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Body Drench QuickTan Bronzing Spray Instant Self Tanner, Medium/Dark, 6oz, 3 Pack

Salon quality sunless tanning in a bottle. Quick Tan Instant Self Tanners give a natural looking year-round tan. Bronzing spray has 360 degree nozzle for easy application. Bronze tint for an instant sun-kissed glow. Tinted formulas make it easy to see where to apply. Natural-looking sunless tan develops in 3-5 hours.

Key features

  • TIP: Quick tan tanning mist can be applied as often as twice a week.
  • Easy at home spray application
  • Cocoa vanilla scent, Bronze tint for an instant sun-kissed glow
  • Tinted formulas make it easy to see where to apply
  • Natural-looking sunless tan develops in 3-5 hours

Honest reviews


This is NOT a “self-tanner”. it is a CHEAP ** TINTED ** MILD self-tanner

there is a MAJOR misrepresentation here: nowhere does the product say that this is a TINTED self-tanner. but that’s exactly what it is! it is meant to give you an instant color that washes off after a few hours if you take a shower. like the Clarins tinted tanner for legs, for example.soooo disappointed. i have tried a lot of self tanners, and this one is NOWHERE NEAR even the regular CVS ones like Neutrogena or L’oreal Sublime bronze. i didn’t notice any mess as stated by other reviewers, but the worst part of it is that it is so dry that it simply does NOT spread easily over the skin. it was very annoying, i didn’t like using it at all. you have to rub and rub and rub! the best way to spread a self tanner is to mix it with some lotion so it covers the skin evenly, especially on the critical areas like the ankles and the wrists. well it is really hard to make this happen with this product, as you always end up with darker spots here and there. and forget about covering your back yourself. i use a Home Depot painting brush with a long handle to cover my back with self tanner, but that one was a hopeless case to use with the brush.On the other hand, the fact that it is very dry does NOT mean it is quickly absorbed by the skin. Not at all. you need to apply it and wear some old clothes otherwise you will get stains everywhere, even after 4 hours.the only good thing about it is that it turns dark, not orangy. however the color does not last longer than other products. but hell, Lancome Flash Bronzer Airbrush (THE BEST!) does that and gives you a delicious golden color without all the rubbing, the staining, and the delayed drying. plus i found that one here at a great price. So i am back to all honesty, i feel ripped off because i think that most positive reviews have been written by people working at that company. i have a hard time believing that a real self tanning junkie can be sooo crazy about such a cheap product. total waste of $. but now you are warned.

Elba Gualala, CA


I love this product…The BEST tanning product ever. I have been using it now for a week and it looks completely natural, easy to apply, no smell. I went into my hairdressers and they thought I had been on a vacation!!! Awesome. I applied it with gloves, did not spray it on. I think it would be too messy and harder to keep even. Very easy. Price is fabulous, shipped quickly. I will definitely purchase this product again.

Colleen Sheboygan Falls, WI

Hard to tan areas

I’ve been tanning a few times a week for a few years now and no matter what lotion I use, my neck and chest are always a little lighter than the rest of my body. Quick tan is perfect for those hard to tan areas. I usually just spray it on my neck and chest, sometimes on my arms as well, to even out my color. Since I am tan to begin with, I do not see a drastic difference, only the perfect amount of sheer but noticeable color to even out my body. I like to spray it on my neck every morning so that my neck and face are the same color after I apply my foundation. It is the best spray tan compared to all the rest I’ve tried.

