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Body Drench Quick Tan Sunless Tanning Spray

Body Drench Quick Tan Tanning Mist-Sunless Tanner -Body Drench understands that sometimes you just do not have time for the beach. This is why they have made a fabulous sunless tanning mist! It is the ultimate ultra bronzing sunless tanner on the market This mist is a fast-drying formula that gives the most natural-looking tan in a flash while hydrating the skin with botanicals leaving your skin supple and moisturized with a light scent of cocoa. Look sun kissed with no sun required! Easy at home spray application, Cocoa vanilla scent TIP: Quick tan tanning mist can be applied as often as twice a week

Key features

  • Cocoa vanilla scent, Bronze tint for an instant sun-kissed glow
  • Tinted formulas make it easy to see where to apply
  • Natural-looking sunless tan develops in 3-5 hours
  • Quick tan tanning mist can be applied as often as twice a week
  • Easy at home spray application

Honest reviews


Quick Tan? …Kind of a misnomer

I’m pretty experienced with self tanners, have been using them for years and I know all the techniques. This stuff creates a nice color and smells like chocolate, but it’s more a gradual tanner being hocked as a regular tanner. In a way, that’s good (and I mean that in the most sarcastic way possible), because it dries so quickly that you inevitably end up with blotches, so at least they’re subtle blotches. If I wanted a gradual tanner, I’d use jergens which costs half as much and isn’t nearly as messy or difficult to apply — and is far more even.One interesting positive: it’s nearly impossible to find products that work on your hands, feet and face — but this one had good results on those areas. Just a light little spray to the hands and feet, then rub it in and wash your palms, nails, and bottoms of your feet. For the face, spray a little on your gloved hand and rub it onto your face, working quickly to blend it before it dries.

Hallie Doylestown, WI

great color

this product is awesome! I made sure to exfoliate well prior to use then went in the tub and started spraying this all over. This product dries really fast, is non greasy and smells great. It has less of that fake tan smell than any other product I have used, and I probably have used everything from CVS stuff to high end like St. Tropez. I woke up the next morning with a tan, not orange but a tan..a little too tan. So then I showered and out I came a bronzed goddess. It looked like I just came back from a caribbean vacation. It washes off gradually and does not leave blotches on your skin. I would say it lasts about 5 days. Warning, this product goes everywhere when you spray it so either spray in a very open area or in the shower where you can easily rinse your tub.

Margo Palos Hills, IL

Good color for a night out

As somewhat of a sunless tanner guru, I have to say this stuff is great. It sprays on evenly and even works on the face. It’s pretty dark so in the Summer it looks good (haven’t had it in the Winter yet, might switch to a lighter shade). It’s best for spraying on before an event or a day when you want to look tan as it doesn’t stay on for long (usually after a shower it’s gone) so don’t expect it as a long term solution. The best part about it is, you can spray it one part of your body without looking weird (i.e. if you just want your legs to be tan).

Fannie Wanblee, SD

Great application

Most even spray tan I’ve gotten at home. I love the colour it sprays on, however for some reason this one can I received didn’t really tan me all that well. I used the whole can on my legs for competition and I still had to use a booth to get a good tan going.

Jolene Port Arthur, TX


Bleehhhhh this product is not great. Try loreal or neutrogena.You have to rub this product in when you spray it. It’s worth a try, maybe it works better for some people than others.

Lorrie Mouth Of Wilson, VA

body drench

it is the bets of the over the counter tanners but i wish it did not start to look dirty after 2 days.

Isabel Hampton, NE

Extremely Natural looking tan!!!

Body Drench Quick Tan is unlike any other sunless tanning product I’ve ever tried. I have tried Neutrogena spray tan, Jergens Natural Glow gradual tanner, Loreal Sublime Bronze, Malibu Hemp gradual tanning lotion, and a few others I cannot remember. This particular tanner is great for the following reasons:
• No orange appearance. In fact, it almost has a slight reddish tint to it, making it look like you were actually in the sun! It looks like a warm matte bronze with reddish undertones.
• No streaking–I apply the spray as directed, but use gloves to rub it in very quickly (this spray dries SUPER FAST.) I use it after taking a shower and only after applying lotion to my elbows, knees, and ankles.
• Fast drying (I’m talking less than two minutes!!) This can be to your disadvantage too, as mentioned above, if you do not rub it in quickly, you risk getting an uneven appearance. Luckily, I haven’t had this happen to me.
• Lasts at least three days. This spray does not wash off the next day, or start to peel off, or look dried or start cracking. The tan wears off evenly and gradually. Mine lasts about three days (three showers.) I consciously try to not scrub my skin as hard in the shower. Although I use a loofah, I just apply slightly less pressure when lathering up than I otherwise would.
• Easy to apply. Since this tanner is in an aerosol/mist form, you can easily apply it to hard to reach areas like your back. Lightly mist it about 10 inches away and let it fall onto your back. It should look even, without having to rub it in. I do rub it in all other areas, though. Just to ensure even coverage!DISADVANTAGES
• Messy! This tanner leaves a residue of small brown specks everywhere (counters, floor, toilet, wherever you are.) Imagine when you use hair spray (the aerosol type.) You know that sticky residue all over your bathroom counter and floor that builds up over time? Well, this tanner does the same thing, but of course it’s more noticeable because it’s brown! There is no way around this, unless of course you do it outside. I don’t know many people who feel comfortable standing around naked outside and spraying themselves though…Some reviewers say to use it in the shower. Not sure if that’s any better though because you’ll still have to clean the walls and shower curtain!
• Rapidly stains skin. I made the mistake the first time of not wearing gloves when applying. I told myself “As long as I wash my hands in between body parts (apply to legs, wash hands, apply to torso, wash hands, apply to arms, wash hands etc) it will be fine” Please do not do this. My hands were stained so bad and I had to scrub them like crazy for a long time to get it off. Bottom line–WEAR GLOVES!Overall this product is AMAZING. I love it and recommend it to anyone looking for a natural looking and FAST tan! Don’t age your skin prematurely with the sun or tanning bed (although I am guilty of that from time to time.) Use the sunless tanner more often to keep your skin looking young and healthy.

Sue Wishram, WA

Be careful…

If you’re new at self spray tanning, be careful! This will turn you into looking like a orange spotted cow in seconds and no scrubbing gets rid of the results. So, practice in the areas that aren’t normally exposed….

Hollie Saint James, NY


I did not like this product. It came off immediately and it came off in patches. I expected it to stay on a little longer than it did. Pretty disappointed.

Addie North Salt Lake, UT

Nice Color

I reall6y like this product, it simply does not stay on very long . Good for a night ,maybe two. But for me, it did not work like say Jergens, where it builds the more you use it. This has great color and the fragerence is fine, just rubs off . 🙁

Shana Upton, KY

great product

been using product for years on my face. very strong. just one quick spray, and it lasts for days! natural looking.takes a few hours for full color to set in, but instant shade darker. so don’t over spray! be patient.

Johnnie Malvern, PA