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Body Drench Quick Tan Mist

Body Drench Quick Tan is a fast-drying fine-misting spray-on self tanner that provides immediate golden color. Ultra Bronzing formula gives the most natural-looking tan in a flash.

Key features

  • Lasts for up to 5 days
  • Non-greasy, even coverage
  • Will not fade, streak or smear
  • Wont turn you orange!

Honest reviews


This is NOT a “self-tanner”. it is a CHEAP ** TINTED ** MILD self-tanner.

there is a MAJOR misrepresentation here: nowhere does the product say that this is a TINTED self-tanner. but that’s exactly what it is! it is meant to give you an instant color that washes off after a few hours if you take a shower. like the Clarins tinted tanner for legs, for example.soooo disappointed. i have tried a lot of self tanners, and this one is NOWHERE NEAR even the regular CVS ones like Neutrogena or L’oreal Sublime bronze. i didn’t notice any mess as stated by other reviewers, but the worst part of it is that it is so dry that it simply does NOT spread easily over the skin. it was very annoying, i didn’t like using it at all. you have to rub and rub and rub! the best way to spread a self tanner is to mix it with some lotion so it covers the skin evenly, especially on the critical areas like the ankles and the wrists. well it is really hard to make this happen with this product, as you always end up with darker spots here and there. and forget about covering your back yourself. i use a Home Depot painting brush with a long handle to cover my back with self tanner, but that one was a hopeless case to use with the brush.On the other hand, the fact that it is very dry does NOT mean it is quickly absorbed by the skin. Not at all. you need to apply it and wear some old clothes otherwise you will get stains everywhere, even after 4 hours.the only good thing about it is that it turns dark, not orangy. however the color does not last longer than other products. but hell, Lancome Flash Bronzer Airbrush (THE BEST!) does that and gives you a delicious golden color without all the rubbing, the staining, and the delayed drying. plus i found that one here at a great price. So i am back to all honesty, i feel ripped off because i think that most positive reviews have been written by people working at that company. i have a hard time believing that a real self tanning junkie can be sooo crazy about such a cheap product. total waste of $. but now you are warned.

Hannah Nashville, IN

best color, best smell, best self-tanner ever

a self-tanner that smells good? it’s true! it smells like cake. CAKE, people. my husband came home from work last night, gave me a kiss, and said “you smell like something baking, like cake.” and the color is unreal. not a hint of orange. it’s a sultry beige brown, and depending on how heavy you layer, you can go light or deep. there is a reddish tinted instant bronzer in the spray to help you see where you spray, so you can rub the product in where it’s spotty, which i LOVE. the upside/downside is that while it dries quickly, it stains your hands so fast, you have to wash them every few seconds. next time i use this, i will go outside on the patio, and spray a body part, rub product in, wash hands vigorously, and repeat. i will also put lotion on my feet and ankles before applying the tanner, as they did get blotchy (“it puts the lotion on its skin or it gets the blotch again”). my knees and elbows look fine. overall, i am just so happy i found this amazing tanner and you can’t beat the price, either. love it. did i mention it smells like CAKE? 🙂

Martina Mound Bayou, MS


I havent left the house in months lmao. So needless to say I looked like a dread person. I got this as a gift! I LOVE IT! I look human again! It wasnt too dark! It wasnt orange. It was perfect! Thanks!

Tammie Sussex, VA

Bahamas in a can

This is the best spray you can get to look as natural and achieve the darkest shade of tan you possibly want . Does notStreak , are run , fade when wet , streak unevenly , etc. it is the best ! I have several cans of it and several Mitts to apply it on with . That seems to be the treat too , is the Mitts . You will not think of going to a tanning bed again . Anyone can apply it ! Anyone can use it! Everyone loves it ! The price is the best 🙂

Alexis Belspring, VA

Love it!

I love this product. It smells amazing and dries very quickly. The only complaint I have is I wish it were darker so I didn’t have to reapply as often. But as stated in other reviews, great color and not orange at all. I didn’t get any weird spots either, it applied very evenly. Will buy again!