Gabrielle Grangeville, ID

Favorite Tanner of All Time

Terrific product. I’m a fair skinned redhead, and I’ve been using self tanners since the days of QT (anyone else remember that stuff?). I’ve used this 4 times (full body) which ended up being almost one entire can.The color is totally believable. I love the instant color it provides — both as a guide and for immediate satisfaction. Going out tonight and forgot to tan yesterday? This is your new best friend. I have no clue how people call this orange. It’s more of a brown/red color including the guide, but turns to a soft gold color after the guide is showered off. I didn’t have any problem with it not working like some of the other reviewers. Perhaps they got a bad lot of it.It DOES make a mess like all the other reviewers mentioned. I spray while standing in my tub, and just rinse the tub out. It’s worth the extra bit of work for a tan that you CANNOT TELL is fake. Feet and hands are always my tell tale signs, and I’ve figured out a way to perfect them with this product.After I exfoliate in the shower and completely dry off, I spray on the tan in quick short strokes as far away from my body as is realistic (close enough to hit the skin, far away enough for it to be more even, but not so far away I paint my bathroom). Then I follow up with a deep moisturizer directly afterward. This goes on almost dry, and I have dry skin. It will dry very very fast — which is great, but it doesn’t allow you any time to fix a mistake. Using the lotion afterward gives me as perfect of a self tan as I’ve ever had.This is my new brand, and I don’t intend to change anytime soon. I hope you have as much luck with this product! Happy tanning!

Melanie Willow Hill, IL

a quick fix

love love love.didn’t take me long to do in the bathtub. i laid out a towel in the tub and rinsed off the mist with the all comes out easily with a little far as the tan, it came out PERFECT. just like with a mystic tan.

Vanessa Mouthcard, KY

very nice

Soon as you spray it, you’ve got color!! The fumes arent harsh but it still kinda stinks. I strongly suggest laying towels down while you do it because my floor got a tan, too :P. So far I like it. I didnt turn orange, I turned tan hahah. Shipping was super fast!! It arrived 2 days after I placed the order (standard shipping). The package wasnt damaged at all. Very impressed.Well, I loved it last night… Then I got in the shower and it washed off almost completely.. I say almost becase I am blochy now. On my chest, ankles, shoulders, legs and back.. I think I will stick to my neutrogena micromist thank you.

Karin La Jara, CO

So far my favorite do-it-yourself spray tan!

Been using this for a couple years now. Used to buy it from my hair salon but found it on amazon for a better deal. Be sure to do it outside or in your shower as it gets all over. It takes a little practice but I think the color is as good as I’ve seen for an at-home do-it-yourself spray tan. I like that I can just do my face, chest and arms in the winter months.

Abby Mecca, IN

A Must Have

This is my go to tanner for my face/neck area. I have extremely pale, sensitive skin – and my skin is hard to tan. It takes me forever even in a tanning bed to get any color, so the damage was not worth the tiny bit of color I would get (mostly just burned and then turned pale again anyways). I started experimenting with sunless tanning, but had some terrible orange mishaps that turned me off from it for awhile. I started again when I found St Moritz, which I LOVE, but am too scared to use on my face/neck. For some reason, a spray seemed better suited for my face, so I read positive reviews about this tanner and decided to give it a try. I am so glad I did! I have used it on other parts of my body, and nothing terrible has happened, but for me personally, it’s just best suited for the face/neck area. I spray it on after I shower, moisturize, and dry completely – and then I let it develop overnight before washing my face or getting it wet. It gives me an amazing glow right away, and looks completely natural, and when I wash it off in the morning, I still have great color. It doesn’t last for that long – at least on me, probably because I’m using it on my face which I wash/tone several times a day, but it’s so easy that I just do it every day or every other day to maintain my color. I have very sensitive skin but this does not irritate it at all. It doesn’t have a weird smell either! The only problem I have is that it can get messy, so you have to be careful about where you’re spraying. But besides that, I 10000% recommend this tanner!

Jamie Pateros, WA

This stuff works great but does not last long

the color is great and I had minimal streaks ( I only got streaks when I was in a hurry spraying it on ), the bottles just don’t last long though! These three maybe lasted me like two weeks.

Kimberly Tyrone, PA


The best tanner you can buy! It does not give an orange look and NEVER streaks on me. This is worth the money and cheaper on Amazon than in stores.

Brenda Hopedale, MA

This product had great reviews, and i had to try..I LOVE IT

I get tons of compliments on whenever I use this. Use gloves while putting it on, and it’s not like being in a self-tanner with the big sprays on you..It does come out in a stream-like and you DO need to rub it in. Take note, once it’s applied, let dry and don’t shower for 4-6 hours. It is worth it, and lasts for 5-10 days. Keep moisturized and don’t use mineral oil moisturizer.

