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Body Drench QuickTan Bronzing Spray Instant Self Tanner, Medium/Dark, 6oz, 3 Pack

Salon quality sunless tanning in a bottle. Quick Tan Instant Self Tanners give a natural looking year-round tan. Bronzing spray has 360 degree nozzle for easy application. Bronze tint for an instant sun-kissed glow. Tinted formulas make it easy to see where to apply. Natural-looking sunless tan develops in 3-5 hours.

Key features

  • TIP: Quick tan tanning mist can be applied as often as twice a week.
  • Easy at home spray application
  • Cocoa vanilla scent, Bronze tint for an instant sun-kissed glow
  • Tinted formulas make it easy to see where to apply
  • Natural-looking sunless tan develops in 3-5 hours

Honest reviews


In 15yrs I’ve tried em’ All & THIS is the BEST by far!! Color, easy app. Lasts etc.!!

I have purchased this from Sally’s beauty sup. & tan salons at much higher prices than THIS!! You get 3cans for close to the price of 1in stores. I have used & tried many, many self tan products over the past 15 years.some good, some Great, others Awful! And price seems to have little to do with how good the product really is? I’ve used very expensive brands only to end up “orange” & or blotchy ! But I don’t recommend getting a really cheap store brand either because then ur almost sure to look like an Oompa Loompa!! This product is by far one of the Best I have ever used! Easy to apply , Great color & it last a long time without an uneven blotchy fade . I LOVE this brand! I am ordering the 3can pkg now, @ around $30 it’s a Steal for this! Most everyone that tries this stuff loves it, even though everyone’s skin & chemistry is different, THIS seems to work well on ALL types! I highly recommend anyone to try this, wether your fair skinned or olive toned-this stuff works GREAT! & it smells GOOD too! Some as many of u know have an awful self tan Odor that stinks &is a dead give away that you’ve used a self tanner! Well not with THIS one! It smells kinda chocolate-ish, now I’m not saying your gonna want to EAT the stuff but it by far beats the reg old S.T odor, lol …. All in all this is a wonderful product that works well on almost everyone.for the price , you cannot &will NOT go wrong w/this. Do yourself and your skin a favor &get this stuff! If you buy & use self tanners, you’ll love it- if you go to a tan salon, you’ll love this and won’t even need to go Tanning anymore! I use to spend $100’s at tan salons & ruin my skin , hair color & nail tips, but once I found THIS, I haven’t gone to a salon in a year+! It’s a great not usually a “review” writer, but there are so many self tan products out there &I have wasted so much $$ trying tons of them! So if this help some choose a good product over a bad one & saves you $$ , then I’m happy & wish I had Ppl’s reviews to read 15 yrs ago! Lol. 🙂

Sheri Manor, PA


Was excited to order this. Based on reviews it was exactly what I wanted.After I waited 15 mins after my shower I stood back in my shower and sprayedmyself lightly with it. I noticed that it got more thick in certain areas so I hadto rub it in and then it left swirl marks and I had to hurry and wash my hands sothey wouldn’t get stained. Since I am fair, after this developed it left the poreson my legs more noticable, like my hair follicles. And then after it started to fadeafter 4 days or so it started to look like a giraffe, all spotty, it was weird!Good thing is that it didn’t stink tooooo bad and when you first spray it I think itsmells like vanilla with a hint of cocoa.

Latonya Tecumseh, MI

Immediate color

I apply this stuff once a week. Quick drying and immediate color. The instant color is nice because you can see exactly where it is going. This makes it goof-proof.

Mattie Sturtevant, WI

Great self spray tan

This is one of the best self spray tan I’ve found! The smell is so nice compared to other tanners. The color is a natural bronze and it goes on smoothly. The tan is instant but I’ve found it doesn’t last very long, especially if you wash your face a time or two.

Gwen Sparrow Bush, NY

Awesome color and easy application, but the can goes SO FAST.

There is pretty much nothing easier than a tan in a spray can. I can’t do the ones with the mitt because I don’t have the patience. The color on this turns out very well….it’s not orange and looks natural as long as you apply it correctly. The problem with this is that the cost per application is pretty darn high as the cans run out very quickly. I would say maybe three one or twice over full body applications and the can is done for. They either need to decrease the price or increase the size of the can.

Concepcion North Adams, MA

Okay but

It was very hard not to leave streaks when applying the product. Also it did have a slight orange tint to it afterwards. Very messy and it takes almost an entire bottle for one application.

