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Bobbi Brown Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick

-This powder imparts sparkling glow for cheeks-Performs well with pink neutral & peach shades-Ultra light & effortlessly glides on-Gives you a striking makeup effects-To use: Sweep through all shades in compact & dust gently on top of cheekbones after blushProduct Line: CheekProduct Size: 10.3g/0.4oz

Key features

  • Shimmer Brick Compact – # Beige – 10.3g/0.4oz

Honest reviews


Perfect all over face compact!

I purchased this product about three months ago and so happy I did! The colors in the brick allow for blush, eye, and lip coverage. It has a slight shimmer which adds youth to my 45 year old face. The separate colors allow for a more pink color on the cheeks and a more pink-beige color to be placed on the lids. Since this purchase I have also purchased the chocolate shimmer gel liner and plan on ONLY using BB products from here on out. Thanks Bobbi!

Cortney West Branch, MI

Nectar and tawny are both wonderful

I love these shimmer bricks. I have Nectar, which has coral tones and tawny, which is more of a neutral, similar to the photo here. They both give a lovely glow applied like a bronzer. They’re shimmery but OK for daytime use. I get compliments on my skin when I wear them. Nectar looks brighter than the photo here, but applies sheer enough to work with my fair skin. They’re not cheap but you can find them cheap if you search around. You only need a tiny so I can’t imagine running out anytime soon.

Erma Bakersfield, CA


I was hesitant to buy this product. I am not one for shimmery blush or bronzer, because most of them make me look like a trashy clown. However, I’ve always wanted something that would give me a subtle shimmer on my cheeks…more of a colorful highlight than anything else. I have read all the rave reviews of this product for years, but never caved in and bought it because it’s really expensive. Then I found out Kate Middleton used the Pink Quartz Shimmer Brick on her wedding day, and she looked lovely, so I caved and bought this stuff and OMG!!! No wonder it’s so pricy: for once, a product actually delivers everything it promises! I use this super, super, SUPER sparingly as one of the last steps in my makeup routine. After applying foundation, cream blush, and powder, I dab just the smallest hint of Shimmer Brick on my cheeks. The effect is dazzling. I have finally achieved that dewy look that the movie stars have, and I don’t have to deal with a typical cream highlighter that’s so easy to mess up. My skin is quite fair, and this shade looks fantastic. I can’t recommend this stuff enough! If the price is still a big turn-off for you, as it was for me, I can’t stress enough how little of the product I use on a daily basis to achieve the desired effect. Your Shimmer Brick will last YEARS and YEARS. Trust me! Now go buy it!!!

Mavis Clintonville, PA

Avoid if you have shiny-face anyway….

I have wanted this in Pink Quartz for so long! Finally ordered some, and it’s going back. Bahhhh what a disappointment!I’m pale pasty white, and have to fight shine all day as it is. I did my usual routine, and this on top just gave me a ‘shine’, not a ‘glow’. I should have known better after seeing how others mention ‘bronzer’ and ‘glow’. Glow means shine as far as my skin is concerned. It also looked a little ‘pasty’ in the areas I applied it (with a HUGE blush brush so I did not over-apply) after a couple of hours.EDIT: Try Smashbox Baked Starburst instead! (And it’s cheaper!)Smashbox Fusion Soft Lights Baked Starburst

Madeleine Russell, KS

Luminous And Lasting

I sometimes hesitate to use the powder forms of Blush, as they almost ALL have that marked tendency to remain on the skin’s surface, rather than sinking down into the skin for that "lit from within" look we all desire. But this glorious B. Brown Shimmer Blush avoids all those common mistakes, and instead strikes a home run in every department. Although powder, it strokes on in an utterly creamy manner. The "shimmers" are subtle & very well blended, leaving you w/ a dewy glow rather than a Disco Ball mask.The bronze shimmer is perfect for Fall. I received it in a kit and love the way it looks. I need to be careful, because one stroke is all I need on my fair skin, more than that is too too much. I like the way this bronze shimmer looks on my skin.It leaves a glow that is luminous and it lasts. One of my favorites.Recommended. prisrob 10-15-13

Helena Heth, AR