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Body Fantasies Moisturizing Lotion for Women, Cotton Candy Fantasy, 7.75 Ounce

Made with shea butter and vitamin E that pampers your skin with a special blend of moisturizers. It is a wonderful blend of spun sugar and creamy vanilla combined with notes of tender strawberries, lush raspberries and clean musk.

Key features

  • Batch Code beigns with “xx” which indicates the expiration date from the date of production
  • Cotton Candy Scented Lotion

Honest reviews



Wow!!! Great smell to the lotion. Glad I did but it and would recommend anyone thinking about buying it. Lasting smell. Body Fantasies Moisturizing lotion is great….

Guadalupe Powellville, MD

not heavy candy smell

didnt have a big cotton candy smell and watery liquid came out at first i shook it very well and it got somewhat better its a white color lotion not pink as i expected but still fine.

Jillian Mountain Home, NC


Too bad I didn’t read the reviews before I bought it. I know Body Fantasies very well. I usually buy the body mist from Rite Aid. Soooooooooo I I got this and I was like "wth is that smell". Horrible lol It smelled like it was expired. I don’t see any dates on the bottle so good job there with this "add-on" cheap item.On another note, I got the body wash as well and that one seems ok.. it’s just this lotion tho… so awful.

James Tenants Harbor, ME

Smells like plastic or something!

This is my first review after using Amazon for many years. I have been using the Cotton Candy spray since 2007. When I saw the moisturizer, I was so excited. It smells awful! I slathered it all up and down my arms and couldn’t stand myself and ended up in the shower. I don’t understand, since I also ordered the spray and it is wonderful. I don’t know if it has been sitting on a shelf too long or what, but it is going back.

Madelyn Hedrick, IA

Lasts all day, smells delicious!

I love that the scent will last all day, and never ever be over powering. Soaks easily into skin, leaves it soft and silky.My 3 and 5 year old love to use it also, because it smells so yummy and doesn’t irritate their sensitive skin.

Monica Willisville, AR

Very Unsatisfied

I’ve tried the body wash and the body spray. Since I could rave endlessly about how wonderful they smell, I naturally assumed the lotion would smell just as good. I couldn’t have been more wrong. It smells like…a generic drugstore lotion with a very faint hint of cotton candy. I cannot stress how faint that undertone is. Inhaling as deeply as you can, you almost can’t catch it because that ‘lotion’ smell almost completely masks it. Aside from the scent, the consistency is very unappealing. It’s very runny and feels similar to mucous or something of the like.0/5 stars, if it were possible.

Imogene Paramount, CA