Summer Raywick, KY

Great tam in a can

Gives me a nice natural tan. People were asking if I went to the tanning salon to get spray tanned. It lasted a good amount of time and did not run. It is messy so I would do it in a shower. Make sure you spray envenly because you will be left with streaks. It may be best to apply with some help. Also if you have realy white skin I would do something lighter because I am a light skinned African American and this made me bronze almost too dark if I spray too often.

Myrtle Coyote, NM

Best sunless tanner

I love this tanner. It gives you instant bronze glow, smells great, and this price on Amazon is way cheaper than my local store. It lasts long, and there is so spotting or streaking. I have tried every product under the sun, and this is hands down the best. I recommend this to all my friends.

Lea Bloomington, CA

love! love! love!

must have beauty product! no longer have to wear foundation. This gives you a natural glow. Just gave it to my friend and she now is too a huge fan

Rosemary Arispe, IA

Spray Tan

Best quality spray tan and best deal! You will not find a quality deal like this anywhere else, Im in love!!!

Karla Paxico, KS

Easy application, Flawless Tan !

I have very fair skin and wanted to find an easy way to get the tan look for a cruise i was taking. I bought this product but I ended up getting a spray tan anyway .. I was away from home for almost 3 weeks so when the spray tan eventually started to fade, this was so perfect to keep the tan going… Easy application too and I really didnt need help using it … It even smells kinda like chocolate. Not a bad smell at all. I tried it after the spray tan faded completely and it has the same effect – FLAWLESS tan . I love it . What i will say is make sure you apply in an area you dont mind getting dirty, the spray will get everywhere!! And make sure you stand on a towel so the bottom of your feet dont turn brown .

Alberta Hopkinton, RI


I would send this back but don’t hv the packaging and will simply hv to write this off as a bad purchase. U cannot apply it by yourself, it is streaky and blotchy and the color is like a bad day at the spray tan salon.

Amparo Alba, MI


My whiteness gets tan from this stuff. No orange/yellow appearance and it sprays on perfectly. I love it. I will only buy this brand from now on.

Madeleine White Marsh, VA

Love! This is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have used a million tanners and this is fantastic! Gorgeous rich color, great scent, it’s delicious! I find it DOES last quite a while, contrary to what others have said. It fades really natural as well. It is messy during application but I have a “tan sheet” I lay over the counter and floor before I spray and it washes right out of the sheet. Small price to pay for how quick and easy and STREAK-FREE it is. No more orange palms. i love that you dont have to rub it in. The trick is to really mist if on. I seem to always have trouble with my legs being even, so I actually put lotion on them first, let it dry, then spray, and then use a small amount of lotion to really blend it and they come out perfect! You could do that over your whole body if you have dry skin. This is my all time favorite self tanner, it is the most beautiful color ever!

Nanette Smyrna Mills, ME

Love this stuff

This product really does leave a nice natural tan color. It smells nice (until the next morning as all sunless tanners smell somewhat after settling in). There are some downsides but nothing I am personally upset about but some of you might like to know:-The application process can get messy. If you choose to spray 6-8 inches away from skin as the directions indicate, the spray will settle on any surrounding surface. Bathtub, floor, curtain, walls…anywhere it lands will be brownish red. My suggestion is to wear a pair of latex gloves, spray directly onto glove and then rub into skin.-If you choose to spray according to directions, you would be lucky to get 2 applications out of one can. Spraying onto glove and rubbing it in may increase the amount of uses in one bottle as it saves product.-The price could be both positive and negative. The positve is that you will pay way more in beauty supply stores. I paid $20 plus tax at Sally Beauty Suppy for ONE can. Here, you receive 3 cans for not much more than that. The negative is of course the low amount of applications per can. You have to decide if that’s worth it to you.In my honest opinion and major experience with sunless tanning products, this one is among the best as far as results (if done correctly). Don’t blame the product if you don’t apply it correctly. If you end up blotchy or streaked, it’s your fault. This stuff is great.

Earline Only, TN

The BEST self tanner!

I have used so many self tanners I could stock a shelf at a store. I have been using the tannin lotion by Body Drench for a couple years and have liked the results. I found this and read the reviews, love the idea of faster drying time and the convenience of a spray. This stuff is great! I tried it on my legs the first night and had super results, so then went for the upper body. I am a very pale person and this gave me a nice brown color, not orange at all. I use a make up kabuki brush after I spray it on to even everything out. This works especially well on hands and feet. I cant say enough good things about this, amazing product!

Maura Caspar, CA

clean coverage

nice coverage , quick drying , i used latex glove on hand to smooth over today, works well did not stain clothing

Darla Francesville, IN