to get into the sides of the nails and because it was too big, I had to hold it at a weird angle. Overall, I wouldn’t be able to use it for anything. I returned it.

Lynda Russellville, AR