Jill Blooming Grove, TX

tan in can

I love this product. It gives you a nice glow or bronzed dark. You can play with current colors and still look natural and tan. This great for on the go or to give your own natural tan a boost!:-)

Marcie Reynolds, ND

Just OK.

It’s kind of hard to get it on evenly, I tried over and over on my arms and it still came out spotty. My face and chest looked good, I wasn’t super dark, just a light tan. After a shower half the color was gone so I had to spray myself again. I’ve given up, this isn’t the one for me.

Kathryn Queenstown, MD

Just OK

I purchased this 3 pack of Body Drench tanning spray based on other reviews. I like the color a lot, it does look very natural. The spray is nice and very steady…comes out nice and even. And then there’s the smell ~ at first it seems sweet and pleasant but then it’s all over you and you smell it all day long. I felt like I smelled like a vanilla cookie. There is bronzer in this spray albeit a self tanner and the bronzer does transfer to clothing when sweating occurs. I wasn’t too excited about that, but it does wash out of clothing just fine. It’s just embarassing. Between the smell and the color transfer, I would never purchase this brand again.

Sharlene Kimberton, PA

No streaks, no orange and great value.

I’ve tried quite a few brands, some were expensive and some were from the drug store. This brand ranks up with the best and it’s not going to break the bank. It sprays on evenly, I can spray it easily on the back of my legs and neck, it dries quickly and the tan color is a golden brown, not orange color. The price for the three-pack is a real value as I’ve paid more than that for one can of other sprays. One thing I noticed about the Body Drench brand is the sprayer works all the way to the bottom of the can. One brand that I like (SUN)has a problem with their sprayer. I used two of their cans and both stopped working 2/3 of the way through. One thing I would like to note is I have sensitive skin and this did not cause breakouts. I will be buying more of the Body Drench Quick Tan.

Teresa Houghton, NY


This has immediate effect and pretty color for my skin. I can tell where I have sprayed it so I don’t get darker patches and unevenness. Good product and arrived quickly

Lauren Westville, NJ

Body Drench Quick Tan

I really like this product. Pro is it’s easy to use, dries quickly and does not smell bad. I have tried them all and this is the least "stinky" without a doubt…Cons may be a little messy and the "self tanner" does not last as long as some others. You may end up using more in the long run. I do like this product and will order again.

Velma Edmonson, TX

Best spray tan

I’ve been buying this product for years. Found it cheapest on Amazon. Lightly mist yourself down every couple of days. I like to stand in shower to do it. Then take a cup and rinse shower off. Gives a very natural bronze tone.Best self tanner out there. All my friends are hooked on it.

Sue Chappell, KY

I’ve tried every tanner known to humankind

This was recommended by a friend and I have to say it’s WAY up there next to St. Tropez. It doesn’t leave that yucky tanner spray, doesn’t streak IF it is rubbed in after spraying. It works well doesn’t stick to my clothing MUCH, but of course leaves a bit on my bra which is to be expected when self-tanning. However, I would give it 5 stars if it moisturized my skin and being a spray it is messy. What I like about this is it leaves a nice color to my very pale skin and I get a lot of compliments and am asked if I went tanning, so it looks nice. Doesn’t have any scent to it whatsoever which is nice but I actually receive compliments on how I smell when I use St. Tropez. But for the money, this one is a winner.

Cathleen Millport, NY

Good, but some drawbacks

This product definitely gives an instant tan. Unlike other tanners, it goes on almost like a milk chocolate brown color (no red or orange hues) and dries to a very natural tan look. If you spray it on yourself, it’s very easy to get blotches and dark spots, so I find it necessary to rub in for evenness.Personally, I have found that it comes off on clothing very easily. Much of the tanning effect comes from the dyes drying on your skin’s surface, not actually pigmenting your skin. As a result, it washes off easily and will definitely stain your clothes (but it comes out fine in the laundry). I advise not wearing white after applying. While the scent is not overwhelming, it definitely has that familiar tanner smell to it.I think I would keep this around if I needed some quick color, but is not something I would use routinely if I wanted a lasting tan.

Octavia Munfordville, KY