Ollie Windom, MN

The Jury is Still Out, but So Far So Good

I’ve been using self Tanners since QT, so I’ve tried cheap, expensive, spray, foam, lotion, gel, etc. This product had pretty good reviews, so I bought 3 cans of it. It’s not cheap, but not expensive, either. I don’t want to use anything that I can’t afford to keep using.I’m pretty happy with this product so far. I just tried it this morning, and I’m loving the color so far – more of a reddish brown, definitely NOT orange. (I’m shocked about a couple of the reviews saying this was orange. It’s not even close – and I’ve used QT and Neutregena, so I know all about orange!) This spray DOES give an instant color it’s called a guide — it’s important that you have it with sprays. If you don’t, you’ll get dark patches, light patches and whatnot.I have yet to shower since I’ve put it on since I did it after my morning shower, so I don’t know about how long lasting it is or how the self tanner color will come out. I’ll update my review tomorrow when all the results are in.It went on very quickly and I think it looks really really natural, much to my surprise. I stood in my bathtub to spray, because like everyone said, it makes a HUGE mess because you have to hold the can far away to get it even. I wouldn’t spray it anywhere except the shower or tub. It took me about 5-6 minutes to rinse out the tub. Not a deal breaker. However, I felt like I wasted alot of it because of that. I went light back and forth like one of the reviews said and it went on even for the most part. After I applied it, I rubbed on lotion because the product is almost dry and I had a couple dark spots… and I have dry skin….so I’m anticipating a pretty perfect self tan…

Aileen Hampton, NJ

Ok Tan (Cheap)

This is a nice cover up tan for spray tans or just a night out on town, or for your face & neck I like it for one of the cheaper spray tanning products, I also use it when I get a professional spray tan & Its wearing off or I have to touch up a spot or an area of my body Im just spray it on & touch it up & it blends it in, not bad color it’s not orangey, & will wash off fast & doesn’t leave you blocthley, defintley washes off nice.

Jasmine Foster, OR

This is too messy for me

I don’t like the idea of spray tanning yourself and the brown product getting all over your floor or shower. This spray just got all over! If you have space and are patient enough to clean this up then it’ll work for you. It was just hard for me to spray it evenly on my skin too. I just purchased the fake bake tanning lotion and I’m much much happier with that.

Sonia Ludington, MI

From a lover of tanning beds.

I have tanned for several years, and even worked in a tanning salon in college. I have always loved to tan. However, recently I have become more health-conscious and decided to cut out the unhealthy habit. I have tried the Mystic spray tan at the salon but always hated it – not only is it expensive, a huge hassle, but it always starts flaking off in between my chest after a day or two.I was very impressed with this Tan Mist. I used it three times before writing this product review (to make sure how I felt about it), and I did not experience any of the issues that I had been reading about. This may be due to the fact that I already have naturally tan-ish skin, so I did not need to use a massive amount of the spray tan to get a great base. I did not use it on my face however, I use Clarins Self-Tanner for my face.My streak free process is the following (some of these tips I got from working at the salon):
• Take a shower & exfoliate your skin
• Dry off very well
• Put lotion on the tops of your feet, hands, elbows, and knees
• Put on a pair of disposable gloves (Although I have done it once without and had no issues)
• Get back in the shower
• Start spraying with your legs.
• Make sure at any point of your body you are spraying that you are holding the can as far away as you can with your arm. If you get too close it will concentrate in one place (if this happens just use your hands to rub it into your skin)
• Make sure to lift your arms up and do your sides
• When finished spraying your body, do a quick spray on the top of your feet
• Take your gloves off and do a quick spritz on each hand
• Give your body several minutes to dry off. Some of these reviews seem exaggerated with the amount of time before they put clothes on. I always do the spray tan at nite, so I just put my pajamas on, but I never had any issues with the color rubbing off.I did this process 3 times in one week, and that is probably the max I would use it. I had a great base tan which is what I was trying to achieve. I still have plenty left in the can-probably for 3 more tans or more.This was a great product for a really great price-will definitely continue to keep using this. The smell as not NEAR as bad as the Salon spray tan, and best of all no flaking off! People who gave it bad reviews probably just don’t know how to implement it correctly 🙂

Shelley Samantha, AL

Perfect tan in a can

I was looking for something that would work instatly and I didn’t have to build a tan. Those never worked for me. I am African- American with light skin and I have uneven dark marks on my body. This spray evens out everything and it doesn’t look fake or orangey. I used it right before I went to the beach and when I got back everyone thougt that I got a perfect tan from the beach. I will continue using this spray. I would not recommend this for someone who wants a more gradual lighter tan, or if you have really pale skin because it will be too dark, unless you don’t mind that.

Leonor Vanzant, MO

Body Drench

It was okay, not what I was hoping for. I wanted something with a faster, darker tan and this was a lot lighter, good for someone looking for a light bronze.

Teri Freedom, WY