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Body Drench Quick Tan Instant Self Tanner Bronzing Spray, Medium/Dark, 6 Ounce

Body drench quick tan instant self tanner gives a natural looking year-round tan. Tinted formula makes it easy to see where to apply. Bronze tint for an instant sun-kissed glow. Natural-looking sunless tan.

Key features

  • Tinted formula makes it easy to see where to apply
  • Bronze tint for an instant sun-kissed glow
  • Natural-looking sunless tan
  • Develops in 3-5 hours

Honest reviews



There were three great pro’s: 1) I didn’t find that my skin was orange. It was more of a brown.2) It didn’t "drizzle" or have droplets at any time (even towards the end of the bottle/use.)3) I used exfoliating gloves (per others recommendations, using just a loofa sponge didn’t work) andwith the gloves the spray was very even and not pitted.The cons: 1) Others said, "spray lightly and that’s all you need" – BS I had just a hint of color.2) I really didn’t see much difference. I had to spray three times to even tab bit of nice color, and still I felt that it wasenough, let alone I used a whole can almost.3) If I could get a nice color easily, without having to feel disgusting in my bed sheets and clothes for a few nights ina row and then having to wash them, then maybe it would be better. But this is too much work, to "dirty" feeling.

Janette Cortlandt Manor, NY

My favorite so far

Best tan I’ve used in a while. I’ve tried a few products and I wasn’t impressed. I came to this by recommendation by a friend. It’s messy as hell so use it in the shower. I used it with a tanning mit so I could evenly apply. The bad thing about this is that you’ll go through a bottle in a week or two max, depending how much you use. It keeps you looking bronze (not orange) for up to a week with minimal fading, but the bad thing is (And i’ve noticed this with every tan i’ve used and it could just be because I’m not exfoliating enough?) is once it begins to fade, good luck getting that wonderful all over color again.At sallys this thing is like $23 for a bottle so this is a great deal. I’d say if you’re considering a new tanner you should try this one. It dries fast and doesn’t leave a horrible tanning smell.

Edna Kennan, WI

Great product! Very natural color.

I’ve bought quite a few self INSTANT tanners and this one is the best. It goes on evenly and does not streak. The formula dries fast too. I like the cap sprayer as it has never clogged, stopped working or fallen off like other brands. This is a good value and I am a big fan. I will be sticking to the brand from now on.

Yolanda Wakeman, OH

THE BEST AWESOME.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok I ordered this quick tan for two reasons 1st the price was very good,, 2nd of all it didn’t ship from china((((didn’t want to wait that long .it came on time. this product is really nice not orange at all REALLY!! its a nice golden, warm and rich looking tan. the application is super easy with no mess. I personally like to spray and rub in. no lines or spots. not heavy or thick very light a comfy with amazing color .to add there is no glitter or shimmer.(((its not needed that’s how nice the color is it glows on its own))))NATURAL… I would tell anyone and everyone to give this a try .ITS TRULY A FIVE STAR PRODUCT.

Amie Cambridge, IA

Great tan!

Very believable and perfect color tan. I use a ton of self tanner in all price ranges. This has a great color and a nice price. I used this to tan my daughter for prom. Her tan was gorgeous and looked much better then her friends who got professional spray tans.

Lavonne Gloster, MS

Great product

Love this product! Smells delicious and made my skin look amazing! I recommend this if you ever think of self tanning.

Stella Clark, NJ

Not very dark, not the most even

Had I never tried other tanning products, I’d probably rate this a four or five because it does impart a nice glow to skin. However, for a "Medium/Dark" tanning product, I’d say it should be labeled as "Medium" at best. For people with very pale skin, this product would probably work well as it doesn’t make your skin dark, and therefore you wouldn’t have to worry about streaks. The spray is a little tough to get a hang of. Too close and you’re really just making streaks on your skin that you have to blend out, and that drip. Too far and the product just fills the air and barely does anything to your skin. I resorted to using it close and then blending with a mit. The tan that I got out of this was, for lack of a better word, translucent. In a dim room, I looked tan. In natural light, you could tell I had put a tanning spray over light skin. I’m an experienced tanner and sunless tanner. I exfoliate, use a mit, and can usually achieve a very even tan with any product. The results of this product were darker than Fake Bake, but I’d still use Fake Bake over this because it is easier, dries faster, and is much more even. My new favorite for a truly dark tan is St Moriz mousse in dark. Nothing beats it.Suggestions for use- the first time I used this, I used one spray down each limb. It wasn’t dark at all. The second time, I sprayed up close and covered my limbs. It was a little darker, but once I showered, most of the tan was gone and it was still not a solid looking tan in natural light. If you’re using this, use a lot!Overall- I won’t throw this out. Maybe I’ll use it as a backup. It would work to use if you’re very pale and want to go out in a bathing suit, perhaps to darken your tan, but don’t want to go out looking pale.

Beth Bloomingdale, IL

Really worth the money!

Love this bronzer/self tanner! You actually can see what your getting, Not too much on knees or ankles! Goes on easily!

Lillie Allyn, WA